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A unique match-3 game set in a rich fantasy world with an emphasis on a dynamic card system.
A unique match-3 game set in a rich fantasy world with an emphasis on a dynamic card system.
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Demo released!

Hi Everyone,

I put together a demo so that people could try the game out and see if they like it and want more.  This demo has everything in it with no limits, but it is not our final product as it is missing lots of polish and a good chunk of content.  Please pass it around.  For those who backed us for the beta access don't worry you guys will continue to get updates to the game as it progresses exclusively.  You will also be able to provide feedback to us along the way.

Windows Demo

regards, Jeff


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    1. ezryder914 on

      My wife said the tutorial for this game will have to be huge. :)

      She's played matching and card games before, and watching her dive into the demo was educational. She just started matching and wasn't paying attention to the cards (top or side), her health, or inventory. Most match games have a count down timer, so her initial instinct was to quickly start matching things. When I told here it's turn-based, and there is no hour glass to race against, she slowed her roll and started looking at the rest of the screen. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      AuroraLee on

      Loving the game :) it's a fun challenge. So far my only 'issues' are the Aero issues already mentioned. thanks for releasing a demo! :)

    3. Jeff LaFlam 2-time creator

      Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to keep up. I know that my windows to fullscreen switch in the options menu is not working properly at the moment. You can hit alt-enter and it should get you back and forth for now...sorry about that. Thanks for the heads up on windows aero. I literally had two machines to test on last night when I put this together. Now I'll go check that out and see what is causing that. To get "rid" of a card just right click on it. That will put it into your inventory which you can draw from when you need to, but you'll need to pay 20 gold to move the card back into your hand.

      Hi Sam I understand your concern and I really appreciate your support and comments. I can tell you that the beta will be available on the PC very quickly and the iPad access will be shortly behind as we are still porting stuff over. The iPad version will function exactly like the PC version with some interface enhancements to account for touch.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Installed game on widescreen Windows 7 machine and works great! Looks great too. Moved a few gems around but not enough time for more right now. The potential for variety and fun and even some strategy is tremendous!

    5. ezryder914 on

      suggestion: option to throw away/sell a spell/item card (up top) to free a slot for a new one?

      of if that's already possible... how would I do that? :)

    6. Sam on

      Hi Jeff,

      I think the game looks great, and wish you all the best with the development. It's and idea that I have wanted to see for years now, and it's a shame that we will have to wait until launch to see how it turns out on the iPad. I would almost be willing to pledge the $125 level for the iPad access, but I am at this point unsure as to the level is specific attention the tablet version is getting.

      I would like to ask that the $25 pledge level note that beta access will be for Windows PC only. I still sent out a link to your project to my decently large number of FB and Twitter followers, but I made it clear to them that platforms that the game is currently ready for is PC only and not for iPad.

      Seriously, All the best!

    7. ezryder914 on

      update: turned off Aero (WIndows 7 x64) and game runs properly now.

    8. ezryder914 on

      Installed the demo & updated DX, and I get flashing screens. I have an ATI HD5850 1GB connected to two 23" monitors at 1920x1080. Is there a specific resolution I should set my monitor(s) to for the game to display?

    9. Paweł K. on

      There are (in my case) some issues when i switch between windowed and full screen (different aspect ration) and some troubles with options screen, but game is fun, can't wait for beta :)

    10. palenoue on

      I am familiar with game development and have no problem with demo versions working on one format and not the others. You have a great looking game and putting up a demo, even windows only, is a very good idea. Also, have you considered a Google+/facebook version of the game? After you're done with the iPad/windows/Mac versions, look into it. I think a social network version would do well.

    11. Jeff LaFlam 2-time creator

      Hi Thomas, Sorry about the directx runtime issue. I tried to trim my install package down so I just put the minimal directx .dlls in the install. I will update the installer. You can also try downloading the runtimes from Microsoft which is located here…

    12. Jeff LaFlam 2-time creator

      Hi Sam, Sorry for the confusion. The iPad port is not complete to same level as windows. I've been working on it but the adventure cards have not been fully implemented and that is a key piece to the demo. It will be released at the same time as the PC version. I'm 100% committed to that. It has touch controls and interface. I will go clarify in the faqs.

      I was conflicted about doing a demo but the FTL guys let people play their game ahead of time and it really allowed people to try and see if they wanted more of their game. I'm trying to do the same here because we really want to do so much more with this game.

    13. Sam on

      Sorry... Meant to say. I for one have NO interest in backing Windows games that may be ported to the iPad eventually. I thought I was backing a game developed specifically for the iPad and it's touch controls and interface, as well as a version for Windows that would be simultaneously released.

    14. Sam on

      As a $25 backer from two accounts I am confused by a windows only demo... It clearly states the game will be for iPad and windows and for Mac is there is demand. Where is the iPad demo? Is the "beta access" going to be Windows only as well? If so, this needs to be made clear ASAP. I for me have interest in backing Windows only games that might eventually be ported to the iPad.

      It looks brilliant. But this needs some clarification before I can be openly recommended.


    15. Missing avatar

      Charles Hardy on

      I left a comment on your website but I wanted to leave one here also, saying that I am really looking forward to getting home and trying this game. I can't wait until it is finally released. Plus, the possibility of an ipad version has me excited also. I'm telling everyone I can about this kick starter but I think that it needs more publicity.

    16. Paul Drager on

      Whoa. Looking forward to this when I get home.

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Was excited to play, but an error message comes up when I run the game saying 'd3dx9:35.dll is missing from your computer'. Tried reinstalling, but didn't help