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A collection of personal tributes to Barbra Streisand from her fans on the occasion of her 50th anniversary in show business.
A collection of personal tributes to Barbra Streisand from her fans on the occasion of her 50th anniversary in show business.
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The Book Is Done and You Can Buy It NOW

Hello, friends, backers and supporters -

I'm thrilled to announce that Barbra Memories is completed and the deluxe edition of the book is now for sale online at Eventually -- after October -- I will expand the distribution to include Amazon, but for now, please use this outlet to purchase your copy, or copies!, of this book.

I'm proud to say that it came out great. The design by Steven Baxter was superb. The editing contribution by Todd Sussman invaluable. The stories and images provided by the fans who took part was stellar. I think you will be proud that you backed this worthy project and that it was executed in such a classy way.

I am still completing all the reward distribution; the souvenir edition of the book (6x9, bxw, paperback) is going to be delivered in late October. The PDF of the Deluxe edition will be sent out within weeks. If you pledged at the level to receive the Deluxe edition, your copy will be shipped very soon.

But I wanted everyone to know the status and I really hope you will use to order copies for you and your family; If you are in the book, you will want this book for sure!

If you have any questions, please email me ( 

Thanks again for everything you did to help make this book a REALITY! Still to come is delivering the book to Barbra Streisand herself.



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Summer Me, Winter Me...

So, the work goes on... Barbra's busy planning the Brooklyn concert and I'm busy (with Steve, my designer and Todd, my copy editor) putting together Barbra Memories! I'm happy to report that while I suspect Barbra's doing great things in her rehearsals, I can definitively report that the book is TERRIFIC!

I am eternally grateful for everyone's help, the stories we've been processing are wonderful. But we're getting to the point where I'm going to have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. In other words, to reach our deadline of having the book 100% published and ready to sell by October 1, 2012, I'm not going to be able to include more stories after the cut-off date (August 1).

So, you have five days if you still want to "get it together" and send me your Barbra Memories story and a high-resolution image of your face -- just a good picture -- so we can consider you for the book. There will be some stories that don't make the final cut because the goal is to present the most interesting, fascinating and unique stories.

And if you have one of those but haven't written me -- WHY NOT? Seriously, I don't want anyone to write me after the fact to say, "I was going to send my story, but I didn't think you'd like it and now I wish I had."

Well, give it a shot now -- in the next five days!

Thanks again, everyone -- and to all the backers -- YOU ARE GOING TO BE SO PROUD OF THIS BOOK! Just wait...

Happy Days!

Allison (looking like Barbra in this picture after a long day of editing stories!)

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Making Magic

Hi Barbra Memories backers and good friends -

I'm happy to report that the Barbra Memories book is progressing very well and we're on schedule and on budget! Thank you to everyone who's contributed stories and sent photos with your Barbra Memories submissions.

However, some of you have sent stories, but left out the picture of you! Please, please, please... send me a good picture, a face or head shot, something of you with your favorite Barbra item, or if you live somewhere exotic, take a picture to show off your homeland! We have Barbra Memories from AROUND THE WORLD! It's so great!

So, with our time running out, please get your photos in. If you are thinking of writing, but haven't done it yet, GET TO THE COMPUTER AND DO IT NOW! Seriously, I want to consider you in the book, so send me your tale. Everyone's story is interesting...don't stop yourself from trying.

I haven't had time to mail out the Barbra Calendars yet -- I've gotten too busy with the book -- but don't worry, you'll get it in plenty of time for 2013!

Finally, I have big news. If you are going to see Barbra in Brooklyn October 11 or 13, I will be there, too, and I have arranged to do a Barbra Memories book signing at Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store -- 253 W. 35th Street (between 7th and 8th Ave) -- between 2-5 on Friday, October 12! I will be in touch with further information about how to pre-order the book for delivery there on that day and time. You'll avoid shipping charges, get your book signed -- and meet me, too!

So if you are going to be there, save the day and time. I'll share more info as the date gets closer.

That's all for now -- please send me your photos and stories. Again, thanks to everyone who's participated and supported this project.



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Are You Ready for Your Reward?

Hi friends -

I'm happy to report that those who've pledged at the level to receive the 2013 Barbra Streisand Souvenir Desk Calendar, they're in and ready to ship. Therefore, if you have earned that reward, I need you to email me your mailing address so I can send your calendar to you. 

So -- email me at -- with your address. (If you are unsure if you are due the 2013 calendar, just recheck the Barbra Memories page reward section and see if you chose that level). By the way, the Souvenir edition of the book will not be available until October when the coffee-table book is ready. 

Finally, if you have not pledged to receive the calendar, but want to get one now, email me about that and I'll let you know how you can order a copy. 

Thanks for the continued support. 




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Bit by bit, putting it together...


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