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The Torg Eternity invasion continues with the pulp action world of the Nile Empire!
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So Many Stretch Goals, and...Relics of Power! Oh my!

Posted by Ulisses Spiele (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Well, the first three days have been quite the whirlwind! Days 2 and 3 were some great follow-ups to our fantastic opening, and you have been unlocking stretch goals right and left!

We're currently up to a whopping 32 stretch goals unlocked as of this writing!

Many of those stretch goals have been unlocking physical rewards for the Sarcophagus - like the bookmark and Delphi Missions physical book - while others have been unlocking digital rewards for everyone - like the soundtrack, the maps, and of course...

Act 1 of Relics of Power Redux!

That's right! Relics of Power is returning, because you demanded it!

(Deanna had this to say about the new version:)

Many roleplaying games have a singular adventure that nearly all players have played, and the Relics of Power was that adventure for Original Torg. Relics of Power was a trilogy of adventures (The Destiny Map, The Possibility Chalice, and The Forever City) that introduced the world of Torg, The new Relics of Power is a re-imagining of the original trilogy. There will be plot elements and characters that long-time fans will recognize, yet the adventure will also feature surprises such as new foes, twists on old “friends”, and new situations. It’s a remake more in the frame of the 2009 Star Trek—familiar, yet different. Storm Knights will journey to every realm currently invading Earth, while dealing with a villain that will plague them for the entire adventure.

But that’s not all, for the first time in Torg Eternity the heroes will experience the reality of the Akashans! Furthermore, just like the original adventure, the conclusion will have a major impact on the progression of the Possibility Wars.

The adventure, which takes place near the end of Year One, will come out in PDF, with each act unlocked as a stretch goal over multiple Kickstarters. However, don’t worry about getting an incomplete adventure, as we have planned natural narrative breaks that will allow each group of unlocked acts to be played as a full adventure. Once the adventure is complete in PDF form, it will be made into a hardcover book. Each group of acts corresponds roughly with the adventures of the original trilogy, with the ones unlocked during this Kickstarter approximately matching with The Destiny Map.

We hope you're as excited as we are! (You can be even more excited if you try really hard. We'll allow it.)

Thank you all again!

-Eric for Ulisses North America

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    1. Missing avatar

      John Christopher on

      @johnkahane If we unlock 1 act per Kickstarter,I wouldn't expect a Hardcover or softcover till Tharkold kickstarter.

    2. John M. Kahane on

      @Darrell Hayhurst,

      Good to hear we're going to see a Relics of Power Redux set of adventures! But...

      I take it the print version of the Relics of Power will come out some time from now, huh? :(


    3. Missing avatar

      Marcus Taylor on

      @NinjaDebugger - I feel the same way about John Terra. The man who ended the original Torg in such a grotesque anti-climax should never be allowed to write for the sequel. Maybe put it as a stretch goal, that if we hit it, he *doesn't* get to write anything!

    4. Jordan Springer

      @Darrell Hayhurst: Thanks for answering my question. I did find them interesting in the original but I am sure I will definitely like this version of them as well.

    5. Joshua Ohmer on

      Relics of Power and the Akashans‽ Be still my heart! That's awesome news.

    6. Missing avatar

      Darrell Hayhurst Collaborator on

      @Chris Blanchard: It's at the end of Year 1 transitioning into Year 2, so we're treating it as right on the edge of Alpha, but easy to tip over into Beta, if that makes sense.

      @Jordan Springer: Although the Akashans won't have the same role they had in the original, there is definitely something going on with them now. As for whether that translates to a Cosm book of their own we'll have to see how things play out.

    7. NinjaDebugger on

      Ugh, the 136,000 goal makes me want to reduce my pledge. John Wick is a decent setting writer, a mediocre mechanics writer, and just bad at writing adventures.

    8. Cedric Chausson on

      Curious to see how the Akashans work out to be in Torg Eternity!

    9. Chris Blanchard

      Exciting! Question: since this takes place after year 1, is it a Beta Clearence story?

    10. Simon Cooper

      That is amazing news, I am looking forward to this so much.

    11. Jordan Springer

      Very with the Akashans showing up in this...does that mean there is a chance that they MAY get their own book sometime in the future?

    12. Jason Hilton on

      I'm running that campaign right now adjusted by me to work in eternity. Lol!

    13. Cedric Chausson on

      I particularly like all the adventures, that is essential I think to make the gae live, we need adventures and tis is going to be just great!

    14. Cedric Chausson on

      It just gets more awesome every day !

    15. Nicholas J. Corkigian

      I'm VERY excited about the update for Relics of Power!!