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Update #2

Project Delayed....


With one hour to go, it looks as if we are far from reaching our goal...

We passionately believe in this project and rest assured we have been at the drawing board making a few changes to the project scope and goal so it can be accomplished. The development of our organizations successful Immersive Technology Summit unfortunately conflicted with the time we wanted to spend on Create The Matrix, so we apologize for letting down all our backers in the process. We are however working on bringing in more outside sponsors and support for this project to ensure its success.

Again we want to say thank you very very much to all our backers of this project and the supportive messages and comments we received. We know you are as passionate as we are to see Create The Matrix succeed and experience something revolutionary. Your supportive gestures are inspirational for us to continue on with this project and achieve our goal. We know when the time is right we will succeed. Please stay tuned in for our updates and the relaunching of Create The Matrix Kickstarter project!

Also please feel free to reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you!

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    Thank you for your support! We will personally contact you to express our gratitude and recognize you as a kickstarter supporter on our website.

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    Keep your display streak free with our limited edition ImTech microfiber cleaning cloth. They are made of high quality microfiber that you can use for your glasses, phones, monitors, etc!

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    A unique ImTech t-shirt in addition to everything in prior tiers! +bonus good karma :)

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    How about some one on one time with the virtual world simulation system. Get an hour of mind blowing immersive experience, and we'll throw in the t-shirt, micro-fiber cloth, and personal gratitude!

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    A free pass to the next annual Immersive Technology Summit where you can personally experience this immersive sensation, hear amazing speakers, and interact with other cool technology. Since you've been so generous, we'll also throw in the goodies from the prior tiers too!

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    You'll be invited to a private dinner party in honor of cool people like you! Meet with other kickstarter supporters, ImTech founders and perhaps a few influential members of the immerisve technology community.

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    Incredible! We appreciate your support and recognize you've made a major contribution to the growth of immersive technology, as such you've earned lifetime access to immersive technology annual summits!

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    Its impossible to express our gratitude but we will pull out all the stops for you, a special private tour arrangement of the UCSB allosphere, the ultimate visual dome experience! Did we mention all rewards will be compounding so you get everything else in the tiers below it too!

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