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Fight your way through unknown worlds, find loot, and save an alien species in this Sci-Fi Action RPG on mobile and desktop. Read more

pledged of $60,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 15, 2013.

Fight your way through unknown worlds, find loot, and save an alien species in this Sci-Fi Action RPG on mobile and desktop.

About this project

Support us on Steam Greenlight!

We have put together a playable mission from Unsworn to debut along with this Kickstarter program. It's a pre-alpha demo, but it showcases our vision for the game and will give everyone a chance to see what the final game will be like.

PC :

Mac  :
(We will be adding Xbox 360 controller support for Windows and Mac soon!)

Android :
(Follow this guide for sideloading android .apk files: )

Ouya Demo : Coming Soon

(Unfortunately it is impossible for us to distribute a demo for iOS right now, however the game is virtually the same between all platforms)

Note from the developer (Chris Mele) - It was extremely important to me that I have a playable demo for you, our backers, to try for yourself.  Concept art and high level gameplay ideas are important, but creating this demo shows that we can and will deliver if this campaign is successful.  So try it out, let us know what you think in the comments section.  The game is still in the pre-alpha prototyping stage, so there are going to be bugs and incomplete features, but your feedback is invaluable to us and can help shape the final game.

Earth's resources are nearing depletion, so mankind sets out to find a second home. The colonists eventually reach a planet called Kinon, a remote world rich in raw materials. Upon establishing the first settlements the humans make a surprising discovery: a race of intelligent aliens, the Kitos, inhabit this world. The humans establish a shaky trust with the technophobic natives, but as mining efforts become more brutal, that trust erodes to suspicion, suspicion to anger, and anger to war.

Planet Kinon - A lush planet abundant with jungles, and natural resources.
Planet Kinon - A lush planet abundant with jungles, and natural resources.

Playing as a member of the Omadas Collective, a loose group of mercenaries that exists in the gray area between the humans and aliens, Unsworn threads players through a web of subterfuge that has been growing for decades. Both human and Kitos soldiers are your enemy, and every mission you accept places you in extreme danger. As the story progresses you'll doubt your allies and question the actions made by both the humans and the aliens. Allegiances shift, hidden factions are uncovered, and new partnerships are forged, all while the ancient secrets of Kinon loom over the horizon.

Unsworn draws inspiration from games like Diablo, Torchlight and Borderlands to create an RPG that focuses on intense battles, looting, and meaningful story missions. It's not just a run and gun role playing game, it's a tactical experience that's as much about combat as it is exploring a fully-realized sci-fi environment.

Unsworn has been a work in progress since early 2013. It started with a few ideas and some concept art, but over time it's grown into an intricate isometric RPG that plays with the balance of action, tactics, story-driven gameplay and character advancement. It's the multiplatform RPG we've always wanted to play, and we're excited to finally introduce it to the world!

Born in the new colonies and has never known life without the Earth-Kinon war. He joined RCON's forces as a medic, serving for years with teams who led attacks against the Kitos. His position often put him on the front lines where he witnessed both human and Kitos soldiers commit hateful acts towards each other on a daily basis. Bitter and withdrawn after his service ended, Dravis was the perfect candidate to join the OMC as a hired operative.

The main character Dravis and Sara.
The main character Dravis and Sara.

Highly intelligent and skilled with all things technological, Sara serves as Dravis' commander within the Omadas Collective. She has been a member of the OMC for most of her life, working her way up the ranks by staying loyal to those in power and knowing when not to ask questions. She's stubborn and arrogant, but she can always back up her opinions with ample amounts of knowhow.

An unusual member of the Kitos, standing half a meter taller than his kin and exhibiting rare physical and mental characteristics unheard of since ancient times. Trakt thinks first and acts later, never rushing into situations unless he's sure he knows the best course of action. He rarely communicates this knowledge with those around him, creating tense situations that keep his companions on alert.

Kitos concept.
Kitos concept.

The natives of Kinon, a species of intelligent, superstitious people who have lived on the planet for thousands of years. Long ago, a mysterious disaster struck their home world, destroying much of their civilization and embedding a deep fear of technology in their legends. They survive in disparate tribes now, fighting to retain their freedom as the humans spread destructive mining operations across the planet.

