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Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting? iPad/PC/Mac/Android/Linux/OUYA
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iOS & Android Version Lauching August 28

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hi al our lovely Backers

Just wanted to let you know that the iOS & Android version will launch tonight! August 28 to be precise. Just to clarify, the game will be a universal app, meaning the same app will run on both tablet and mobile.  

The distribution of the app will be a little different, depending whether you've chosen iOS or Android in the survey. The iOS distribution will be a key, that is send to your email, which your can use to redeem on your iOS device. For the Android version, you will receive an email with an invitation link where we ask for your Google Play account name, and then you need to follow a couple of other steps too. 

We wish you all the best and hope you'll have fun playing Back to Bed :)

Remember you can follow us on Twitter, our handle is @BedtimeDG

Sleep tight
Klaus & the Bedtime team

Today is the day! Back to Bed Launching on Steam

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Greetings Backers!

As you all know, Back to Bed will be released on Steam 08/06/14 09:00 PDT. We have sent out a batch of Steam keys, and you should all be in possession of at least one. Those of you who have chosen an additional Steam key on the survey, have received two Steam keys in the e-mail. We still lack a lot of responses for the survey we sent on 31st of July and we ask that those of you who have not yet filled it out, do so at their earliest convenience.

If you have not recieved an e-mail with a Steam key from us, please check your spam/junk folder, as it may have ended up there. The subject of the e-mail is "Back to Bed Steam Key". If the e-mail is not present in your inbox or junk/spam folder, please write us at and we will make sure you recieve your key.

Cheers Klaus

New Survey & Steam Keys just around the corner

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Good news everyone

The 6th of August is closing in, which mean the Steam launch of Back to Bed soon will be upon us. Yay :)

But as you know, there was a little hiccup when the survey came out. It was a little confusing, and it only allowed to choose one platform.

In order to fix this, we've made a new survey! Which goes out today.

The way we do it, is that everyone will receive one steam key. And then you will have to chose for which platform you want your 2nd copy.

There's more info in the survey, and an FAQ. Which should explain everything.

But if there is something you find confusing, or if you don't think you received the survey, please do contact us.

Cheers Klaus

Available on Steam August 6

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hi Backers

It's with great pleasure we can inform you that Back to Bed is coming to Steam August 6.

The steam page is now live, so check it out at

Its for both Windows, Mac & Linux. IOS and Android will follow shortly after. And so will a bunch of other platforms, depending on how fast the porting goes. 

Remember you can follow us on Twitter & Facebook

Sleep Tight
Klaus & The rest of the Bedtime Team

Launching in August

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hi all Backers

Development is now so far along, that we dare to say Back to Bed will be released in August, andwe aim to have most platforms supported sometime during August.  Hooray :D

I also wanted to give you some updates on how the game is progressing.

We implemented an achievement system, so all of you achievement hunting backers can get your game on. :) 

Back to Bed will be available on steam. Some of you properly already guessed this, since it was a checkbox in the survey. (Which I will get back to, don't worry)

Controller Support

Back to Bed will now come with controller support. This also means support for MFI controllers for IOS and Android. 

To be honest, the survey properly wasn't thought all the way through before it was sent out. So as a lot of you also made us aware of, it wasn't possible to select both a mobile version and a PC/Mac version of the game, even though the tiers said so. This could have been an easy fix, if Kickstarter would let project creators redo surveys. But they don't :( But we are trying to work out a solution, and we will let you know as soon as we figured out how to solve this. 

And here is a couple of screenshots for you guys :)




Sleep Tight