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Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting?                         
Ever wondered what its like to play a game within a surrealistic painting? iPad/PC/Mac/Android/Linux/OUYA
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    1. Jeremy Halvorsen

      Well, while the company screwed us and didn't care to get everyone non-danish app store codes, it's available free for iphone right now on the US app store...…

      So at least you can get the game on ios like you paid for.

    2. Katherine Rix on

      I got my box of physical rewards today. Thanks so much guys, everything looks beautiful! I am especially in love with the coffee mug :)

    3. Eric on

      It would appear there is no word and I assume therefore no non-Danish App Store codes. Guess I'll see if I can get a second steam license and give it to someone else then!

    4. Eric on

      So Bedtime Gaming - any word on non-Danish Apple App store codes?

      Also wondering what the chances are of getting anything that will allow 'free' purchase via the Amazon Appstore for Android (UK in my case) since I notice the game is on there now.

    5. Andy The Sane on

      @Eric - I've just sent Bedtime Gaming a message about that.

    6. Eric on

      Seems like no answer for those of us who perhaps want an iPad version, but don't want a Danish app store code...

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Mackay on

      Hi, I've just sent you a message asking about how to get the Android version - I haven't received an email etc about how to download it

    8. Andy The Sane on

      Same as Eric and Ian...

      I only backed this for the iPad version, and so I still haven't received what I pledged for...

    9. Eric on

      Ditto on the non-Denmark codes? I was thinking perhaps of choosing iPad as my second device, but a Danish code isn't going to be much use. Have you sorted it - are you sending out country appropriate codes now?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Stirling on

      Hi guys, have I missed my UK code? Haven't heard anything since the Denmark codes came out. Please let me know as I'm looking forward to playing!

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fry on

      I honestly don't remember which platform I chose. If I got a steam key does that mean I will not be getting the Android version?

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Missing avatar

      Fred Schuit

      Same here, code only valid for customers of the Denmark store.

    14. Andy The Sane on

      Yup... Same here. Code is only valid for customers of the Denmark store. I only backed this for the iOS version as I think it's a great concept for touchscreen.

    15. internisus on

      My iOS code is only redeemable to customers of the Denmark store.

    16. Wikzo on

      Haven't received my iOS code yet :)

    17. Anders Rune Jensen on

      Super cool game. Just finished it today, well worth the wait :)

    18. Robert on

      Doesn't load on mac. Is there a fix?
      Or a support email address?

    19. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      Oh wait - I missed the pledge level. Normal service is resumed :)

    20. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      Also, anyone else missing from the credits? I can't see my name :(

    21. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      I'm interested to know a) what are the reasons behind no DRM, and who advised you against it? b) Are you confident that you are allowed to give iOS versions? I thought it was against the developer terms? I've seen other projects not be able to offer because of the same reason. Or maybe it's just because of the lower number of backers than those priests and you think you can cover it with the application?

    22. ET3D on

      I think it would be reasonable to provide PC/Mac/Linux DRM free and for Steam to everyone, plus another platform (Android, iOS, etc.).

    23. Idoia Irazuzta (Ptraci) on

      And I mean for the iPad. Is that a possible second choice?

    24. Idoia Irazuzta (Ptraci) on

      I just submitted choosing Steam because it's the platform I use the most, but I also want it to be available to me on iOS. This was all very confusing :/

    25. Alex Neilson

      @Bedtime: I chose Steam on the survey, as that's what I use to play most games on my PC. Does that mean that I won't get the game for Android?

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Faries on

      Thank you very much for the response and clarification!

    27. Bedtime Gaming Creator on

      @kim Back to Bed will be on android :)

    28. Bedtime Gaming Creator on

      Hi Guys. The Kickstarter survey, apparently only lets you choose one platform, but you are of course entitled to two platforms! But Kickstarter won't let you sent out more than one survey, so we are working on a different solution. Sorry for the inconvenience..

      Just to clarify you get to choose 1 copy of the game on either: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Steam or OUYA. And additionally we will also get you a Windows, Mac or Linux version as well.

      A little note to the OUYA, is that it will be available a little later than the other platforms, since it is a more complex port.

    29. Kim Togo Andersen on

      Have just filled out the survey. And choose "Steam", has I think it is the best distribution platform for Windows, Linux and Mac games.
      But (!) I really hope it will come to Android, as it was a stretch goal!
      But it all comes back to how the game play is. Is it good for touch devices? Then go for Android and iOS. If not, then go for Steam.

    30. Alex Neilson

      @Bedtime: Can we get a clarification here? I hope it *is* just an English language translation problem, as I'd prefer to get copies for Android, Ouya and Steam.

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    32. Christina Franks on

      I too am not at all happy about having to choose only 1 platform when my backer level was specifically for 2 platforms! I want mine on BOTH PC and iOS (iPad). I did fill out the survey and chose iOS as my platform of choice. BUT I am waiting to see how you guys are going to fix this problem BEFORE sending out download links or, God help us, you choose to muck things up royally if you decide to send out keys via Humble Bumble only to force us to get to Steam or GoG via HB like the Among the Sleep project owners (Krillbite) are doing to their KS backers (me being one of them) as I type this in at this very moment. It is a mess over there right now, and I most certainly do NOT want to go through THAT again with THIS game! Some answers from the project creator here would be appreciated!

    33. Ana on

      Same as the previous commenters! I'll wait on responding to the survey until this is fixed.

    34. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      Having hit the Android stretch goal, I wonder if getting that would be an option (instead of the iPad option) (AND PC) I'm waiting on filling out my survey as I'm curious about the only Choose ONE question. Odd.

    35. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      ie it could be a translation error and you meant "which game platform DO you like to play on?" English is tricky.

    36. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      I'm assuming that this is about taking a survey of potential use? Because I, like many others, am expecting to get both versions for my pledge.

    37. Jeff Richards

      Add me to the list of asking about why I'm choosing. :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Giraldo on

      +1 on the version choosing question... the reward states "the game for both iPad and the PC/Mac version"

    39. Missing avatar

      Jobbe Smit on

      And yet again, why do I need to choose?

    40. Alex Neilson

      And again - Why does the survey ask us to choose which *one* version we want, when the pledge was for multiple versions?

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    42. Wikzo on

      Same as nikopol:
      I pledged for "The Game: Besides our gratitude you will get a version of the game for both iPad and the PC/Mac version when it is done."

    43. nikopol

      what happend to:
      ... will get a version of the game for both iPad A N D the PC/Mac...

    44. Ineluki on

      Updates ? I am not asking for weekly progress, but ... a few lines once a month, is this really too big a problem ?

    45. TheAvt on

      pledgers beware? sigh, going to be 1 year since they took our money...

    46. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @mikebert, ya, I'm glad as well. I felt like I got scammed. That's what scammers do really, take your money then get the hell out.

    47. Missing avatar


      Yeh, sure glad I wasn't one of the $265 backers

    48. Justin R. Walterich on

      Logged in but no update now that it is a new year?

    49. Michael Bræmer Pedersen on

      Well it's December now, marry chrismass. Time for an update? No?

    50. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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