Reformed Colonial Nations (RCON)
Created to govern the new human settlements and provide a stable organizing structure during the long journey from Earth. They control social programs, the military, planetary mining operations, and dozens of other key ventures, all designed to make life easier on the colonists. Corporate mining interests have slowly eroded the foundations of RCON, creating avenues ripe for corruption, betrayal, secrecy and greed. The Kitos are often the victims of this malfeasance.

RCON soldier concept.
RCON soldier concept.

Omadas Collective (OMC) A loose coalition of mercenaries and former military personnel. Made up of both humans and Kitos, OMC operates largely in secret, running operations that cut supply chains feeding both sides of the war, taking their fair share of materials in the process. OMC's official mission is one of long term conflict resolution, but the amount and type of intel they have collected suggests another interest could be driving the group's actions.

True Multi-Platform Gaming

Unsworn was designed from the start with multi-platform gaming in mind.  Every design decision has been carefully made considering how it will affect all platforms that the game will be on.  The game will be available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Ouya on launch. Cloud support allows players to save/resume games no matter which device they're on.  Playing at home and want to take your game on the go?  No problem, your game will be available from the last checkpoint you reached, along with all of your loot!

(Developer note about Linux support)  Currently the game has been developed in Unity 3.5.  Linux support for Unity has been added as of Unity 4, however we require new licenses for this to be possible.  Therefore we have added Linux support as an early stretch goal.

Additional platforms - We would love to support every platform possible.  We feel that Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox support would be great, however right now we cannot guarantee that we can support them.  Depending on your support we may be able to talk with Sony, and Microsoft about getting Unsworn on these platforms.

Story Driven Gameplay

A detailed main story arc draws from a rich history created for the game. Main missions deal with events that highlight the unstable nature of the human colonists and the native aliens, placing players between the two factions as power slides back and forth. Side missions include plots that focus on greedy corporate leaders, corrupt governmental practices, rebellious Kitos factions, native citizens' struggles, and the extensive history of the planet and its many ancient mysteries.

Tactical Gameplay

Enemies in Unsworn are more than just bullet cushions. They will be able to call for reinforcements, use special abilities, team up to flank you, and take cover behind objects in the environment. You'll have to think tactically and use your character's skills to outsmart the AI.

Weapons and Loot

Everyone knows we all continue to play action RPGs for the loot, and this game is no different.  Find hundreds of different weapons and items ranging from common pistols to legendary rifles.

Class Specializations - Each class will have weapons which they specialize in and receive stat boosts for using.   Soldiers specialize in medium range rifles, Snipers specialize in long range rifles / pistols, and Tanks specialize in heavy weaponry.  

Damage Specializations - Rarer weapons can deal specialized damage such as shock, incendiary, poison and more.

Class Specific Items - Find and equip new items, armor and modules for your characters.  Armor types are tied to a class type, Soldiers can only equip armor designed for a soldier class, Tanks can only equip armor designed for tanks and so on. 

Support Bots

These little helpers provide offensive and defensive support in combat, stunning enemies, bumping up your armor rating, creating shields and cloaks, increasing the amount of damage you deal, and much more.  You will be able to customize and upgrade your support bot throughout the game.


Interior of a RCON mining facility located on Kinon.
Interior of a RCON mining facility located on Kinon.

Five unique environments to fight through. Each one is stocked with sprawling dungeon-like levels, vast exteriors and cities you can wander around in for hours. Plenty of loot to search for, and there's no shortage of enemies to fight. 

Helias - Kinon's smallest moon with a fast, close orbit. Highly unstable surface with much volcanic activity.
Helias - Kinon's smallest moon with a fast, close orbit. Highly unstable surface with much volcanic activity.

Epic Boss Encounters

Multiple epic boss battles. Because we like fighting massive enemies as much as you do.

Concept for the first boss mech.
Concept for the first boss mech.
Rendering of the boss mech.  (Finish the demo to fight it!)
Rendering of the boss mech. (Finish the demo to fight it!)

Multiple Playthroughs

The game isn't over once you have completed the story.  Unlock new difficulty levels and continue your adventure. Enemies get more difficult, the loot gets better, and the boss battles are tougher. The game will be approximately 8-10 hours long each playthrough.

