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The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, September 15 2015 5:59 PM UTC +00:00
LightBugBy LightBug
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LightBugBy LightBug
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pledged of £50,000pledged of £50,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, September 15 2015 5:59 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Jac-y-do

      Gutted your project didn't get funded. Already ordered my prototype lightbug and look forward to helping you squash some bugs as you refine it .
      Onwards and upwards!

    2. Edwin

      Hi Chris and David,

      Very sorry we haven't been able to get your project funded. I will not pre-order the Lightbug on your website as I need Windows Phone/RT/10 support to have it work properly, hope you understand. It would be great to have some 'troubleshooters' like @Alex work on the prototypes, I'd surely back the Lightbug on Kickstarter when you're going to relaunch in January. Good luck!
      All the best,

    3. João Esquecido on

      Hi, Chris and David.

      Thanks for the last update. I'm sorry that it's unlikely for you to reach your goal. It seems like a very good idea.

      I'm still interested in knowing more about RT Geo and LightBug Plus so keep us posted.

      And good luck beating the odds, I have my fingers crossed.



    4. Edwin

      Congratulations on surpassing the £25K milestone!!

    5. Jac-y-do

      I've been sharing this campaign every way I can. Really hoping for a late surge of backers. Everybody get sharing!
      I need one of these �

    6. Edwin

      Don't get me wrong here, the 3D printed prototype does make the Lightbug credible and was actually one of the reasons for backing. What I meant is that due to the 'unfinished' presentation (rough materials) and showing relatively big on the photo potential backers may have gotten the impression this is an amateur project whereas you were trying to present the prototype on the main picture as proof of concept/design. It's actually tiny, it had me fooled at first too as it lacks a reference point like a key ring or something. So personally I believe it could have attracted much more people in the first run if presented somewhat differently.

    7. LightBug Creator on

      nice suggestions Robsta :) If we could design EMPs this small, I have a feeling we wouldn't need to be on Kickstarter ;)
      Edwin, appreciate your feedback (and dedication to the project). The idea of the 3D printed prototype picture was to show people this thing actually exists. We know kickstarter is full of products that don't exist yet, the point is that LightBug isn't just an imaginary thing we paid a designer to do in CAD.

    8. Edwin

      The Lightbug has great potential and deserves more exposure. I really hate to say this and I hope you're not offended by it, but I think you should consider a re launch of the project. You could try to make a better picture that represents the final product (instead of the 3D printed version use a mockup) to get immediate attention, take our suggestions in consideration and include them on the project page when they're feasible.

    9. Edwin

      Sorry about the autocorrect misspelling of your nickname

    10. Edwin

      @5 Robusta - are you serious?? And I was thinking I was the one pushing the limits of this father&son business LOL

    11. #5 Robsta on

      More features! More backers!

      Building on Edwin's stretch goals, I'd like:

      * A teeny tiny retina style display on the largest surface... it can show current position on google maps. Garmin killer.

      * Hopefully the retina could be capacitive touch too... probably need two chopstick style stylus-on-a-string attachments to be able to do pinch and zoom.

      * Based on the above, probably need a built in magnifying glass too, it could snap out like a swiss army knife... while you're at it, a knife, hex head and flint/sparker attachments would be cool.

      * Up the panic button to include a EMP/laser hybrid 'death ray'. We need that for off-grid future survival stealth type situations.

      OK? great! thanks!

    12. LightBug Creator on

      Stefan, Richard,
      Unfortunately it does look like you're right, the current price is too expensive for most people I think, despite it being cheaper than current GPS / GPRS trackers here in the UK (I have a feeling the weak dollar has a part in this).

      Anyway. Yes, there is a Plan B! but the lets keep our fingers crossed for now. We'll keep you updated :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Nino on

      Looks like it.
      Do you guys have plans for selling this after the Kickstarter campaign ends?
      I really like how this device has Bluetooth in it as well. That's why I wanted it. Also its size is nice

    14. Edwin

      Even though I haven't got the vaguest idea what @Alex is referring to - let alone whether the answer was assuring to him or not - it feels kind of comfortable to have Alex as a fellow backer :)

    15. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Alex,

      We get that data from the GPS module yes, but it's stored in a database (not text files). Connecting to our API, expect to see a JSON array response like this:
      [ {
      device: 123456,
      timestamp: 01-01-2015 12:12,
      location: [50.12345, -1.23456],
      speed: 50,
      course: 270

      We're looking at exporting that data to NMEA log format so that it works with other services if you need to aswell

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Hi again :)

      Just another quick question: In wich format does the GPS-Data come in? Are they provided in NMEA GGA sentence format?

