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pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, April 11 2017 5:50 AM UTC +00:00


MEDSHIFT x-change will  reduce  the lost revenue and patient disatisfaction as a result of canceled medical shifts. It relieves the provider stress of  a sudden need to miss a shift. Missed medical shifts negatively impact patients, metrics and increases stress felt by medical staff as a result of an unexpected need to miss work or just a need for a mental health day off. Medshift allows for peer to peer staffing in house, in the selected network, and fills the role of the staffing agency(reducing cost) and allows for rapid experienced staffing. It reduces the time needed to acclimate to a system,by using in system  staffing. In  system staff consists of a previous staffer that has experience at selected site. 

Its inception is the result of an unexpected event that prevented me from showing for my scheduled shift. After some time cancelled appointments and patient metrics negative impact I found someone to cover, and decided there has to be an easier way.

MEDSHIFT x-change will make it easier for staff from nurses respiratory therapist, doctors and others to extra hour staff to earn extra income while reducing the burden of finding appropriate staff on short notice.Medical staffing unscheduled missed shift is an inherent variable in medicine,faced by medical staff in every country that requires a flexible, nimble alternative to current staffing practice,that reduces cost improves patient satisfaction and improves overall patient metrics, Medshift X-change fills that need.

Kick starter funds will help to develop full market app. provide staff, improve design and adding features,  infrastructure, app administration  testing and then deployment.

Thank you.

Risks and challenges

Risk are the standard, platform investment , avoided by avoiding outsourcing development ,end user denial, extensive end user survey show format and concept highly desirable. Security breeches to be managed by insuring proper industry standard security measures are implemented

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