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A great pen with an amazing machined mechanism - beautifully crafted and available in Titanium, Copper and Brass.
A great pen with an amazing machined mechanism - beautifully crafted and available in Titanium, Copper and Brass.
444 backers pledged $63,975 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Tony So, sorry to take so long to respond. Short version, Parker makes a pretty decent refill. I haven't had one leak yet and I tend to use them in my office / drafting pen.

      I've tried some of the others and don't find them to be much different although I just don't like the Schmidt refills. Some people love them but I just don't like the way they feel.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony So on

      Just opened up my pen to replace the ink cartridge, and found that my parker refill has been leaking inside (that also explain the resistance of the mechanism)!

      I cleaned the pen out with some effort, but pretty sure I got most of the leaked ink out of the pen.

      Is parker refill a bad product? My local store also stock Faber-Castell, any comments on this brand?

    3. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Hung, correct. You'll have to heat it to get it to release. I use a small torch but a lighter will work as well.

    4. Hung Su on

      What kind of loctite did you use on the mechanism?? I'm trying to take mine apart and it's not budging

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Glad to see we are coming down to the wire! Being at the bottom of the heap... the wait is haaarrrrddddd..... Sure I'll like my pens, though!

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      Fred Nemiroff on

      Just got back from a four day trip, everyday using my new brushed titanium mini click pen. It worked flawlessly. Jack knows how to make Tuff pens. He listens to his backers ideas and uses them if he considers them worthwhile. He's open to new ideas and prototypes them first to check them out. Jack an Peachy are great people and I'm glad I backed this project.

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      sevag dekermenjian on

      So.... I was right. I was right, I was ignored, I was told I "can't screw in a simple bolt". Maybe if you would know how to provide proper customer service you would have taken a second to actually listen to my complaints and issues as I provided them in detail. With proof.
      To get the bolt to fit I used a 5/64 drill bit to carefully start a "tab" and then inserted an Xacto blade tip first into the tiny hole and spun it carving out the hole slowly until it was wide enough to accept the 2/56 bolt while still leaving enough material for the to have a secure grip, but in theory it wouldn't need too much grip since the click mechanism should have enough contact/pressure against the bolt to keep it in place.
      Side Note: If anyone wants to greatly increase how smooth their click is AND drastically quiet the mechanism what I did was put a small drop of 85 weight Nano-Oil on the head of the bolt where it grinds against the mechanism. Makes it SUPER smooth and fairly quiet.

      Like I said, anyone wants to see our email exchange in ITS ENTIRETY do email me which is listed in my last response below. That is indeed my last, and final, email to Jack. After repeatedly being belittled, ignored, and then finally pretty much told he's on vacation and doesn't give a flying... I went off, which was completely warranted and I still mean every word of it.

    8. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Alright, interestingly enough Parker does appear to have released a new refill design. The top of this refill is changed and no longer accepts the 2/56 bolt without modification. At my local store both styles were still available on the shelf although I imagine the new style will probable be the new design. At first glance, it would seem that the new style requires a tap run through it (not sure the Xacto method will work but someone else can verify for me) and looks to thread at that point.

      I'll have to crack a few open and do some testing to have a definitive answer but it seems workable.

      My original offer of having the pen sent in and warrantied still stands. I mean, send the thing in and we make of the workie like we do for everyone.

      Regarding Sevag's most recent comment, here is his last email to me in its entirety (although I have bleeped out the profanity for the sake of courtesy). I encourage everyone to make up your own minds:

      On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 7:55 AM, Sevag [] wrote:

      Hahaha oh man I REALLLLLY hurt your feelings didn't !?!? Your mechanism is bulls##t, your kickstarter false advertised what inks can be used, but beyond that you are just a f##king a##hole! Haha go eat a d##k you piece of s##t. You don't know how to run a business, and your "bespoke" product is absolute garbage!!! Oh that gives me an idea....
      Peace out * * *

    9. Missing avatar

      sevag dekermenjian on

      Simon Aloyts, nice write up but try again. If you wish to email me I can provide you with proof that I am not the only one having an issue with my click jamming. "Explosives" lol nice one but again, I assure you the fact that I had to use a drill bit and an xacto knife are completely true statements. To dismiss what I am saying as a made up story like Tom Sawyer shows how ridiculous you are. The Parker QuinkFlow I ordered from amazon indeed does not accept the screw without modding. Got a hold of a Parker Gel and I can confirm that THAT refill does work, it has a hole at the back the same size as the one on the fisher spacemen provided with the pen however it does not resemble the back of the QuinkFlow I purchased which can only be used if modded.
      So the facts still are that my click jams and I am not the only person with this person something Jack is completely ignoring. Fact is the quinkflow I purchased doesn't work and I had to mos it. Did Parker change the design of the back of that ink recently? That's the only thing I can think of, but fact is it didn't work.
      And to those who think jack is a great guy, would anyone like to see his emails? I would gladly forward them, in their entirety including my own responses, for you all to see. Was I an upset customer? Yes. But nothing I said was a personal attack against Jack Roman, only his product, yet you can clearly see him belittling me, trying to tell me English isn't my first language as if that would be some sort of insult, tries not to honor his warranty and then backtracks on that, and brings up his vacation as a way of saying "yeah it's going to take me a while to get to your pen if you send it in" purposely discouraging me from sending it in. He clearly doesn't have a grasp on customer service once he receives a complaint. Sure if you send him sunshine and roses I bet you see a different side of him, but as his company grows he's going to face other unhappy customers for one reason or another and I'm sure he will show his ugly side again rather than stay calm and actually listen to the issues the customer is having rather than blame the customer. He should stick to machining and higher other employees to communicate with his customers. I for one will never be a customer of anything Jack does.
      For anyone who doesn't believe what I am saying, who thinks I'm not the only one having issues, and would actually like to be proven wrong go ahead and email me.
      For those who want to dismiss or discredit me, I am an adult, my first language is most definitely English though I do not proofread my messages, USAF Veteran, with no reason to lie over a $99 pen I was extremely happy to back but now completely regret.

