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"Good Ol' Freda" is the untold story of Freda Kelly, the Beatles' trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame.
660 backers pledged $58,000 to help bring this project to life.

300 Beatle Fans x $100 Donation Each = Total Funding for 'Good Ol' Freda'

Posted by Tripod Media (Creator)
Hello Beatle People and Good Ol' Freda Supporters,

Just think about this for a minute:   "If 300 Beatle fans throughout the world pledged $100 apiece today, 'Good Ol' Freda' would be totally funded.   Now there's some food for thought! Share it with your friends.....go ahead....right's a simple but powerful thought!

We've got lots of good news to report but before I get to that, everyone on Team Freda would like to express our humble gratitude to our 225 amazing backers who have pledged $23,300 and funded 46% of our Kickstarter goal!  We are truly amazed and grateful for your support of and confidence in our film. 

Our primary goal this week is to fill our remaining rewards for on the film as Associate Producer, Co-Producer, and Executive Producer.  These reward roles are very important to the success of our fundraising campaign and we sincerely hope you'll consider one of those positions yourself or pass on this info to friends and Beatles fans you think might be interested. We really need to fill these positions soon....this week if possible. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Producer title on a movie related to The Beatles?

Tony Barrow, yes THE Tony Barrow, The Beatles Press Officer, said this about Freda: "I'm very happy to hear about your film project with Freda.  She's one of the few "backroom boys" who hasn't received the recognition she deserves for the hard work she put in on behalf of The Fab Four in early Liverpool days."  You may not realize it was Tony's idea for The Beatles to do their annual Christmas Records to their fan club members.....and the title of this film'Good Ol' Freda' comes from the line The Beatles shouted out to her on their 1963 Christmas Record!   So thank you very much indeed, Tony! Without you we'd probably still be looking for a title for this film!

And one of our very own 225 backers, Darryl Price (a Poet no less!!!) also said it well:  "I have often said and thought that Freda Kelly must be one of the most important people on the planet. She was the number one eye-witness. The only one who can put the various threads together and present the actual truth to the world. This is an important project." 

For all you serious Beatles collectors out there, have a look at the reward item for the very rare ORIGINAL poster from The Beatles performance at The Heswall Jazz Club on March 24, 1962 at Barnston Women's Institute from Freda's private collection complete with authentication from her.  It's been in Freda's personal scrapbook for nearly 50 years.  She's also throwing in some surprises from her personal photo collection!   All great items for the serious Beatles collector.

We're grateful to our friends, Hugh and Barbara Cassidy, Eva Cassidy's parents, for their wonderful donation this week.   They are big fans of Freda, and Ryan's films and of course we are big fans of Eva's music.

We've had more than a little help from our friends this week .   Famed Beatle author Jude Southerland Kessler added a Kickstarter reward for one lucky backer:  signed and numbered copies of her two amazing books about John Lennon titled 'Shoulda Been There' and Shivering Inside'  and the #99 signed and numbered first edition copies of all 7 upcoming books - 'She Loves You (Vol. 3) through 'Shine On' (Vol. 9).    She's also including a signed and numbered poster of the 'Shivering Inside' cover....the very last copy left of this poster and a signed and numbered copy of the famous 'Doors of Liverpool' poster!   We're very grateful to Jude for her wonderful gift.  In her free time(!!!!), she also blasted a major campaign called 'Every One Give One' to Beatles Fans all over the world encouraging them to make a donation to 'Good Ol' Freda.'   Whew!

And Judith Kristen another famed Beatle author, has been hard at work setting up Freda's interviews.  There's one on Sunday at 11 am with Glenn Calderone and and co-host Lucy Diamond on Beatles Across the Universe broadcast from Long Island NY.  And two more next week: Cha Chi LoPrete's Breakfast With The Beatles program on WZLX/98.5 Boston's Classic Rock Station and with Scott Acton on his 'Things We Said Today/The Beatles Hour' on WNTI-FM/91.9 Public Radio from Centenary College in NJ.  In between setting up Freda's interviews, Judy has been hard at work on the details of having 'A Date With A Beatle' published in German in November 2011, in Spanish in February 2012, and in both French and Dutch in the summer of 2012.   Not sure how she's finding time to work with Freda too!

Here's a big Team Freda thank you to Tom Aguiar for including info about 'Good Ol' Freda' on his Octopus's Garden' website and Mike Lebowitz did us the same favor on his 'Moondog Beatles & You' site.  Thank you lads!

Beatle Journalist Shelley Germeaux is working on yet another article for The Beatles Examiner and she'll be interviewing 'Good Ol' Freda' Director Ryan White and discussing the various producer positions that are open.  Here are some links for you to articles from this week.

I've included a couple photos for you:  one is of Jude Southerland Kessler, Freda, Beatle Ed Raineri, and Judith Kristen at the Metro NY Fest for Beatle Fans in March 2011 and the other is of Ringo, Freda and George during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour. Enjoy!

We'd like to thank all of you!  We're glad to have you on Team Freda.   And that you're on the team...let's go round up those 300 Beatle Fans and make our Kickstarter funding goal this week!  Ready!!! Steady!!! Go!!!!

Kathy McCabe
Producer/'Good Ol' Freda'

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