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Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting? iPad/PC/Mac/Android/Linux/OUYA
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Bedtime Gaming

1,106 backers pledged $13,312 to help bring this project to life.

Launching in August


Hi all Backers

Development is now so far along, that we dare to say Back to Bed will be released in August, andwe aim to have most platforms supported sometime during August.  Hooray :D

I also wanted to give you some updates on how the game is progressing.

We implemented an achievement system, so all of you achievement hunting backers can get your game on. :) 

Back to Bed will be available on steam. Some of you properly already guessed this, since it was a checkbox in the survey. (Which I will get back to, don't worry)

Controller Support

Back to Bed will now come with controller support. This also means support for MFI controllers for IOS and Android. 

To be honest, the survey properly wasn't thought all the way through before it was sent out. So as a lot of you also made us aware of, it wasn't possible to select both a mobile version and a PC/Mac version of the game, even though the tiers said so. This could have been an easy fix, if Kickstarter would let project creators redo surveys. But they don't :( But we are trying to work out a solution, and we will let you know as soon as we figured out how to solve this. 

And here is a couple of screenshots for you guys :)




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