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$35,050 pledged of $650,000 goal
By DRAGO entertainment
$35,050 pledged of $650,000 goal

Premium Accounts: Subscription vs. Free to Play

Hello everyone! In our first 24h we have been talking a lot with you in comments and messages (keep that enthusiasm up and keep asking and commenting!). While we are prepping a FAQ we received a lot of feedback on premium accounts with subscription versus free-to-play and took some time to look into some very good suggestions.

First some explanations: Grimlands was first developed as a Free to Play game with a fair business model. Nobody can buy himself to the top, but only save time (remember: all items are made by players!). However we recognize those of you who still dislike item sales and that's why we have promised to make what we call a "Hardcore Subscription server" which has no item shop. This one is exclusively for backers over 5USD on Kickstarter. They can play as long as they have a premium account (at 9,99USD) - it works just like good old WoW.

However, premium accounts will allow you to play on any server you want and the benefits will not be bound to a specific server, but to the account itself. This means that when you play with a premium account on a free-to-play server, you also get awesome benefits (apart from the subscription server access):
•    You receive every month a selection of 30 day boosters (for XP, loot and other gains)
•    You receive every month a selection of healing potions and other useful items
•    You receive extended storage space for all your goods
•    You also receive some item shop currency every month
So the choice is yours – regardless if you play Free to Play or Subscription, you’ll be rewarded if you back us!

 Lastly, as mentioned above, we have listened to your feedback and are increasing the free premium months with the reward tiers:
•    The Starter Pack and Founder Pack will include 3 months of premium account (before: 1 month)
•    The Hardcore Player will receive 6 months of premium account (before: 3 months)
•    Black Humvee will include 12 months of premium account (before: 6 months)
•    The One will receive 24 months of premium account (before: 12 months)

 PS: Unfortunately we cannot update the rewards, but the list above counts!


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    1. DRAGO entertainment Creator on April 10, 2013

      We will provide a character transfer option that will allow you to move a character between servers.

    2. fantomas on April 9, 2013

      If I'm playing on the "Hardcore Subscription server" & I don't renew my subscription but wish to continue playing, would I have to create a char from scratch or is there some mechanism to move my char?

    3. chad wells on April 9, 2013

      Really appreciate reward upgrade. I was pleased with my pledge before hand, even happier about it now. Good luck