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A collection of personal tributes to Barbra Streisand from her fans on the occasion of her 50th anniversary in show business.

What do movie star Shirley MacLaine, a college professor in New Hampshire, a 22-year-old college student in Long Island, an interior designer from Scotland, comedian Rosie O'Donnell, a Japanese housewife, the current President of the United States, and millions of other people around the globe have in common? They're all Barbra Streisand fans!

…And there are millions more. Whether it's going to Barbra's movies, listening to her music, emulating her style or being inspired by her monumental success, Streisand's PEOPLE are all united in their adoration of the star. Even politicians who disagree with her views, admire her tenacity and pluck and -- yes -- they like her albums!

This year is Barbra Streisand's 50th anniversary in show business. The project I am working on is called "Barbra Memories," a book to celebrate the incredible world of Barbra Streisand fans, her "people" who need her presence in their lives as much as they need their morning coffee. A day without Barbra on the iPod is a bad day. Don't laugh; fans are like that. Barbra is a worldwide sensation…and has been since she began in 1962.

In the wake of the tragic deaths of stars like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, it's important to honor our greatest stars while they're still here to receive the message. And that's what "Barbra Memories" is all about! Getting this book written for the fans, but also getting it into Barbra Streisand's hands.

The project has already begun; I've been collecting the thank you's, complete with photos to document how Barbra's touched their lives. Streisand fans want her to know how much they care! They want to give back and this book is the way to do it. They'll be able to let her know that what she's done for 50 years has mattered to their lives!

Every fan, whether included in the book or not, will want to read these anecdotes and remembrances because everyone can relate to these stories. For this project, I envision two versions of "Barbra Memories," both available to readers. One will be a rich, coffee-table style book. The other will be a more affordable, souvenir edition of the very same book.

The deluxe version will be presented to Barbra Streisand personally, so everyone who participates will know their message reached Barbra herself.

The initial print run will be on-demand to keep the costs down. The deluxe version will be approximately 13x10 inches, 100-150 pages, soft cover. In order to get the project professionally published in high quality, publicized and promoted properly and have all the ancillary expenses covered -- taxes, postage rates, supplies, travel costs (if any) -- I am seeking $4,000.


  • Thanks for your comment; it gives me a chance to explain. If the book reaches its goal funding, there will be a larger run of the book where it will be available for the price of a typical 'coffee table style' book -- like $45 (plus postage). The pledges are to finance the project getting done and the rewards -- like a PDF (digital) copy of the book -- are incentives. IT IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE BOOK! :>

    Sincerely, if you like this idea and would like to see it created, please pledge so that -- eventually -- the book will be available in hardback form, for sale, to everyone.

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  • This is a new way of publishing. It's like reverse engineering; people who are interested in this kind of a book make an investment in the funding. For each investor, they get a reward. Think of it like Public Television -- how you can watch a show and they ask you to pledge to pay for the programming. In this case, I'm asking pledges to help fund the creation of the book. If I reach the goal, I'll put the book together. As for the input of the stories, I have been speaking with fans who will tell me their stories for the book. Each person's story will be a full page. You do not need to pledge to be in the book!! They are separate things.

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    You will be included in the acknowledgement page of every edition of the book -- which Barbra will see -- plus receive $5 off the purchase of whatever edition of the book you choose.

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    You will be included in the book's acknowledgement page -- the Introduction that will be the first page seen by Barbra so she will know the depth and breadth of the fans' gratitude. In addition, you'll receive a PDF copy of the book for your collection.

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    All of the above, plus souvenir-sized, paperback version of "Barbra Memories," autographed by Allison J. Waldman.

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    A beautiful, 4x8 spiral ring Barbra Streisand desk calendar for 2013; produced on glossy, high quality paper with dazzling, rare photos, plus all of the above.

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    A copy of the coffee-table edition of "Barbra Memories," autographed by Allison J. Waldman, plus inclusion in the book's acknowledgement page, plus all of the above.

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    A copy of the coffee-table edition of "Barbra Memories," autographed by Allison J. Waldman. Plus, a vintage, original bxw Streisand movie still (on photo paper - not computer created) and all of the above.

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    You can be certain to be in the book; Allison will interview you personally and your thank you will be in "Barbra Memories" along with a photo and story. In addition, you will receive all of the above.

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