Voice Acting

We don't like to read our games, and we have a feeling you don't either.  With your support we will be able to pay voice actors to bring this game to life further.   All main missions of the game will feature voice acting for the characters involved. (Side missions, vendors, and extra interactions may not feature voice acting).

What would an RPG be without different classes for your hero?  Unsworn will ship with 3 main classes (or more with stretch goals).  Each class represents a different style of gameplay, with unique weapons, armor and skill sets. 

The Soldier

Armor variation concepts for the Soldier class.
Armor variation concepts for the Soldier class.

A balanced class that focuses on mid-range weapons and standard armor. Speed and agility are his allies, giving him the ability to avoid enemy fire or face them head-on. (The current class playable in the demo.  Try him out for yourself!)

Renders of multiple Soldier class armor sets.
Renders of multiple Soldier class armor sets.

The Tank

A powerful class that utilizes heavy armor and a specialized range of weapons. That power comes at the expense of speed, taking away dodging abilities but allowing the player to absorb lots of damage.

Early concept of the Tank class.
Early concept of the Tank class.

The Sniper

A lightweight class that focuses on stealth. The sniper uses long-range weaponry to pick off foes from a distance. He can also sneak past enemies and kill them without alerting nearby soldiers.  His abilities will include stealth skills such as cloaking, weapon sound suppression and setting traps to keep enemies at bay.

Early concept of the sniper class.
Early concept of the sniper class.

Kickstarter gives us the ability to go straight to the players. We have a detailed plan for Unsworn and don't want to compromise those ideas in any way. Publishers often push features that look good in marketing copy or have high monetization value (freemium purchases, for example), but instead of creating a game that's light on content and rushed out the door, we want to focus on a sprawling adventure with a great story and tons of content. We believe there are a lot more players out there who will enjoy Unsworn as much as we do!

Note from the developer (Chris Mele):
I came up with the idea for Unsworn about 2 years ago after releasing my second game.  I wanted to bring the action rpg genre out of the fantasy world and into a sci-fi universe. However personally funding a project like this has never been something I could afford, so for over a year this game has been nothing more than ideas, concepts and design docs.  Kickstarter has presented an opportunity make this project a reality.  I believe in this project so much that I've invested every dollar I could into creating this demo and campaign to help bring this game to life.  With your help this dream project can become a reality!

Current Status / Progress

So, how far along is Unsworn? The game is currently in the prototyping/pre-alpha stage, but we can't name a firm percentage because, honestly, we aren't sure. We're working on a style and feel for the game as well as solidifying gameplay elements and story structure. We have a plan in place if this campaign meets the minimum required funding, and if stretch goals are met the scale of the game will increase dramatically.

Why $60,000?

Video games are expensive to make, and RPGs are even more expensive. The team working on Unsworn is committed to making bringing this game to fruition. We believe $60,000 is the minimum amount of funding required to finish the game we have envisioned. Chris Mele, the developer and creator, has been and will continue to work on this project without being paid. However, we can't all work like this. The entirety of the minimum budget (minus fees) will be used to pay the artists working on creating assets for the game, and any amount past the minimum funding will go towards creating more content and expanding the scope of the game.

Where is the money going?

Curious to know where exactly all the money is going?  Take a look at the following graph and you can see how we have allocated the minimum amount of money needed to make the game.

Chris Mele (Creator/Director/Programmer)

Lead developer and project creator. Long-time gamer and indie game supporter. He has worked and supported himself creating games for iOS for the past four years.

Nathan Gregory (3D Artist)

Nate Gregory is a young Environment Artist living in Seattle with his beautiful wife. He's worked at 343 Industries on Halo 4 as well as Gas Powered Games on Age of Empires: Online and The Wildman. A man with a passion for art, science and everything else that makes life great. He has never turned down a board game in his life and has saved Princess Zelda more times than he cares to admit.

John Yip (3D/2D/Concept Artist)

John's strong passion for working in all different types of games and films has led him to be more versatile, and with a traditional 2D animation, 3D and visual effects background, he is a very well rounded artist. He is a self-motivated and hard working artist with strong interests across all types of art- from traditional and digital painting and sculpting, to 3D modeling and visual effects, are just a few of the skills he has. He started his career at Electronic Arts, working on their latest seven AAA Title, "Need For Speed Franchise" as a Front End Artist, Texture Artist, Matte Painter, as well as a 3D Artist. Currently John is a working as a freelance concept artist and production artist for games and film treatments for his global clients.

