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Spoils of War™ is more than a real-time strategy or first-person shooter game. It’s the innovative merger of both genres!

Spoils of War™ is more than a real-time strategy or first-person shooter game. It’s the innovative merger of both genres! Read More
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Introducing Spoils of War ! 

Until now, most online games provided either a Real-Time Strategy or a First-Person Shooter experience. But now, with Spoils of War™ you get the innovative merger of both genres in a fun and original gaming experience. It’s a compelling new game that will have you and your friends coming back for more.

From RTS mode, you build a mechanized army, air defenses, infantry and support units. Deploying these forces and creating a strategy is as simple as clicking a mouse. When you want to control these same units, you simply toggle into FPS mode to enjoy the thrill of a first person shooter. But don’t confuse ease of use and simplicity with power. For as you gain experience, you’ll unlock new features, units, structures and command larger forces including other first-person players. This combination of FPS, RTS and multiplayer capabilities allows you to game as never before.

Click on the Image below to See in Game Footage!

Spoils of War In-Game Video
Spoils of War In-Game Video

Enjoy an early playable preview of the game!!

For everyone to get a taste of the game, please visit the link below and download a free copy of the single player beta! We promise no ad-ware, no commitments, no junk e-mails… just a whole lot of fun! ... to entice you to make pledge.

Use the following link and password information to complete the the Download. Please note as updates are made to the game you will utilize this same link and password in order to download.

User Name:  spoils01
Password: (R@enGF$P4lm

It's not perfect yet, but with your feedback it will be. This single player beta will allow you to provide feedback directly in-game and will be shared instantly with our development team. As a participant in our single player beta, you will also enjoy new maps, weapons and features as they become available.

Real Time Strategy View
Real Time Strategy View
Control a Heavy Mech in First Person Shooter View
Control a Heavy Mech in First Person Shooter View

Story Line

There the two leaders stood, unintentional, yet more than willing participants in the seismic ‘game’ the galaxies had so intricately engineered. Each burdened with a race’s very survival… Each driven to a point of having nothing left to lose… Each with a very different perspective about the still smoldering craft just off in the distance... This day, one elite force would meet its match. An unmistakable battle cry pierces the air. The Spoils of War is upon us – and most definitely mercy will be denied.


Be one of four Battlefield Commanders and determine your team’s strategy, build structures and weapons, manage resources and provide instant instruction via chat. Or be one of twelve first person characters, skillfully following your commander’s instructions to help your team to victory.

The engine designed for Spoils of War (TM) uniquely combines Real-Time Strategy with First Person Shooter to deliver speed, incredible 3D rendering, community and scale in a high contrast alien environment. 

Explore a diverse world of intense lighting, sound and perspective.

Create over 50 unique structures and units. Wreak havoc by controlling deadly beast, manning heavy artillery, commandeering vehicles, or using special powers. Like the Reaper:

Ematrant Reapers Ready for Attack

The Reaper Originally classified as a mistake by scientists, then eventually the product of a hastily completed genetic experiment in preparation for the imminent war – The Reaper was developed to solely to render useless the Humans’ protective armor. As the inability to penetrate armor had been deemed the biggest problem for the Ematrants in the initial eradication of Humans from the planet – at all costs, a solution was needed. The Reaper is an enormous, muscular, intimidating (to allies and foe) living instrument of war. Given limited mental capacity and a bad attitude, from a following military directives perspective, they are not the easiest forces to control. While their massive size and supreme strength would seem destructive powers enough (given the circumstances) – they also possess a directional sonic roar loud and potent enough to utterly annihilate virtually anything in its path. The Reaper can attack by land and by sea – and will automatically attack any enemy that unthinkingly enters his attack range. When selected by the Battlefield Commander, The Reaper will attack First-Person Characters. 

(or) take control of your air defenses as a human commander utlizing the deadly air-ground infantry units.

