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$35,050 pledged of $650,000 goal

Character Creation & Customization

Over the next 2 weeks we will bring you a series of posts about certain aspects or features of Grimlands to providing additional information. We start off right at the beginning with the character creation:

On first sight the character customization when creating a character might look a bit limited. You name your character and select its gender. You can choose between few haircuts, facial hair, select one of the few colors for hair, skin and eyes. You can also define the character’s body shape using a simple triangle control element. Additionally you can use a slider to define the age of your character that alters your character’s appearance away from the smooth skin look of a 20-ish year old.

While creating your character you can preview it with some sets of gear to see how it will look clothed and you can of course randomize all settings. You can lock certain settings to exclude them from the randomization, too.

Quite simple and easy allowing you to get into the game without spending hours making though choices on how your character will look. 

That’s all fine and dandy for a shooter, but in a proper MMORPG gamers expect to customize their character’s appearance well beyond what Grimlands offered during character creation. This is where our character customization comes into play and is available once you are already in the game. It offers a lot more choices when it comes to hairstyles and colors are not picked from a small selection of few colors anymore, but you have a full color wheel at your disposal. 

The in-game character customization really allows you to go all out with more than 30 settings to define all the facial details like position or width of the chin, length, width, size and rotation of the nose, etc. – you get the idea. And yes, breast size of female characters can be altered, too…


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    1. Missing avatar

      Harrison Salzman on April 12, 2013

      Who cares about breast size? What I'm hoping is that the face selection really lets you make a character look unique - more racial-type variation than the "Male with light skin", "Male with dark skin", and "Male possibly-Asian" face options I've been seeing in far too many MMOs.

    2. Marcin Czaplicki on April 11, 2013

      Playing with female breasts? I'm seriously considering rising my pledge :)

      Distracting an enemy is the key to victory. :)