DP Kaufman (Music)

 Composer and Sound Designer Doug Kaufman specializes in blending filmic soundtracks with unique and cutting-edge elements. His scores have been used by SyFy, MTV, and NBC. He has released two ambient/IDM albums, "As the Ruin Falls" and "Lullabies for the Apocalypse" under the name D.P.Kaufman.

Mike Barta (Animator)

Mike Barta is a young professional animator and rigger with experience in cinema and games. He is classically trained with a specialty in 3d animation, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation and further training from Animation Mentor. Born and raised in the great state of Montana, he currently resides in Seattle, WA pursuing his career in CG Animation.

Saul Espinosa (Concept Art)
Saul Espinosa graduated with a bachelor's degree from Otis College of Art and Design majoring in Illustration and Concept Design.  After graduating in 2009 he began working freelance in the games and entertainment industry.  He has worked in a wide array of projects from stage design for Kylie Minogue and Jay-Z to traditional table top Role Playing Games, Matte Paintings for music videos and even architectural pre-visualization.

John Bardinelli (Story / Writing)

John Bardinelli is a writer and editor who has been working with video games for almost a decade. When he's not shoulder-deep in a writing project, he's either reading or hunting for interesting new games to try. When the indie gaming scene started to grow, he turned his love of fiction writing to interactive entertainment, penning scripts for several RPGs, creating dialogue and story missions for half a dozen other games, and working with indie developers to refine storytelling and narration techniques.

One thing you may notice is that we have no physical rewards, like t-shirts, books, posters, or even boxed copies of the game.   Every dollar you pledge is going to creating the best game possible, and we feel that physical rewards would only detract from the final quality of the game.  Some of the higher tiered rewards will allow you to become part of the game by having a character named after you, helping us design items, or even becoming the boss.  We feel that these creative rewards will add to the overall quality of the game, while allowing you to be directly involved with its production.

The Game

You will receive a DRM-free digital copy of the final game on the platform of your choice (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Ouya).

Exclusive Missions - Every digital copy for Kickstarter backers will receive exclusive "Kickstarter Only" missions in the game.  You will be given a code to enter in the menus which will unlock these extra missions.

Backer only forum - Every Kickstarter backer will receive access to a private forum where you can provide feedback to updates, offer suggestions and take part in discussions about potential features in the game.

Note for Android:Currently the game has only been tested on the Nexus 7 (pre-2013 model) and a couple of newer phones such as the Galaxy S3.  Due to androids wide range of devices we cannot guarantee support for every device.  Please try the demo listed above to test performance for yourself.  If you are having any troubles getting it to work on your device please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Note for iOS:
Requirements: iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and newer, and iPod Touch 5th Generation or newer.  Due to the intensive requirements of this game we will not be supporting older iOS devices than what is listed here.

Due to requirements by Apple, the iOS version must use Apples App Store DRM.  If you choose iOS as a platform you will be gifted the app through iTunes.

Double Down

Receive 2 DRM-free digital copies of the final game on the platforms of your choice.  Please refer to the previous reward for any limitations.

Beta Access & Extended Digital Soundtrack

Receive an invitation to participate in our closed beta test for the game.  The beta test will be available for play until our final release of the game.  We will also make our best efforts to allow your progress in the game to continue into the final version via cloud saves.

Receive the DRM-free digital soundtrack for the game composed by D.P.Kaufman.

Early Alpha Access

Receive an invite to play the early alpha version of the game.  The alpha will feature multiple sections of the story for you to play through.  Help us shape future content and design choices by sharing your thoughts and opinions on our private alpha message board.  You will also get your name in the credits as a tester.

Unique Support Bot

Receive a unique Kickstarter Only support bot in the game.  You will be sent a special promo code that will allow you to unlock the support bot during the game. 

You're in the Game!

You will be immortalized in the game by having an NPC named after yourself.  We're not sure who the NPC will be yet, but they will have atleast a couple of lines of dialog and possibly some interactive content.

