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A beautiful machined pen and mechanism - precision crafted and available in Titanium, Copper, Brass and Zirconium.
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Kickstarter Project Update #2: Back to Work After Turkey Day

Posted by Jack Roman (Creator)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and woke up from their food coma. For those of you who don't celebrate Turkey Day, welcome to TGI Friday.

I'd love to take some time off and go shopping with Peachster but with the Early Birds going quickly on KS I decided working on the pens was a better use of time (plus, I hate crowds and shopping with a gazillion other people would just make me feel stabby). 

First: one of our backers asked to see the pens next to a Parker Jotter to get an idea of how big the pens actually are. They happen to be in luck because the Jotter is one of my all time favorite pens and was my first non-crappy pen as a kid. I blame the Parker for sending me down this dark path of pen making. Anyway, it means I always have one handy for inspiration.

Retro-Click and Parker Jotter - Living Together Harmoniously
Retro-Click and Parker Jotter - Living Together Harmoniously

Second: If you want to know how the rest of my morning went... well, it could have gone better. I tore through a handful of drills making pen tips before realizing that my work-holding was shot. Once I slapped some new jaws on the back of the vise and cut a new set everything started looking up immediately.

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Turns out that the titanium and zirconium tips beat the hell out of the work-holding. I'm using the aluminum jaws so as not to mark the brass and copper tips but the Ti and Zirc tips tend to deform those jaws. It might be time to make separate work-holding for Br / Cu and Ti / Zr for the rest of the project. 

Why are we even doing this on the mill, you ask? (If you didn't ask I bet you were at least thinking about it and if not, you're just being polite... I appreciate that, it means a lot to me). Short version, we've got two mills and one lathe. In theory we could do ALL of the operations on the lathe but it would take a lot longer and require tooling swaps. This way, while each operation may be less efficient, they run simultaneously and the overall project runs faster. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Back to the salt mines... er, shop. Thanks for backing the project and try not to get trampled out there holiday shopping.


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