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"Good Ol' Freda" is the untold story of Freda Kelly, the Beatles' trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame.
660 backers pledged $58,000 to help bring this project to life.

You did it!

Posted by Tripod Media (Creator)

A huge THANK YOU to the 572 backers who helped us raise our $50,000 goal - with 2 days to spare! We are truly grateful for all the support our team has gotten from friends, families, colleagues, and (most of all!) Beatles fans worldwide who helped us reach that goal. We now have 48 hours left to raise as much money as possible before our time runs out! The film will undoubtedly cost more than $50,000 to make in the end, so every penny raised will go directly into making Good Ol' Freda an even better film and pay for additional costs such as licensing footage, still photos, and music. Continue to check in for new rewards over the next two days. There are still a few pieces of Eric Cash's artwork available, and Pete Dicks has added a spot on his radio program 'Beatles and Beyond' as a reward (during which you can request every song he plays!) And please encourage other fans to pre-buy the DVD for $25 - we'd prefer to use the money on the front end to make a better film than receive it as profit later on! We'll send an update with final figures this weekend. 

With gratitude,

The Good Ol' Freda Team

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      Shelagh Clegg on

      Congrats on reaching the goal. In answer to your email Nov 1st..yes it is a small world that my husband Brendan should bump into Peggy, I think her name was, at the car wash. Talk about "six degrees of separation".!!!

      I first became connected to the Kickstart campaign as a result of my neighbor , who is a friend of Peggy, she phoned me to askmif it was ok if she emailed me this project. She, my neighbor, new I had grown up in Liverpool during the '60's..and had a connection to The Cavern as a teenager. She had seen the pictures of me, as a sixteen year old, taken with the Beatles, which I had no idea had been taken at the time...but 40 years later, these pics turn up in two coffee table books of the was called "The Beatles..A Celebraton - 30th Anniversay" by Geoffrey Giuliano. The seond book was the Beatles own "Anthology "

      Both sets of pictures were taken the same night...I think around November. 1961 at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton. I was there with a boy who played drums for one of the other bands that night, Trevor Morais with Faron's Flamingoes..he was a good friend and had asked me to go that night. The pics were taken backstage at the Tower Ballroom when all the bands were getting their acts ts together. In fact, I swear I remember Brian Epstein coming in that night, he stood out like a sore thumb as he was smartly dressed in business suit,and had similar colleagues in tow! Anyway, that's my connection to the project. Really looking forward to going down memory lane with Freda !..what great times they were, looking back. Have great memories of all sessions at the Cavern...lunchtime, nighttime. Probably went pretty much most weekends from about 1961 through to maybe around late '62...then 'graduated' to a place called Hope Hall. Actually worked as a bar maid at Hope Hall for about 6 months or so...every bit helped.! Was still in school at the time, though turned 18 years, legalndrinking age in UK!

      Back to the Cavern days...I was writing to someone a while ago who had asked me about the Cavern in those days. Well, looking back, I told them...the place was actually a Fire Trap! far as I remember ther was only one way in and out! was always jam-packed...hotter than hell fact so hot, the condensation drippedmoff the always came out dripping!...but, we didn't care, we were having such a great time. My memories are quite vivid ...Big Paddy at the top of the steps, checking membership cards, down the steps, Bob Wooller was often at the table where you checked in again. Cloakroom down the right alley, ladies room to the left at the back, next to the snack booze of course...but you sometimes see a bottle of "plonk" (cheapnwine) around. By today's all seemed so innocent ...but boy did we have a good time. Anyway, I've prattled on a bit here...but, again, congrats on achieving your goal. Look forward to the documentary....will keep in touch and check on progress.
      All the best,
      Shelagh Clegg

    2. Michael Kesterson on

      Great job everybody! Now go make an amazing film!

    3. Missing avatar

      Mary Lu Hartley on

      Congratulations and yahooo. Can't wait for the premier.

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      Eileen D'Angelo on

      This is such good news. I am SO looking forward to this film!

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      Angela Davidson on

      Congratulations, I finally remembered to donate! Can't wait to see the film!

    6. Denyse on

      Very Well Done!! How lucky you all are to be enabled to work on such a fabulous project. May everything go smoothly and enjoyably x