      (Ref: http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/nmea.htm#GGA)


      GGA=Global Positioning System Fix Data
      123519=Fix taken at 12:35:19 UTC
      4807.038,N=Latitude 48 deg 07.038' N
      01131.000,E=Longitude 11 deg 31.000' E
      1=Fix quality: 0=invalid,1=GPS fix (SPS),2=DGPS fix,3=PPS fix,4=Real Time Kinematic,5=Float RTK,6=estimated (dead reckoning),7=Manual input mode,8=Simulation mode
      08=Number of satellites being tracked
      0.9=Horizontal dilution of position
      545.4,M=Altitude, Meters, above mean sea level
      46.9,M=Height of geoid (mean sea level) above WGS84 ellipsoid
      (empty field)=time in seconds since last DGPS update
      (empty field)=DGPS station ID number
      *47=the checksum data, always begins with *

    17. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Duncan,

      Why are we using 2G: the modules are smaller and much less power hungry.

      2G is being phased out yes, but in most countries they are not going to drop it completely. (Some not at all for the foreseeable future). Many M2M (machine-to-machine) applications still rely on 2G. Turning them off completely would result in a lot of unhappy companies.

      In the US, as far as I know, only AT&T are completely switching off 2G (indeed by end of 2016). TMobile are going to (or already have) reduce bandwidth capacity by 66-75%. That might seem dramatic, but in reality LightBug needs very little bandwidth to transmit data. Please note bandwidth capacity (download speed) is different to coverage. From what I can tell, Sprint and others have not announced plans to completely ditch 2G

      Are we planning on using 3G in the future? Yes, but only when the modules come down in cost, power consumption and size. You'll find that many other GPS trackers and "Internet of Things" products for sale today also rely on 2G.

      I hope that answers your question, feel free to correct me if I've missed anything

    18. Duncan on

      I just noticed the point where it says that lightbug uses 2G GSM. 2G is being phased out in many countries, I just read that all 2G in the US will be shut down by the end of 2016 and I know Canada (where I live) won't be far behind. Why are you basing your product on obsolete technology? Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to cancel my pledge due to this.

    19. LightBug Creator on

      Stephan, I understand your points, but we've been doing this a long time. We're sticking with the UK manufacturers we know (and have worked with a long time). None of this is "new" to us really.
      Obviously I'm not saying there is zero chance that we get delayed, but it's unlikely (FYI, we took the time we thought it would take and doubled it to give the January date)

      Anyway, thanks for backing!

    20. Stefan Lodders on

      I really like the project, backed it and wish it all the best. BUT everyone should know, that for some weired reason the project teams on Kickstarter think they have to underestimate their time to delivery and do the project video and description more in the way of advertisment than entertaining information. I guess they consider that a good idea to attract a lot of people/money. I learnt that the hard way at several projects. So: Don't expect LightBug ready at January 16, think of September 16.
      No tech project with dependency on battery life ever UNDERestimated it, so consider shorter battery life in real world settings.
      I still consider it worth backing and hope it will fund!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tuan Le on

      Yeah, I just saw your note relating the sport mode well buried under the long description text. What I meant is the confusing caption under the video of the campaign (Find anything & anyone. Anywhere. LightBug never needs charging & is always in range. Solar Powered / GPS / Mobile Data / Bluetooth)

    22. LightBug Creator on

      I think we've been fairly transparent on this. It never needs charging in tag mode (because the battery is always topped up). You will need to charge it in sports mode, as stated. I don't see why it's an overstatement

    23. Missing avatar

      Tuan Le on

      So the solar panel is used for topping up the battery only. I am wondering whether it is an over claim/statement when saying: "LightBug never needs charging & is always in range"

    24. LightBug Creator on

      I would take a very long time! They're designed to keep the unit topped up in tag mode, not really to recharge the unit. In low level indoor lighting (ie just ambient light coming through the window), they provide just enough for one location every day / every two days (if its really quite dark). If the unit is outdoors all the time, it's enough to send one location every 2 hours.

      We've based our "worst case calculation" on 1 hour of outdoor equivalent light + 3 hours of indoor light per day. This provides more than enough power to keep the battery topped up, allowing for infinite use of the Bluetooth / Movement / Geofence alert modes

    25. Missing avatar

      Tuan Le on

      @ Creator: Can you elaborate on the specs of the solar panel? How long would it take to fully charge an empty 300mAh battery using only the solar power in an indoor environment?

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Thanks for the Info! Much appreciated. I am curious about the implementation :)

    27. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Steven, it you just add £97 that'll be fine (don't worry about adding postage).

    28. Missing avatar


      Hello, i backed a premium package and was wondering how much to add for another lightbug plus, but none of the extra battery and cable. Thanks for the info

    29. LightBug Creator on

      Unfortunately we can't do that Philipp, it's less than it costs us to make them

    30. Missing avatar

      Philipp Führer on

      You may need more early bird offers to reach your goal?!

    31. LightBug Creator on

      Alex, it is indeed hard to answer the question, but it will be a RESTful API. Endpoints will include "device", "locations", "notifications", which will respectively allow you to get/set device settings, retrieve location data for a specific time interval and retrieve alerts / notifications . I will probably also try and incorporate push notifications, so you can register a script URL to get data posted to you as it comes in.
      Hope that's enough detail for now :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      hi there. I was just asking myself, how the Public API would look. Can you already say something about it? I know its a very general question but I think this is also one of the most exciting things of this project for developer.

