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Made in the USA. Built out of titanium. Designed to last a lifetime. Crafted to fit your hand. It's cooler than sharks with lasers.

Welcome to The Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen Project. After the successful completion of our original pen project we had a surprising number of requests for a titanium version of the Ultimate Clicky Pen. This sounded like a simple request but drilling through nearly 6 inches of commercially pure titanium bar-stock to our tolerances and keeping the balance would be a challenge. Plus, why make another pen unless the new one was even better? Could we really find a way to improve on the Ultimate Clicky Pen? Yes, it turned out that we could and we did.

What is the Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen?

There are a lot of cool pens, some of them made out of titanium, available our there. Nice pretty pens with cute little clips. Ours is not one of them. Everything about our pen screams over-designed, over-engineered and over-built. Think of this as an evolution of our previous design... in -drum roll, please- titanium. It's a "clicky" pen with a body and tip machined out of solid titanium. For proper balance (everyone knows that a real writing pen should have the balance tipped forward), the tip has been re-profiled and is also made out pure titanium. Swanky, right? To stay put in your pocket, we updated the nearly bullet-proof cold stamped spring steel clip and textured powder-coated it for durability and corrosion resistance. We use a machined Delrin spacer for fitting multiple cartridges (Fisher / Foray / Parker / Schmidt / Franklin-Christoph) and a machined cam advancing mechanism (no cheap stamped parts here) with a ball bearing cam design for silky smooth operation (so smooth, it doesn't actually "click"... it's actually cooler this way).

What make this pen different than the original version?

There are a few differences but the main one is the material of choice; Titanium. Stronger than aluminum, lighter than steel yet corrosion resistant and able to be finished in multiple textures and even anodized for color. 

In addition we've improved on the design. The new tip has been re-profiled and the wall thickness increased. We've also loosened up the tolerances on the nib to allow for more flexibility when choosing difference replacement cartridges (most cartridges are stamped and have much more manufacturing float then our machining). And finally, we adjusted the balance to be more tip forward for a better feel when writing.

Tell me more about this "titanium" stuff.

In short, titanium is about 45 percent lighter than steel, 60 percent heavier than aluminum and more than three times stronger than either of them.

We've decided to go with commercially pure (CP) titanium which, in its annealed state, is a ductile metal used where corrosion resistance is an important criteria or where operating temperatures preclude the use of aluminum. This flavor is often found in airframe skin (think SR-71 Blackbird), heat exchangers, cryogenic vessels and exhaust pipe shrouds.

These titanium pens will be CNC'ed on a multi-axis precision lathe. Both the body and tip will be run to .002" tolerances with no secondary operations. 

What versions / flavors will be available?

Glad you asked. Right now we've got a few different post-machine finishes which we've perfected and will have available as rewards including:

The Tumbled Finish: Right off the machine then tumbled and deburred for a smooth and aesthetic finish. A titanium classic. 

The Blasted / Satin Finish: Each one of these will first be tumbled and deburred, then individually blasted with to achieve a satin-like finish similar to shark-skin.

The Hand-Brushed Finish: These pens will be hand brushed. First with a 600 grit sandpaper then with a special textured brushing pad to achieve a directional textured look. 

The Hand-Polished Finish: These are by far the most time consuming. Each pen will be painstakingly hand-polished to a mirror finish. These really are something special.

What refills will it take?

The pen will accept the following refills:

  • Parker GEL (and any Parker compatible refill)
  • Franklin-Christoph Ultra-Glide
  • Schmidt Pressurized
  • Fisher (Space Pen)
  • Foray Rollerball

What refill will it come with?

Since pen enthusiasts tend to have strong preferences in terms of refills (this is a little like saying that people in Chicago tend to prefer the Bears over the Packers), we decided to let each backer choose which refill they wanted their pen to come with. That's right, you get to choose between:

  • Parker GEL
  • Franklin-Christoph Ultra-Glide
  • Fisher (Space Pen)



Length: 6.0 inches

Thickness: 0.5 Inches

Weight: 2.1 oz.

Material: Commercially Pure Titanium

How do you ship these?

In the US we will ship First Class mail with delivery confirmation. For international orders, International Registered mail with tracking. It's expensive but it'll get there safe and sound.

How much do I add for international orders?

Simply add $15 to cover the cost of International Registered mail if you are outside the US.

Where do I type in my mailing address?

After the campaign ends, you will receive an email requesting your shipping address & order details.

When do I get my pen?

Pretty soon actually. While we need funding to finish the project, if it looks like it's even got a chance to succeed then we're going to start everything rolling. We've already sourced the titanium and manufacturing will be done locally (Made in the USA baby!). Lead time on machining the pen body and tip should be ~6-8 weeks. The custom springs are already on hand. With post machine finishing (especially those done by hand) we should have them ready to ship in a few months, throw in a few weeks for fudge factor or having to make a change once the first part drops and we're set. That said the pre-production prototypes got the kinks out so we should be ready to go.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With the successful completion of our previous pen project we have a pretty good idea of what it will take to get this one completed and delivered. We've already done quite a bit of the groundwork, secured a materials source, machine time and built numerous functioning prototypes. We believe that doing all of this work ahead of time has allowed us to significantly mitigate any project risks in terms of completion or delivery, well worth the effort in our eyes.

Even with me hand assembling every single pen and Peachy handling secondary post-assembly inspection, I am fairly confident in being able to meet our projected delivery timelines.

That said, the hand-brushed and hand-polished pens each take a significant amount of time to finish and by nature of being very work intensive with very stringent quality demands, can not be rushed (there's just not that many of me to go around) which means that massive over-funding of these pens may push delivery back a month or so.

A second, less likely risk would be a delay of shipment of adequate titanium stock although we have secured two separate sources (you know, just in case) to help minimize this risk.

With our experience in high-quality, small run manufacturing and order-fulfillment we feel comfortable that we can complete the project in a timely manner and deliver a truly amazing reward to our backers, something special.


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