Human Air Ground Infantry on the Guard

Air/Ground Infantry Unit

Developed originally in as an experimental collaboration by the most gifted scientific and military minds, these mutant, Ematrant-like, living weapons possess one single, solitary purpose in life… the obliteration of Humans. At their disposal are ground to air weapons which fire menacing lasers pulses with the deadliest of intentions. The Air/Ground Infantry Unit was developed without a conscious… without a care for right or wrong. The Air/Ground Infantry Unit knows nothing about the plague, Ematrant lives lost, the circumstances of previous battles with the Humans, or the merits of either side in the war to come. And if an Air/Ground Infantry Unit did know any of these things, if would matter – because he certainly wouldn’t care. The Air/Ground Infantry Unit cares about one thing… death for the next Human foolish enough to be caught in his path. This is the mission for which the Air/Ground Infantry Unit was created. Now all that is left is for the unsuspecting Humans to come…

If this next guy looks dangerous .... that's cause he is....

Ematrant Battlefield Commander

There has never been, and likely will never be, a mission so critical as this. Never has a call to arms been so dire – yet so monumental and empowering. Simply put, the tomorrow’s tomorrows… the future of loved ones… the very survival of the Ematrant species lies primarily in how masterful, tactical, insightful and dominating the Battlefield Commanders are equipped to be. The race looks to you for salvation… The race looks to you for survival…

The Battlefield Commander is the leader of the Ematrant forces. With the responsibility for the planning and effective execution of offensive maneuvers against intolerable Human footholds on Ematrant land and ensuring appropriate defenses for key facilities – the Battlefield Commander must plan, position, direct and lead all other forces in battle.

In the Real Time Strategy mode, the Battlefield Commander will enjoy a commanding, top-down view of both the terrain and forces - friend and foe. The Battlefield Commander will manage the team’s economy and technology, and communicate, through in-game chat, strategy and tactics to First-Person Character team members. And whenever needed, the Battlefield Commander can quickly switch into a First Player Character mode to take the battle, first hand, to the conniving enemy. In this mode, armed with a Sonic Rifle, the Battlefield Commander can deliver either a widespread, devastating blast of energy at a large target area or a concentrated, precise blast at an
individual mark.

The mission is to annihilate an enemy deserving of every bit of pain and suffering this war can bring them. And it’s the Ematrant Battlefield Commanders’ responsibility to ensure the next eradication of Humans from Saturn 5 is both crushing and permanent.

Visual Effects.

The game is rich in visual effects which can be enjoyed in both RTS and FPS view as seen below.  The game has all types of cool effects; force fields, weapon and damage effects, ground effects, smoke, fog of war, lighting, etc.

Air to Air Combat

Air combat is a key point of fun in the game.  Choose to fly different aircraft in FPS mode or against other players.  Or control your craft in RTS mode.  All air craft in the game have a sophisticated AI that will add to either the RTS or FPS combat experience. 

Some Character Stills 

All the models in the Game have been completed in Hi-Res.  They have been scaled down in resolution and polygon count for better game play on older spec. machines.  However for those sporting high end machines you will be able to enjoy them in their full glory.  The following are some high res stills of a few human charter models to enjoy.

Human RTS and FPS characters
Human RTS and FPS characters
Human Lite Mech
Human Lite Mech
Human Heavy Mech
Human Heavy Mech

How we Plan to Use Funding

Code Clean up and Feature Enhancement:  Engage additional software developers to help with code optimization and clean up.  In addition we will be adding a few new key features like the Human Lite Mech Jump Jet capability.

Visual Clean Up.  We need to clean up our GUI as well as our Maps.  To do this we will engage additional graphic artist and map designers to help us create those perfect player maps we all enjoy.

Finally we plan to engage a software testing company to help complete intensive network and feature testing across the may PC variations.

Our Stretch goal of 500K will go towards significantly increasing the number of playable maps and features.   We are especially interested in adding more player aircraft as well as an Ematrant tel-porter which could be a lot of fun.

Risks and challenges

Finding resources to complete the multiplayer testing and debugging represents the biggest challenge we are facing. This is a huge task requiring considerable testing and qualified development resources to get it right. If the multiplayer functionality is not well executed and seamless, players will not experience the full potential of the game.”

Our plan is to engage additional software development expertise in the area of game networking, game balance, map integration and Atari c-script. In addition, we will utilize a portion of the funds to engage a professional testing group with expertise in testing and identifying multiplayer / networking game issues. Finally, funds will also be utilized to clean up visuals including the creation of additional multiplayer maps for online game play.

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