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HEART GRENADE (16mm color) is a hybrid narrative / dance CalArts MFA thesis film. Dir. Hanul Bahm. Executive Producer: Guy Maddin.
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Hanul Bahm

31 backers pledged $5,730 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Reshoots scheduled for February

Dear supporters,

There's a critical scene in this film that we will need to reshoot.  The scene is the creamy inner filling of the film and has about a 8 minute run time.  We need to film it under optimal conditions, which, the day we were on set, wasn't afforded us.  The reshoot will cost us an additional $800, minimally. 

So I please ask that you contribute however much you can, beyond the $5,600 set goal.   Kindly contact me at if you end up donating past the Kickstarter deadline.

Thank you so much for seeing us through to the end! 

love, Hanul

Part One of Filmming wrapped!

Hello all,

We've wrapped part one of Heart Grenade.  We shot from Sat, Jan 28 - Wed, Feb 1, primarily at Mr. Good's Donuts in Alhambra, CA.  We filmed our back storage room scene at YeDang Bakery in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Production stills can be found here:

The process was peppered with lots of miracles, brilliant acting, fun moments, and some monumental growth points for me as a director and artist. 

We still have to film in the West Fork of the San Gabriel River in a few weeks time.  :D   Thanks to the cast and crew, this is going to be an epically strong film.  I had no idea that filmmaking was about building a city, taking a photo of that city, then dismantling the city.  It is quite a marvelous process and I thank you all for letting me journey.

We are very lucky to have your support.