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“We Two boys”- a visceral translation of Walt Whitman's poem We Two Boys Together Clinging from language into movement by Meshi Chavez
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Meshi Chavez

160 backers pledged $6,660 to help bring this project to life.

Huge... Thank you!!!!

 I am deeply moved. You all have blown me away. Today we reached our $4000 mark. We did it in 6 days. I have always believed in the work that is moving through this project, and now I have you with me in that belief. We received an email saying that we had reached the goal, during rehearsal today and we recorded a small “thank you” for the greatness you all have shown. We will keep going. Know that the money that comes in beyond our goal can be used well. I am dreaming big. This works wants to live.  You help breath life into it.


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    1. Creator Michael Rusanowski on April 8, 2012

      Meshi, it is OK WITH ME TO USE MY REPLY TO YOU HOWEVER YOU LIKE. Good fortune to you and your crew. MikeR

    2. Creator Peter Magurean III on April 6, 2012

      Congratulations! You deserve the success you have generated with your passion and your hard work....what a noble project you have embarked upon!

      We hope that you will be able to travel to all points in North America and later to our neighbors in Lari America.

      My former homes of Prague, Czech Republic and Beijing, China must experience your talent and brilliant performing.

      And how about your neighbor just a few hours north--- Seattle? Any plans to come here (I live in Sammamish, WA next to Redmond and Bellecue within minutes of Seattle. If Seattle does not beckon there are neighborhood performance venues that would welcome you.

      Please let me know whom to speak with or write to. Peter Magurean III, (425) 802-6600.

      Best of luck, Meshi.

      Warm regards,



    3. Creator Lisa Morphew on April 6, 2012

      Good for you glad to have Ben of help..I think what you are doing is important

    4. Creator Michael Rusanowski on April 6, 2012

      What a crazy wonderful and necessary thing you alone are moved to do for all of us.... Thank you.

    5. Creator David Allen on April 6, 2012

      Chip, you are sooooo much more handsome without the hat detracting from your lovely face!