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A beautiful machined pen and mechanism - precision crafted and available in Titanium, Copper, Brass and Zirconium.
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Kickstarter Project Update #7: Project Funding Complete!

Posted by Jack Roman (Creator)

Hey everyone, the funding cycle is now complete! 

[Crowd Cheers] 

First and foremost, let me say THANK YOU for backing us and for helping to make this project possible. As much as I love designing, crafting and assembling, none of this would happen without you, the backers. Always know that your comments, suggestions and feedback are what help make every project possible and better than the last one.

Alright, so here's the next steps:

1) We're going to be setting up BackerKit for the surveys and fulfillment portion of the project. For those of you who've backed us before this should be pretty familiar. For those who haven't, it's an online tool which will let us manage the surveys and any add-ons / customizations you wish to make before the rewards ship. Everything should be pretty seamless and straightforward. 

2) Waiting for the funding to process takes a few days to a few weeks (usually the former). Really, nothing is going to get sent out until then. Essentially, there's just a short wait while Kickstarter takes their cut and does their thing. On your side it looks like nothing is happening but on our side we're hustling like mad to get prepped for finishing, assembly and shipping. Again, this usually goes pretty smoothly.

3) Once the surveys come back, we'll start the actual finishing and assembling of the Early Bird pens (some are still being machined this week) and start trickling them out as we get them done. Since we don't actually know what finishes you want until the surveys come back, the sooner you get the survey back to us the sooner we'll be able to send you the reward you've backed for. 

4) While Tom, Itzel and Peachy are sending out the Early Bird rewards Joe and I will be hustling it in the shop machining the rest of the pens. Once the Kickstarter money comes in we'll be able to order the remaining stock (which will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to come in depending on the material) and begin machining the pens. When the project met minimum funding I actually ordered some "buffer" stock ahead of time so that we're not sitting on our thumbs waiting but instead still turning spindles and making pens. 

Hope all of this makes sense and I'll be updating things over the next few weeks as things move along. Plus, it's going to be some long hours in front of the machines so I'll get some more shop videos to show everyone how things are moving along (assuming anyone is watching them).

If you have any questions, let me know.


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