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Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting? iPad/PC/Mac/Android/Linux/OUYA
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Back to Bed launches on PS4, PS3 & PSvita

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Hi all our lovely Backers

Just wanted to let you guys know, that the game you guys believed in, and chose to back a long time ago (at least it feels like a long time ago) has reached new heights today. Back to Bed is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. 

We are super excited about this, and wanted to reach out to the guys, who believed in us from the beginning and kickstarted this whole adventure. If it wasn't for you, neither of this would have happened and Back to Bed would have stayed a student project forever. So THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart. And thank you for believing in us, even when things got a little bumpy and things got delayed. 

If you want to keep tabs on what else our studio is working on, you can follow us on:
Twitter: @BedtimeDG

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    1. TouchGameplay

      Thanks. I think Klaus sent me just earlier today a E-Mail and everything got cleared out. Sorry for my harsh comment but it totally felt akward after such a long time without hearing anything from you Guys and if you had resolved everything on your side.


      I just checked my Messages from last year and I had asked for a Universal Code together with an explanation how you Guys could obtain those through Apple back then but never received a feedback.

      Things like this can always happen and there are no hard feelings on my side and as already mention before I wish you the best and of course will back again your next Project too since such a small issue can always happen at the beginning at a StartUp :D

    2. Christoph Zürcher on

      Congrats for getting the game onto new platforms!

    3. Bedtime Gaming Creator on

      Hi Eric and TouchGameplay

      As stated numerous times, just contact us if you have trouble redeeming your IOS key. And we will help you :)

    4. Eric on

      Ditto… gave up on expecting a non Danish app store code. Emails asking for my second code to be android or another steam one totally ignored.

      Any chance those of us waiting for codes might get them?

    5. TouchGameplay

      A year later and I still haven`t ever received my "working" Promo Code for the iTunes Store and what you are calling "bumpy and things got delayed" was the biggest "Asshole" Move with leaving your Backers alone and letting "us" solve what you had screwed up even many of us had already explained to you how to work it out with Apple on your side.

      Sadly it seems that such a behavior is even getting rewarded nowadys while others have to fight for their daily earning so without any further delay:

      I wish you the best...