    10. okester on

      Awww, seriously? I thought I already posted here to thank you all (Jack, Peachy, etc.,) for this mini-click - outstanding job! So neat that your custom click mechanism is also used in other folks' pen projects as an alternative; neat that you reverse-engineered and improved on the often-used Schmidt clicker!

      Ever since you posted about a red TuffWriter writing instrument for which you wanted a color name over at the edcf (was that back in '09?!? I can't remember - I think it was there and not usn), and I think I submitted goofy names like titian red (just 'cuz I thought it looked similar to Titan - though folks would probably think of titanium and get the wrong idea for the color; noticed later that Cross used the name Titian Red for one of their pen colors, fwiw...), it's been pretty cool to interact with you all.

      So just fyi for any backers/folks who have followed along this far - since my first TuffWriter from the Frontline series, with the Robar NP3 finish, and along with the black prototype Ultimate Clicky Pen (I liked that configuration and weight distribution more than the later design which developed during the course of the campaign, and I was probably a pain for asking - my apologies to Jack - he was cool enough to send me the prototype instead of the updated version) and the other projects here, Jack and company have been great at communicating with fans/supporters and incorporating changes/improvements, which adds to the quality of their creations! Kudos and hats off to all their efforts!

      It was also helpful for my understanding when he shared insights about the machining process, how, because of the length of the UTCP pen body, then deflection was likely. I liked that I could ask him and that he'd take the time to explain to backers.

      Anyway, long story longer - thanks, Jack, Peachy, et al, for all ya do and for interacting with supporters here and puttin' out quality projects/rewards!

    11. Charles "fivedime" Gill on

      I have 10 Tuff Writer Clickies, between full size and minis, in materials ranging from copper and its alloys, to steel, aluminum and titanium (you might say I am a fan, and you'd be 110% right). I own a Bona Fide pen using the Tuff Writer-manufactured clickie mechanism, and have given Tuff Writer Clickies as gifts. I carry at least two of them (a full-size and a mini) every day, and have done so for as long as I have owned them (5 years now). The pens get used, hard, every day (and yes, sometimes dropped...hell on the refills but the pens have never failed me. Never.). Every. Single. Day. Not one of them has suffered any malfunction whatsoever, and with the improvements of the latest clickie mechanism I don't expect to EVER have any failures occur. Jack, Peachy, and the whole Tuff Writer crew are as helpful folks as you could ever expect to encounter, and they *will* take care of any problems you might encounter with their products; they have gone above and beyond to help me with any customer service issues I have had (problems at my end, totally unrelated to pen quality), and I have witnessed countless acts of largess and good will they have extended to their customers. You simply can't find a finer group of people with whom to associate.

      Regarding one comment below attempting to compare any issues with Burke Pens (a damned fine pen in its own right, I own one and love it); Mr. Burke does NOT use a Tuff Writer-manufactured clickie mechanism, he uses the original (I believe German-made) mechanism upon which Tuff Writer's design (and that of others) is based (and is far from the only pen maker to do so). This mechanism is prone to binding under certain conditions, and this binding issue is what Jack has aimed his design and fabrication improvements at fixing...and has succeeded. So, lumping in any issues with Burke, or any other clickie pens NOT using a Tuff Writer-manufactured mechanism, is an apples-and-oranges comparison.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Baran on

      I am now the proud owner of 2 of these pens, a flamed titanium and a flamed copper. They are both very beautiful and work extremely well. I am developing a bias towards the titanium though. These are great additions to my collection. I have been doing business with Tuff Writer for many years now and have always been extremely happy with their products as well as their customer service. I have always known Jack to be extremely helpful towards his customers and a general all around nice guy. I believe this to be a key component to the success of his business. Thanks for another great product! I may be in the minority but would love to see a titanium click pencil! Just throwing it out there...

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Aloyts on

      Prior to this Kickstarter, I was the happy owner of 3 Tuff Writers – the oldest of which is almost a teenager. Now, I am increasing my collection several-fold and will probably never need to buy another pen…ever. As a company, this is one of the worst drawbacks of making things that last forever. Not getting extra business that all have come to expect in our made-to-break world. Luckily, if you can bear to part with them, TWs make outstanding gifts.

