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Get a grip on your camera lens cap with this simple and sleek lens cap holder -- the Cap Gorilla.
Get a grip on your camera lens cap with this simple and sleek lens cap holder -- the Cap Gorilla.
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    1. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Hi David:

      Sorry you've not received yours yet. I'll gladly ship out replacements tomorrow.

      All rewards were shipped in mid-January. I've gotten a few responses from two others that did not receive their reward yet and have shipped replacements.

      Sorry for the delay. Any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

      My best,


    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      Well I still have not received mine (Germany) and the Martin Lotz is not replying to my message... anyone else?

    3. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      The prototype coming soon is for wide straps up to 1.25" wide. Not exclusively Black Rapid. Great idea with the velcro!

    4. Gines Samson on

      Got mine today (Sydney), thanks. It's great! I used a velcro tape (on a Carry Speed strap) so I can still remove or move it.

      I hope your prototype isn't exclusive to Black Rapid but straps with wide bands in general.

    5. Rick Ali on

      Mine arrived in Malaysia today. Works great, thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Appleby on

      Wow, that would be great Martin. In the meantime, electrical tape it is. :)

    7. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Hi Dave -- I'm working on a Black Rapid model right now. One thing I've done with them is used electrical tape to attach it to my tripod leg.

      As soon as the Black Rapid prototypes are ready I'll get you one.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Appleby on

      Got mine yesterday, so they've made their way to Western Australia. Now to find a creative way of attaching it to a Black Rapid strap!

    9. Missing avatar

      A Fung on

      Got mine today, in Western Canada.

    10. Lorenz Goebels on

      Just to let you know, I received my Cap Gorilla in the post today (Slovakia) everything looks great and I look forward to trying it in the field.

    11. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Please keep me posted on deliveries and any issues with rewards.

    12. Drallieiv on

      Just received mines today, in Lyon France. Can't wait to go on the field without having to pull my stuff in my shirt pockets.

    13. Michelle Cadarette on

      Non-US supporters, have hope. Just got mine here in Canada today! :) So excited!

    14. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Can you please send me a photo of it? I'll gladly send you a replacement.

      I wonder if the packaging and bubble wrap had anything to do with it.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    15. MacGyverX on

      Hello, Hello! I got my Anodized Red Cap Gorilla yesterday. Love the shade or red. But there are these white spots all over it. It kinda looks like smalls bubbles that have dried up after the anodizing process. Its mostly on the back. Not a show stopper, this is mostly a FYI.

    16. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Yet to receive anything!

    17. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      The third-party delays keep coming but I'm happy to be shipping product tomorrow!

    18. Lorenz Goebels on

      Thank you for the update, the delay is not important for me, I was just hoping there had been no un-forseen calamity. Waiting on a third party delivery is fairly standard with KS. Good luck with finalising it all.

    19. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      I Andrea, Lorenz and all backers!

      Cap Gorillas are made and ready to ship. Both the aluminum models and injection molded model are finished. The silicone bands are still on order. They should be in soon. I hope to have an update from the manufacturer tomorrow. As soon as I have a better delivery date from the supplier I'll post an update.

      Sorry for the delay. We're ready to start assembling and shipping as soon as the silicone bands arrive.

      My thanks,


    20. Lorenz Goebels on

      Thirded, an update would be most appreciated, not just delivery time, but I'm also interested in how manufacturing and other elements are going. Cheers.

    21. Andrea on

      I agree, an update would be welcome...

    22. Missing avatar

      Sheila Heath on

      Hi! Any updates on delivery time?

    23. Eddie on

      Congrats on the funding, can't wait for this to swing into full production =)

    24. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Thank you Andrea! I've taken down the confusing banner!

    25. Andrea on

      Hey Martin, I noticed that one of the two banners on your website still mentions the two size models, not the new universal one - worth updating to avoid any confusion, maybe!

      Congrats on the successful relaunch!

    26. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Thanks Andy, I believe Kickstarter automatically adjusts pledges for international shipping now. They changed things in the middle of creating the project and I forgot to edit out some of the text. There should be a checkbox to add international shipping which will be done automatically.

    27. Missing avatar

      Andy J on

      When the project comes to a close and it's ready to ship, you will receive a survey from Kickstarter showing what you pledged for as well as how much you pledged. If you pledged more than the reward, it would ask you how you want your pledge broken down.

    28. Missing avatar

      Andy J on

      If I lived outside the US, I would have adjusted my pledge to $52. It says $4 outside the US

    29. Missing avatar

      Andy J on

      I pledged for the gorilla cap but added an addition $22 and $11 for another cap plus aluminum cap. Total pledge $48.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andy J on

      @ Jen
      It's under the FAQ. Add an addition $11 for regular gorilla cap, $22 for the aluminum cap.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jen Blaikie on

      Hello, Would you be able to post some rules for how to order multiple Cap Gorilla's including postage outside the USA? I think they would make excellent Christmas presents.


    32. Martin Lotz 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the continued support! As soon as this project meets the funding goal I am going to begin production of the injection molds.

      The past month I've been working non-stop on getting everything lined up to be able to produce Cap Gorilla's quickly and get them on their way to backers.

      I expect to ship all of the injection molded models to ship 10 days after the project ends! The anodizing will take a little bit longer.

      Best regards,


      If funding is successful this will be the green light to have these on shelves by Black Friday!

    33. Lorenz Goebels on

      Welcome back! Best of luck and fingers crossed you can make this happen before Christmas.

    34. GeeDee on

      Good luck with the project Martin!

    35. Nate Burr on

      Told you I'd be back, to back, 2nd time around :)