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The Torg Eternity invasion continues with the pulp action world of the Nile Empire!
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Far Beyond Funded!

Posted by Ulisses Spiele (Creator)

Hello backers!

I was planning to wait until the 12-hour mark to do our first round of thank-yous and give you our first day status update, but you have pushed everything faster than we could have hoped, so here is your 12-hour update a few hours early.

It has been an amazing day already, and I'd love to share some observations with you:

  • Funded in 11 minutes
  • Premium pledge levels completely gone within two hours
  • Unlocked 20 stretch goals in the first nine hours
  • Passed the Living Land 1st day total (dollars and backers) within eight hours
  • As of this writing (nine hours in), almost at the Living Land 24-hour total
And on a personal level, I cannot express enough how thankful I have been for the incredible wave of positivity we've seen on social media and in the comments. We appreciate you all so much!

In the coming days, we'll be talking in more detail about everything you've already unlocked, as well as what's coming up, but for now we want to call your attention to a couple of things that we're especially excited about.

First up is the Cracking Tales of the Nile Empire, a collection of classic Torg short stories that we are editing and updating for the Torg Eternity timeline! This includes Shane Hensley's "Dead End" from Mysterious Cairo, now with a special restored ending!  Because of your amazing support, everyone will be getting a PDF of this book, and a print version will go into every Sarcophagus. Not only that, but you are well on your way towards unlocking a special appendix with game stats for characters and villains from those stories!

Second is the new product reveal for this campaign, the foldable dice tray! This beautiful neoprene sheet lays flat for easy storage or display and then snaps into a handy tray for rolling at the table! We are very excited to partner with All Rolled Up for this great add-on!

We're so happy with day one, and it's not even over yet! We can't wait to see where we go from here!

Thank you all so much!

-Eric for Ulisses North America

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    1. Ulisses Spiele 8-time creator on

      @Robert - Not this time around, but possibly for the future. It's the "new thing" for this campaign, so we're trying it out. If everybody loves them and craves more, we'll definitely look into it! :)

      -Eric for Ulisses North America

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Van Natter

      As to the folding dice tray, is there a possibility of opening up other cosm designs?

    3. Cedric Chausson on

      Well if you think of it, the Living Land was the only really weak link of all cosms and Ulisses managed to make it great. No wonder then the Nile Empire is such a hit considering it is one of the most popular cosm.

    4. Cedric Chausson on

      Well Dr Mobius, what else ?

    5. Kevin Wible

      I was a fan of the originals now empire in the first game. With the exception of the mathemagics, loved the entire book, and the concept of the room! This one looks to be Just as good! Can’t wait to see it!

    6. Jim Groves on

      I have one of those folding dice trays from another games company who partnered with All Rolled Up. They are pretty darn neat, And the neoprene shows of the artwork very well.

      It might be neat to have an All Rolled Up kit licensed with the Nile theme, as an add-on, above and beyond the dice tray.

    7. Ian Mulcahy on

      Really liking the foldable dice tray. I've been thinking of trying one out, and this gives me the perfect excuse to do it. Looking forward to seeing what other goodies you guys have planned.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Haynes on

      I am really happy to see that The Nile Empire kickstarter has stretch goals that are more than just Nile versions of what we saw in the Living Land kickstarter!

    9. Daniel R Weber on

      Can't wait, congrats on a wonderful day 1!