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SILK will be directed by Catherine Dent for the AFI Women's Directing Program this summer (June 2012) Read more

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2012.

SILK will be directed by Catherine Dent for the AFI Women's Directing Program this summer (June 2012)

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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We are pleased to announce that Oscar nominee,  Shohreh Aghdashloo,(House of Sand and Fog, 24)  has joined the cast to play Rani.

We are thrilled and cannot wait to get filming.

But we need your help more than ever. Our budget stills need a make-up trailer and dolly tracks! Yes! It's that specific and it's that expensive. And our craft service is a little thin.

Please help insure that our beautiful actress gets her mid-afternoon snack and the camera can roll along to capture her brilliant performance!

This is where it all adds up for a fantastic production. Thank you for all your support!

PLEASE GIVE....Even though we have made our "goal" every dollar pledged makes our film that much better. We are still under budget by over $6,000. 

We need a make-up trailer and help with craft services.

Our locations need fire marshals and Porta-potties! Yes! Your money will give our crew Porta-potties!!!  Glamorous isn't it!

More than the red carpet... movies require hard labor and intensive effort. Please give! Ever dollar helps! Really, it will not be wasted!

Thank so much for your contribution!


Kenny Johnson will have lunch with the winner of a raffle being offered for all donations of $250.00 or more. You and two friends (3 people total) can have lunch with Kenny AKA "Kozik" of SONS OF ANARCHY and "Lemonhead" on THE SHIELD in Los Angeles.

This is for real!

My Shield peeps come forth! As of this week....any funds that come in -----

Win a signed script in a raffle with any donation of $50.00 or more.

Have lunch with Kenny Johnson in a raffle with any donation of $250.00 or more.

Vic Mackey leaves a message on your voice machine to the highest donation!

Seriously, we need your help....I am sending in the big guns



Thanks! Catherine Dent


Big news!  From now until our funding deadline of June 1, anyone who pledges $50 or more will be entered in a raffle to win a script from THE SHIELD, signed by the SHIELD cast, and courtesy of THE SHIELD creator Shawn Ryan! But that's not all!

The HIGHEST PLEDGER between now and June 1 will get Vic Mackey doing their outgoing voice mail message! That is correct -- be the highest pledger and Michael Chiklis himself will record your message as THE SHIELD's Vic Mackey. Make your pledge now!


SILK tells the story of Rani, who at the age of 12 was given away by her father and forced to marry a man 20 years her senior in order to settle a family dispute. Now a middle-age woman living in America and married to an old man she never loved, Rani may have found the perfect opportunity to finally escape a life that was never her own.


Inspired by the essay, Too Young to Wed, by Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist, Stephanie Sinclair, SILK is a short screenplay written by Catherine Dent and Eyal Alony for the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women. Catherine is one of eight filmmakers chosen from hundreds of others to participate in this prestigious program, which has launched the career of many working directors. National statistics published by the Directors Guild of America indicate that only 7% of working film directors are women. The AFI DWW can proudly claim that 25% of its alumna have secured professional directing credits since participating in the program.


Each participant in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women is required to raise the funds needed to produce their short film. What do we need money for? You name it: equipment rentals, location/permit fees, costumes, props, sets, hair/make-up, and most importantly -- food for the hard-working cast and crew.With your generous support, principal photography for SILK will begin in June 2012.

CATHERINE DENT (director/writer/producer) - Best known for her role as Danni Sofer on the acclaimed FX series THE SHIELD, Catherine has appeared in many films and TV shows, from 21 GRAMS and THE MAJESTIC, to NCIS and THE SOPRANOS and is currently recurring on both THE MENTALIST and TOUCH. SILK marks her debut as writer-director.

EYAL ALONY (writer/consulting producer) - Eyal is a graduate of both the Theater Arts program at UC Santa Cruz and the UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program.  He was a winner of the annual UCLA Screenwriters Showcase, and is the recipient of the Zaki Gordon Award for Excellence in Screenwriting, the Milton Sperling Award, and the Harmony Gold Award for Excellence in Screenwriting.

NOAH ROSENTHAL (Director of Photography)- Noah's work as DP on
Fat Kid Rules the World,” with Director Matthew Lillard (The Descendants) earned him high notices along with the film winning the "Audience Award" at SXSW 2012) “Drones,” his first feature collaboration with his father, Director
 Rick Rosenthal (Bad Boys, Smallville) is currently in Post-Production.

BRIAN KIRCHOFF (Producer)-Born in Milwaukee, Brian completed his  BBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Whitewater, Wisconsin. Mentored by legendary manager Milton Ebbins (Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford) Brian launched Rising Tide Entertainment in 2003. He completed UCLA's Professional Program in Producing in 2011 and is currently in development on two pilots and three feature films. 

NIKIT DOSHI (Producer) Born in Kenya,and a graduate of Curtin University’s Film and TV,  Nikit worked on several short films and music videos while in Perth. In addition to work in India on two Bollywood films, he has worked  as a wildlife photographer in Kenya and Tanzania. His first feature film, The Rag Witch, is prepping for a late 2012 release. Currently a fellow at  AFI, pursuing a Masters in Producing,  Kikit is producing two feature films along with the short, SILK, while in LA, but continues to maintain his connections to Australia, Kenya, and India.


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