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“We Two boys”- a visceral translation of Walt Whitman's poem We Two Boys Together Clinging from language into movement by Meshi Chavez

Supporting the next LEAP in the vision of "We Two Boys"- 

A note from Meshi:

I began this fundraiser looking at logical steps. I needed to raise money to support a production in Portland and to cover cost of getting to New Mexico. When this kickstarter launched I was blown away by how quickly support, words of inspiration, and the call to action happened. I am humbled by the big hearts and minds of our supporters. As I choreograph the dance, I often find myself referring to my Butoh teachers words... "create the consciousness and the movement will follow." You as a community of supporters are doing that VERY thing, creating a "consciousness" around this work, and the movement IS following. Now is the opportunity to seed the grand  future of this work. You have inspired me to share my ultimate vision for "We Two Boys."  This show needs to be seen by the world. People need to be touched and transformed by it.  This is bigger than just Portland or Albuquerque and I have known this from the moment the creation process started. This story wants to be told. Through your continued help, I believe this leap can be achieved. I believe a wind can blow across what started as a small project and turn it into a passionate flame that will touch the hearts and minds of many.  Join us in the taking this project from an evolution to a revolution.

Thank you!!!


"We Two Boys" a multi-layered duet between two men, captures the timeless journey of love, attraction, struggle, and surrender. Viewers are drawn in, finding themselves wrestling with the stories of love and sexuality while being captivated by the familiarity of their own lives as the dance unfolds before them. "We Two Boys" is a powerful narrative of a relationship that transcends labels of "gay" or "straight" and becomes a provocative story of human nature.

Based on Walt Whitman's poem "We Two Boys Together Clinging" and incorporating the art of Butoh dance, this work is an ever evolving journey of my heart as a gay man, choreographer and dancer. Being able to bring this work to a national level is a personal and professional dream, and a necessary conversation in light of political issues facing our society about equality.

The premiere of the reworked piece will be performed in Portland at Studio Two May 18-20 and tour to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Wild Dancing West Festival May 25 & 26. It will serve as a launch pad for further performances around the country. The newly informed, inspired, and revised piece has a stellar artistic team - live music composed by Adrian Hutapea, choreography by Meshi Chavez, and dancers Meshi Chavez and Chip Sherman.

My opportunity to bring this work to Wild Dancing West is particularly close to my heart since I grew up in Albuquerque. This will be a homecoming allowing me to return back to the origin of my birth, and to the community that I left behind in pursuit of my personal and artistic survival. “We Two Boys” addresses some of the challenges I faced in this city coming out as a gay man. The opportunity to take “We Two Boys” to Albuquerque seems particularly appropriate and auspicious.

I am seeking funding to be used to pay for Portland performance venue fees, costume and lighting designer fees, travel cost to New Mexico, as well as Artist fees. If "We Two Boys" speaks to you, I hope you will consider investing to continue the momentum.

Portland Show dates: May 18, 19, 20 @ Studio Two 

Albuquerque Show dates: May 25 & 26 Wild Dancing West Festival at the North 4th Theater

Choreography: Meshi Chavez Dancers: Chip Sherman & Meshi Chavez Music: Adrian Hutapea with Lisa DeGrace Lighting: Alex Gagne-Hawes Costumes: Kirsten Moore Video: Karl Lind Photography: Stephen Miller Graphic Design: Eric Gillmore Special Thanks: Kriya Kaping, & April Hauck for more information on show dates and times.


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