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The Torg Eternity invasion continues with the pulp action world of the Nile Empire!
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Sarcophagus and Add-On Summary Update

Posted by Ulisses Spiele (Creator)

Hello Backers!

As we head into the last day, we wanted to give you a final status update on where we are on the Sarcophagus contents and the new Add-On list. As a reminder, we don't have the final list of which older products will be available as add-ons, but you can probably be sure of grabbing the add-on products from the Living Land, and there are a few things we guarantee will be on there.

Sarcophagus Contents

First, here's the list of what physical items are definitely in the Sarcophagus:

  • Nile Empire Sourcebook
  • Fires of Ra
  • GM Screen+Archetypes
  • Nile Empire Possibilities Tokens
  • Nile Empire Booster Deck
  • Delphi Missions: Nile Empire
  • Cracking Tales of the Nile Empire
  • 2 punch-out cardboard sheets of blips
  • 30 threat cards
  • poster map
  • Mobius bookmark
  • soundtrack CD
  • plus the box itself

Add-On List

The first seven items in the Sarcophagus list (in bold) are all available as add-ons, and of course you can also upgrade each copy of the Sourcebook you're getting to Deluxe Leatherette (+$25) or Hand-Bound Real Leather (+$75).

Here are the other add-ons that you will see in the pledge manager. For more detail, see the campaign page:

  • All Rolled Up Neoprene Dice Tray - $15
  • Nile Empire Maps 1 - $15
  • Nile Empire Maps 2 - $15
  • Living Land Maps 1 - $15 (previously available)
  • Living Land Maps 2 - $15 (previously available)
  • Acrylic Tokens: Minions of Mobius - $15
  • Acrylic Tokens: Pulp Heroes & Villains - $15
  • Acrylic Tokens: Nile Empire Threats - $15 (previously available)
  • Acrylic Tokens: Storm Knights & Allies - $15 (previously available)
  • Acrylic Tokens: All the rest - $180 (previously available)
  • Drama Deck -  $25 (previously available)
  • Core Rules - $50 Hardcover / $75 Deluxe Leatherette (previously available)
  • Dice Pack - $10 (previously available)
  • Torg Eternity Cargo Box - $220 (previously available)
  • Living Land Survival Box - $200 (previously available)

If you want to add money now and have it count towards stretch goals, make sure you adjust your pledge before 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific today!

Live Chat #2

Also, if you missed it, you can catch our second live chat on YouTube now, or watch it directly here:

And if you want to hang out with us as we count down the last hour of the Kickstarter, join us on our final live chat at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific!

Thank you all again! And look for the first update with download links of the first round of previews to show up about 30-60 minutes after the Kickstarter closes!

-Eric for Ulisses North America

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    1. Guoccamolé

      Nice. TY

    2. Ulisses Spiele 8-time creator on

      @John - It is included in the list of "Sarcophagus contents that are also add-ons."

      -Eric for Ulisses North America

    3. Missing avatar

      John C. Ellison Jr on

      Should the Nile Empire Booster Deck also be listed as a $15 add-on?