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A detachable rear brake light helmet accessory with emergency responder alerts to improve the physical safety of riders.
410 backers pledged €56,153 to help bring this project to life.

You need an extra magnetic helmet base ?

Posted by Cosmo Connected (Creator)

Hi Guys!

Just to let you know that we've created a new offer if you want to order more magnetic helmet base (for those who have more than one helmet ;-)

Have a great day!


The Cosmo Team

Magnetic Helmet Base Black
Magnetic Helmet Base Black


Magnetic Helmet Base White
Magnetic Helmet Base White




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    1. Missing avatar


      I try to add 10 euros for an extra base on my initial pledge but I can't reopen it.

    2. Cosmo Connected Creator on

      @Azafel You just have to add 10€ per magnetic base to your initial pledge ;-)

    3. Cosmo Connected Creator on

      @M.T.R. Krafft de Vries You just have to add 10€ per magnetic base to your initial pledge ;-)

    4. Cosmo Connected Creator on

      @MALLET Hi! The extra magnetic base cost 10€ so if you want to you can add 20€ and it will of course be deliver with the Cosmo ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Azafel on

      i like to obtain 1 magnetic more , but i dont see how to get it

    6. M.T.R. Krafft de Vries on

      I would like to order one more magnetic base! But how?

    7. Missing avatar


      I also would like to purchase 2 additioanl magnetic bases.
      Could you let me know what is the unit price and if they could be sent together with the Cosmo ?
      I do hope the problem you face can be solved quickly.
      Kind regards

    8. Cosmo Connected Creator on

      Hi @Tim @Tony,

      We've unfortunately met a problem with this new offer so we've to cancel it.

      We are now looking to find a solution with Kickstarter to allow you to add a magnetic helmet base to your initial pledge! We'll give you some news by the next few days ;-)

      Sorry for that!
      The Cosmo Team

    9. Tim Young on

      I thought we received an email stating that there was going to be a second backer as part of the early bird pledge. Is that correct or did I miss read something? Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Tony Bingham on

      How do I order an extra base if I've already made a pledge?