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Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting? iPad/PC/Mac/Android/Linux/OUYA
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iOS Keys Fixed and Ouya version available tomorrow

Posted by Bedtime Gaming (Creator)

Good news everybody

We found a way to fix the problem with the region locked iOS keys. You simply have to change the app store to Denmark, then your key is valid. After you've redeemed the key and downloaded Back to Bed, you can switch back to your original store. This guide will take you through the exact steps to change stores and redeem Back to Bed --> Download guide 

Another announcement is that Back to Bed will launch on OUYA tomorrow, so those who've chosen OUYA as platform, can expect a key to arrive soon. 

Remember you can stay updated with the latest new about Back to Bed and Bedtime Digital games on:

Twiiter: @BedtimeDG



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    1. Missing avatar

      john Hutchinson on

      Hi there. I never received my key for this game.

    2. Bedtime Gaming Creator on

      Hope everyone has been able to download the iOS version, if not please let me know on so we can help you out.


    3. Padraic Hallinan on

      Any chance of an update on the iOS key situation? Is it being worked on or are you considering the case closed?

    4. TouchGameplay

      This just get each month more bizarre then it was before. Serious Guys?

    5. Igor Mustac on

      Seriously guys? No, no and no freakin' no way. You're not delivering what we payed for... so how to ask for a refund? Seriously guys...

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Onery on

      Would it be possible to switch the iOS copy for a Steam instead? The solution you provided really only just aggravates the consumer as we have to jump through a myriad
      of annoying hoops just to be able to keep the game running should you be providing updates and the like.

    8. Justin on

      I am in the iTunes Match camp and if you've used it you know how fickle it can be. I suppose I'll just play it on Steam despite this being born for the touch screen.

    9. Ben McDermott on

      I agree with the general chorus as well. This is not really a solution, but only a temporary fix, which will inevitably lead to further issues.

    10. Ray Ghanbari on

      I'll add my experience to the chorus: I would have to spend all my app store credit to be able to try this. Can you please find another solution for iOS?

    11. Ross Poulton on

      This doesn't work for those of us using Family Sharing - I cannot change region without closing down the family sharing setup then re-doing it later. I had a couple of headaches getting family sharing going which I'm not keen to re-do... To make life easier I'll just pay the $5 to buy it in the Australian store. It's not ideal, but I enjoyed playing during the beta and am happy to support the developers a little more.

    12. Lee Stetson on

      Similar to the issue of changing regions with app store credit, I have an active iTunes Match account, and cannot change regions without canceling. I will not be canceling my subscription just to download the game. I will wait until a proper solution is put in place.

    13. Olna Jenn Smith

      This is not a fix. I need to obtain this game from my own regional store so that it will update in the future -- unless this is a declaration that you're abandoning development of the app at this point?

    14. Missing avatar

      Brandon Tate on

      I agree that this isn't a viable solution. Do we have any idea of when we might be able to download it on the US app store?

    15. Marc L. Allen on

      @Eric -- It's not a new apple ID. It's just changing to region it's associated to. Once you switch it to Denmark, you download the game, then you switch it back. There's no loss of apps. I do not know if, once you have the game and have switched back, if you can download the game to another of your devices, though. I'll find out when I get to my iPad.

      For the record, I'm not thrilled with this solution either, but so far it's worked for me. Updates might not be automatic... I don't know.

      But, at the present, I have the game on my phone. I'm reassociated with the US store and everything is currently working as expected.

    16. Dave Hopman on

      I'm NOT creating a Danish Apple account for the game, this is ridiculous.

      As others here are saying, this is not an acceptable solution.

    17. Derick Rodriguez

      This doesn't work for people who have an App Store Credit balance. The App Store forces you to spend your credit before you are allowed to change regions.

      That is not a good solution at all.

    18. Eric J. Francois on

      In order to switch to the Denmark app store, I have to create a new Apple Id, with an address in Denmark. So even if I were to use a fake address, I would then have to use this new Apple Id on my iPad, and lose all the apps I previously bought with my real Apple Id.
      That is no acceptable solution.

    19. Marc L. Allen on

      Another troubleshooting tip... I was unable to use the default information, as it wouldn't accept my address as a billing address, so I had to switch to a payment of "None."

    20. Marc L. Allen on

      @Ryan -- Can we at least get updates without getting it from the Denmark store?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ryan How on

      Thanks for keeping us updated on the iOS key issue! I've redeemed my code, but realise that I will be unable to receive notifications from the App Store about any updates of the game unless I'm logged into the Denmark store.