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The Ultimate Clicky Pen is made in the USA, smooth as silk, designed to last a lifetime and quite possibly, the perfect clicky pen.

Hello Kickstarters!

Welcome to The Ultimate Clicky Pen Project. I've been in love with pens ever since I got a Parker Jotter as a kid. Like the cell phone, wallet and keys a pen is something ubiquitous, something wonderful, a tool you can and always should have with you. If you're like me, you can appreciate the quality and feel of a well crafted writing instrument. Not a disposable plastic pen but something with substance and soul.

So what is The Ultimate Clicky Pen? It's an all metal clicky pen with a body machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum. For proper balance, a tip machined out of 303 Stainless Steel. To stay put in your pocket, a clip pressed out of spring steel and then coated for durability and corrosion resistance. A spacer for fitting multiple cartridges (Fisher / Foray / Parker) and at its heart, a machined advancing mechanism with a ball bearing cam design for silky smooth operation.

What exactly makes this pen special, what makes it better? First of all this is no disposable plastic pen. It's a machined beauty and designed to be entirely modular and last a lifetime. In addition to the thoughtful design, The Ultimate Clicky Pen is both functional and stunningly beautiful at once with a weight and balance that feels like magic in your hand and brings life to your words.

Having designed numerous pens before, about a year ago I started working on designing an all metal, machined clicky pen. Unfortunately, I found that unlike standard pens the leap between designing and building a machined clicky pen is bigger than I thought.

I have the designs, the mechanisms and functioning hand machined prototypes. What I need is your help and funding to create a first production run on a CNC and get custom springs made. Since we've already got the designs and prototypes, turn around time should be pretty quick (~2-3 months max including anodizing and assembly) and everything is being made in Arizona.

Thank you for your help and support and I look forward to sending you an Ultimate Clicky Pen of your own.


Length: 6.0 inches
0.5 Inches
1.9 oz.
Raw / Red / Black
6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum & 303 Stainless Steel
Cold Pressed Spring Steel
Blasted / Hard anodized to Mil-A-8625 “F” specifications
Stainless steel bolts and chemical welding
Fisher #SPR4 (Also fits Parker Gel)
Machined ball bearing cam advancing mechanism from Germany


What cartridge does it come with?

The Fisher SPR4 "Space Pen" cartridge (black in, medium tip). It's pressurized, writes upside down and right side up, under water and in extreme heat or cold.

What other cartridges fit?

The Parker Gel will fit as well. In the future if there is demand, we will try to machine additional spacers to allow for fitment of different cartridges.

Where can I buy refills?

Online or at most office supply stores. REI carries them as well.

How much would the retail price be?

If we made a full production run for resale, the pen would cost more than the Kickstarter price. Somewhere around $125 at retail due to the materials and amount of work involved. This pen is not built down to a price, there are no shortcuts or compromises here, it's quality through and through.

How do you ship these?

In the US we will ship First Class mail with delivery confirmation. For international orders, International Registered mail with tracking. It's expensive but it'll get there safe and sound.

How much do I add for international orders?

Simply add $15 to cover the cost of International Registered mail if you are outside the US.

Where do I type in my mailing address?
After the campaign ends, you will receive an email requesting your shipping address & order details.

What if I want a different combination of pens that is listed (ie. 2 red pens)?

Just pick a reward (ie. a single pen) and adjust the pledge amount to match the pen(s ) you want. When the project completes and you get the email asking for your shipping information, simply mention the pens you had pledged for and we will be able to see the adjusted pledge amount and gladly accomodate.

When do I get my pen?

Pretty soon actually. While we need funding to finish the project, if it looks like it's even got a chance to succeed then we're going to start everything rolling. We've already sourced the parts manufacturing locally (Made in the USA baby!). Lead time on the clips is ~4 weeks. Lead time on machining the pen body and tip should be ~4-6 weeks. The custom springs are the real variable. We want the "click" pressure to be perfect so the springs have to be perfect and spec'ed last. With post machine finishing and anodizing we should have them ready to ship in a few months, throw in a few weeks for fudge factor or having to make a change once the first part drops and we're set.

Will I see this pen in stores?

Doubt it. If this takes off we may continue production but you're not going to see this at Office Max anytime soon. This will never be a mass produced item, it really is something special.

Who exactly is this "we" you keep mentioning?

I've roped my wife (Peachy) into helping with this project. There's just too much work for one person and she's exceedingly detail oriented.


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