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Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting? iPad/PC/Mac/Android/Linux/OUYA
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Who are you #2

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hello everyone

Summer 2014 is closing in, which means the release of Back to Bed is too!

Surveys will be going out later this week, so remember to check you mail so you can get your long awaited rewards. 

Meanwhile enjoy this "who are you & what are you working on #2" video, with our Game Designer Jonas Byrresen.

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Sleep Tight
Klaus & The Bedtime Team 

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Beta and Babies

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)
Hello everyone

Finally time for a new update.

The last month has been a very busy month for the Bedtime team, especially me (Klaus), but I’ll get to that later.

The time frame for Back to Bed is, that we aim to release Back to Bed during the summer months. Yeah right, we heard that song before. Good so you know the lyrics ;) No but seriously this time it’s for real. NO MORE DELAYS, and that’s a promise.

But to get to the point where we can release the game we need your help. That’s why we’ve started Beta testing. Some of you already signed up for it a while ago, and should be contacted by now. If not poke me again. And if you didn’t sign up for the Beta, here’s your chance. But only iPad users for now :(
Just shoot an email to, with your name and what generation iPad you’ll be testing on, and we’ll set you up.

About the extra busy month for me, I would like you to introduce my daughter Johanna, who came to the world the 20th of March.

Sleep tight

Who are you? And what do you do?

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hi Backers

We are gonna try something new on these updates about Back to Bed. We call it "who are you & what do you do?"

It's a way of introducing the "new" team, and to show you guys what we are working on.

First episode is with 3d Artist Jakob Witt


Press release is out

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hi Backers

Just wanna let you know that we sent out the press release about the company reboot. 

There's already a couple of sites that took notice and wrote about it.

Remember you can follow the team closely on Facebook if you want

Sleep tight
The Bedtime Team

Back to Business

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hello lovely Backers

Time for the almost monthly update ;) We will soon be sending out a press release about what is happening, but you'll get a quick teaser right now.

The last couple of months have been very hectic for us. But now we've successfully launched the company behind Back to Bed. It's now called Bedtime - Digital Games. As you know, we've received funding from an investor who believe in our ability to make great games, just as you guys did back in 2013.

This means we now have an office, and can work as full time game developers and not just when our spare time allows for it. The Successful Kickstarter campaign, which you guys helped fund, was a large part of the reason why the investors believed in us. So again THANK YOU. It doesn't stop at Back to Bed; we also managed to get funding for a spiritual successor. So not only did you guys kickstart Back to Bed, you kickstarted a whole game company, and at least one more game :)

The next game is still in very early concept phase, but we can't wait to show it to you guys, once it's ready for the harsh light of day. But enough about that. Right now we are locked in on finishing Back to Bed, which is what you've all been waiting for, and also adding stuff we always felt was needed but didn't have the resources for. We hope it'll be worth the waiting. As a small bonus we have attached some shots from the office, as well as the current platforms back to Bed runs on, besides of course the PC. (Insert pictures)

Cheers All the Bedtimers.