    33. Edwin

      Yeah I know, I heard you... *impatient, puts on his most understanding face* it's my never-ending enthusiasm for functional gadgets and KS innovative creators like yourself :)

    34. LightBug Creator on

      I like it Edwin, we have thought of this but there's only so much we can do (it is just two of us after all, plus plastics are expensive!). Maybe for our next Kickstarter: "Waterproof ePaper GPS watch with two way comms" ;)

    35. Edwin

      If you could add a watch feature with tempered glass and a (modular) silicone band as an add-on it would certainly help with acceptance for children and elderly to wear. Some examples: https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3365/3186198012_7542b8f493.jpg





      I'm sure you have seen some of them before, lots of examples can be found on the internet - and fwiw I believe your device would outclass them all on functionality - just saying ;)

    36. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Trevor, sorry but we really can't answer that right now. We have our idea but it will change quite a bit with volume and will depend on whether or not we find a factory in China that produces high enough quality devices for us.

    37. Missing avatar

      Splash on

      What is your target price for the tags when they hit mass production.

    38. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Andy,

      Currently £15 / $24 per year. Hopefully this will go down if the campaign goes well


    39. Missing avatar

      Andy Strang on

      Hey guys. What are the planned data costs after year 1? Thanks!

    40. Edwin

      I do understand the benefits of the Lightbug+ version and I'm aware of the Bluetooth tag cons, exactly the reason for me to back your project. On the other hand, Lightbug imo isn't exactly the appropriate size to fit into my wallet or attach to my tablet (indoor use only), so I do see the benefit of having Bluetooth tags (a Lightbug - so to speak) in addition, operating in the same interface as the Lightbug and Lightbug+, just for small items I'd say they'd make a very good complementary product (add-on product?). I for one would be very happy to buy extra BT tags

    41. LightBug Creator on

      cheers, thanks for all the feature suggestions and keeping us on our toes! I'll make sure to add that to the (now long) list of requested features. That particular feature might be trickier as we can't afford to have bugs (for obvious reasons), so maybe we'll add it later :)

    42. Edwin

      :) thanks again for your responsiveness and transparency, much appreciated. That sounds really promising! Now you're at it, please do consider an automatic emergency call option (selectable through app) for elderly, epileptic people, etc. They will not be able to respond when they're in a life threatening situation but they will fall thus activating the accelerometer- optional emergency call could save minutes (don't forget to call ICE numbers and provide them with location details). Some KS projects like Wearsafe and Acticheck have included this feature, it could be a life saving feature......

    43. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Edwin,

      Great! You had us worried :)

      Ah yes so 2 way comms for audio - we couldn't fit a decent speaker inside it (and associated amplifier). I know this isn't ideal, but If we do get to the microphone stretch goal, we'll try and make it so that you can make "positive" and "negative" sounds on the buzzer for rudimentary communication to let them know "I'm coming".

      Uk servers: not quite, it will be hosted on AWS in Ireland, so not far, but technically not the UK :)

      Re Trakkies, thanks for the heads up! We were actually thinking of letting you connect other Bluetooth tags to LightBug to create a personal network, maybe we can add it as a stretch goal :)

    44. Edwin

      Just a heads up, just received an update that Trakkies have cancelled their KS campaign, the technology might be of interest for your products.

    45. Edwin

      Hi Chris and David,

      You're absolutely right! I stand corrected, my apologies the lightbug is indeed the smallest. I have supported many tracking devices and had to back out on them again as there was always a downside to them for me. If you could add a Windows Phone app this is a clear winner in my book.

      Regarding 2 way comm. I my earlier post I was referring to audible/recorded noise/voices in the surrounding. 2 way communication would be interactive like "Dad, are you there? Please help me, I'm.......etc." Dad: "Yes son, I'm here, I'll be with you in 5 minutes just stay where you are"

      The Lightbug will be made in the UK and will be shipped from there. Will the server be located in the UK?


    46. LightBug Creator on

      Hi Dan,

      - I've just looked at Fog of the World, looks like it accepts GPX and KML uploads, so I can't see why not. We were planning on having export to those formats anyway.
      - The update frequency is completely configurable, you'll be able to change it straight from the app

    47. Dan Smith

      Couple of questions/feature-requests, if that's ok:
      - could you support OTA syncing with Fog of World? http://en.fogofworld.com
      - could the update frequency in Sport mode be user-configurable? (think I saw it's every 1s somewhere, that's prob. good for running but much more frequent than I'd need to track walking, would prefer longer battery life and say ~30s updates)

    48. LightBug Creator on

      Edwin, Smart Tacker 2 is almost twice the size of Lightbug (its 45x40x12 vs Lightbug 45x23x11). Please correct me if I'm wrong.

      But yes, without solar panels it could be smaller (still not massively smaller though)

      Re the two way comms - that's already the case (maybe I've misunderstood?). Same thing with multiple trackers, you'll be able to manage them all on one screen.

    49. Kristian GS on

      I kind of like the mudguard idea - not the place you would normally think to look for a gps tracker :)

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