Armor Designer

You will get to help us design and name an entire armor set for a character class of your choice.  A concept artist will take your description and flesh out a design that will then be made into multiple pieces of armor that can be found in the game.  There are some limitations to your design, it will need to fit in with the general style of the game and not be completely outrageous (Sorry no bear costumes or other wacky things).

Weapon Designer

You will get to help us design and name a style of weapon for the game.  This isn't just designing a single weapon, you get to help us create an array of weapons all following a specific style or look.  You will work with a concept artist to create your style, then it will be fleshed out into multiple weapons following that initial stylization.  Then those weapons will be modeled out and can be found in the game.

Design a Character

You will help us design a major character in the game.  The concept artist will either use your looks or a description of a character that you choose, that will then be included in the game.  Your character will have dialog, interactions, and may even be featured in battles, and cut-scenes throughout the game. 

Be The Boss

Just like the previous reward, you will get to have a character designed after yourself or a description you choose, but this character will be the main villain in the game.  That means your character will have a major influence on the storyline of the game, feature a lot of dialog, and you may even be able to fight him in the end.

Risks and challenges

Creating a game of this scope is a difficult and expensive task. RPGs need to be tested extensively to ensure everything is properly balanced. Certain features have been put on hold or removed for the initial release, such as co-op multiplayer and a crafting system. Both are great things to have (and possible with stretch goals) but not feasible for the initial budget. We're focusing on the core first and will expand given the time and funding. Everyone who pledges enough for early alpha access will have the chance to help shape the game for release by testing and providing early feedback, which is essential.

Our team is already in place, and our lead designer has been working on the game for six months, planning and programming and refining to ensure the rest of the development cycle will be as smooth as possible. All of our artists work remotely, cutting production costs so the funds can be applied to creating new assets for the game. A successful Kickstarter campaign will allow the team to devote their energy to making Unsworn exactly the game it should be.

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    EARLY SUPPORTER - Receive a DRM-free digital copy of the finished game on platform of your choice (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Ouya) + Access to backers-only forum to discuss the game, features and provide feedback + Exclusive Kickstarter Only Missions!

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    THE GAME - Receive a DRM-free digital copy of the finished game on platform of your choice (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Ouya) + Access to backers-only forum to discuss the game, features and provide feedback + Exclusive Kickstarter Only Missions!

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    DOUBLE DOWN - Receive 2 DRM-free digital copies of the finished game on platforms of your choice (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Ouya) + Access to backers-only forum to discuss the game, features and provide feedback + Exclusive Kickstarter Only Missions!

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    BETA ACCESS AND EXTENDED DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK - - - Get to play the game early in our closed beta test on the platform of your choice - - - Receive the complete DRM-free soundtrack for the game composed by D.P. Kaufman - - - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS INCLUDED.

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    EARLY ALPHA ACCESS - - - Help us shape the game early on by gaining access to the Alpha releases of the game. You will also get your name in the credits! - - - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS INCLUDED.

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    UNIQUE SUPPORT BOT - - - Receive a custom Kickstarter Backer Only 'Support Bot' to aide you in battle. - - - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS INCLUDED.

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    YOU'RE IN THE GAME! - - - Be immortalized forever by having an in game NPC named after you. - - - ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS INCLUDED.

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    ARMOR DESIGNER - - - Help us design and name an armor set for the class of your choice. Your armor design will be used to create multiple armor pieces that can be found and used by anyone in the game. - - - ALL REWARDS FROM $65 TEIR AND BELOW INCLUDED

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    $500 reward

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    WEAPON DESIGNER - - - Help us design and name a style of weapon for the game. Your weapon design will be used to create multiple items that can be found and used by anyone in the game. - - - ALL REWARDS FROM $65 TEIR AND BELOW INCLUDED

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    DESIGN A CHARACTER - - - The character artist will design a major character from the story after your likeness or from description you choose. The character will have dialog in the game and may even be featured in battles throughout the story - - - ALL REWARDS FROM $65 TEIR AND BELOW INCLUDED

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    BE THE BOSS - - - The ultimate reward! Have you ever wanted to be the villain in a video game? Well now is your chance. The character artist will design the main villain after your likeness or from a description you choose. - - - ALL REWARDS FROM $65 TEIR AND BELOW INCLUDED

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