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"Good Ol' Freda" is the untold story of Freda Kelly, the Beatles' trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame.
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August Update: Good Ol' Freda

Posted by Tripod Media (Creator)

Greetings To Our Kickstarter Backers,

I'd like to give you an update about progress on the Good Ol' Freda documentary and share our good news!

We spent the entire month of May in Liverpool and London doing a second shoot with Freda and interviewing people who knew her while she was working for The Beatles including Tony Barrow, the Beatles long-time publicist; Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats; and Billy Hatton/Joey Bower from The Fourmost. They told touching and humorous stories about Freda which will be featured in the film. We also spent time researching photos and stock footage of Freda and The Beatles. We're heavy into the editing stage now and hope to have all our licensing in place by the end of the year including photos, film clips, and music. So we're pleased to say we are still on track to finish Good Ol' Freda by early 2013.

However, there is one GOOD thing that could push back our time frame. While in London, we met with Apple Corps to begin negotiations to license Beatles music for our film. If there was ever a film that needs and deserves real Beatles music, it's Good Ol' Freda! We are hopeful this will happen but realize it's a long shot and very expensive. We've done everything Apple asked us to do and now have to wait and see. If Apple approves our request, we'll have additional negotiations with EMI and Sony/ATV which could be lengthy and could affect our completion date.

Here's some more news for you:

1. We're very proud to say Good Ol' Freda has been selected for the prestigious Independent Film Project's (IFP) 'Spotlight on Documentaries' in NYC, which Director Ryan White will attend from September 16-20, 2012. For the past 32 years, Independent Film Week has been a one-of-a-kind event that brings the international filmmaking community to NYC to introduce new voices on the independent scene. The IFP Festival Forum is the leading gathering of international and US film festival programmers and will offer us the opportunity to introduce Good Ol' Freda' to industry, fellow filmmakers, and the movie-going public. You can read all about it here.

2. Good Ol' Freda has also been selected as a finalist for the equally prestigious Women In Film Foundation’s Film Finishing Fund (FFF) which supports films by, for, or about women. Since 1985, the Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in cash and in-kind services to 170 films ensuring that innovative films are completed and seen by audiences worldwide. We are thrilled to be chosen as a finalist! FFF winners will be announced in September 2012.

3. The legendary Beatles Monthly magazine has approved our request to use their photographs in Good Ol' Freda. This is a real kudo for our film since requests rarely are approved. The licensing fees are very expensive but we believe the photos are absolutely vital to several scenes in the film.

4. We showed a sneak preview of the movie trailer at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago during the weekend of August 10-12 and received great feedback on it.

5. Director Ryan White and I were interviewed by Happy Nat of The Beatles Rarity and Fab 4 Radio while in Chicago: interview

Thanks very much to every one of you for your support. Without you, Good Ol' Freda wouldn't be happening. From the beginning, this has been a film made 'for Beatles fans by Beatles fans' and we'd like you to know that every penny raised during our Kickstarter campaign last Fall has been used on film expenses. Ryan and I do not take salaries and we spend every Kickstarter penny to make the film as good as it can be.

We must continue to raise funds to help defray expensive post-production costs such as licensing Beatles music and stock footage so we humbly ask for your help raising additional funds to complete Good Ol' Freda. If you or any one you know would like to make a tax deductible donation to the film, you can do so via We would be very grateful if you could spread the word for us.

We've included some photos taken during filming in Liverpool and at the Chicago Fest. There's Freda with our Kickstarter backers who got the reward 'Lunch With Freda Kelly.' L to R: Jeff Augsburger, Freda Kelly, Mark Alexander, Kathleen Danahy-Clesen, and Beatles artist Eric Cash who donated 13 pieces of his art as Kickstarter rewards. The next photo is of Cinematographer Austin Hargrave, Tony Barrow the Beatles long-time publicist, Corinne Barrow, and Director Ryan White.  Next there's Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats, Producer Kathy McCabe, Austin Hargrave and Ryan White, and then Joey Bower and Billy Hatton of the Fourmost with Kathy McCabe. Finally there's Freda Kelly signing autographs for fans at the Chicago Fest with Associate Producers Bob Becker and Peggy White assisting her.

With our very best wishes and gratitude,

Kathy McCabe/Producer and the entire Good Ol' Freda Team

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