      As I read through other commentary I am glad to see I’m not the only one. Yet, I have been greatly enjoying the adventures of Mr. or Ms. Dekermenjian. Although in the minority (of 1), this character has provided an amazingly astute example of a modern-day Tom Sawyer. Carrying around Allen wrenches for that ink-change emergency. X-Acto knives for makeshift drilling. (What, no explosives? At least an impact drill.) This all reminded me of his time with Huckleberry when instead of unlocking the door and leaving, Tom S crafted an elaborate plan to saw through the door and eat the sawdust to hide evidence. If Tom and Huck were of the school of Mr. or Ms. Dekermenjian, I’m sure that the purpose of such elaborate adventures would be just to complain about them later. Boo hoo, I have a tummy-ache from eating all that sawdust. Give me free stuff.

      Chin up Tuff Writer crew! You do great work and make great products.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Rigg on

      Hey Tuff Writer backers, This is a shameless shoutout to Jack and Peachy. I am proud to call them my friends, and I am pretty fond of their dogs too. So I am very obviously a biased in my support of these fine folks and their company.

      I have backed all of their Kickstarter projects, and treasure the pens that I have backed. I own many many other Tuff Writer pens and widgets, and use them on a daily basis. If I am dressed, I have a Tuff Writer or two on my person. I value the Tuff Writer products not just for their style, they are like fine jewelry, but for their extreme durability. I always test any product that I carry for personal protection, and I have beaten all of my TW pens severely prior to regular carry. Trust me, they hold up. I literally trust Tuff Writer pens with my life.

      I personally have never had a Tuff Writer pen fail to operate as they should, with the exception of the cartridge running out of ink - I use my pens a lot so I keep refills on hand.

      When it comes to customer service Jack bends over backwards to make things right for the customer. I don't think that he knows any other way to do it. Respectfully, if a backer has any problem with their purchase, that can't be made right, perhaps there is an unreasonable expectation involved.

      Jack and Peachy have put their heart and sole into Tuff Writer, and it shows in every product that they ship.

    15. Chris Kitchen

      I walk in the clinic after a blistering morning ride, carry my bike up to the 4th floor, open the clinic door turning on the lights. I park my bike, walk into my office, and the first thing I reach for is my mini click! From that moment until end of day it never leaves my side. I write nonstop with respect to each patient's visit, and see about 19 people a day, plus reports. I've never enjoyed a writing instrument like my Mini-click, and considering how flawlessly of works, I see no reason that I will ever again unless I can get my hands on another one for home.

      Solid folks making a solid pen, that's what I know!


    16. Missing avatar

      Brad Rushton on

      Tuff Writer are the best pens I have found! I’ve never had an issue with the pen from top to bottom. It’s been all around the world by my side like a partner you can trust. When at work or traveling people ask about my pen and where to get one. I plan on more pens from Jack in my future. Great product! Keep up the great work!

    17. Robert Downey on

      Love Me Some Tuff Writer Pens!! I bought a Tufff Writer some time ago. II backed this campaign and got the polished Copper Mini-Click. Absolutely Love This Pen!! I have staff members wanting to steal my pens all the time. This one got some serious attention, my people are jealous.
      What truly impressed me was the personal touch. The pen came with a note signed by Jack and Peachy (although I think Peachy's signature is a forgery). This is the kind of personal service that I appreciate in today's hectic, modern, "I'm in a hurry" society we live in. I even e-mailed Jack about another possible idea, and I actually got a response to my ideas. Jack and Peachy made a great company that actually listens to its customers. Wish more companies were like this.
      If anyone has a problem with this company or product, they probably brought the trouble upon themselves. The company has stood by every product I purchased and responded to all my questions without hesitation.

    18. Missing avatar

      L on

      Jack and Peachy are both excellent people. In my experience they are extremely responsive to e-mails and care about their customers. I have their pen mechanism on both mini tuff writers, a full size tuff writer, as well as on the recently released bona fida pen. The mechanism works well and if there is a problem they can be reached directly to correct it.

      I preferred the grip provided by the smaller size of the full size mini click o rings. Not only did Jack help me figure out what o ring size worked best for me, but he has helped source and provide good tips on what works.

      He stands behind his products. Also, everyone takes a vacation sometimes. He does not have to let us know what he is up to every minute, but he does that as a courtesy to his customers so that we can understand the delays.

    19. Missing avatar

      sevag dekermenjian on

      For anyone interested in the truth I used an Xacto knife as a drill, i placed the tip in the back of the parker refill and spun the blade until I widened the hole. As I stated in my emails to Jack I did get the refill to work after an hour spent trying different tools modding the back of the refill. It is in the pen currently and works. It doesn't work well of course before the mechanism is flawed and I have spoken to 3 others on instagram who have the same exact issue one of whom has the tuff writer click mechanism on a Burke Map pen and has the same exact issue where the click jams even more frequently than mine. I was offered to send in the pen only if I paid $10 returning shipping, he then later changed his tune and said he would ship back for free only if the pen has an actual defect. The defect is with the mechanism itself it seems and not just a 1 off case of mine being bad. Even if just mine was bad, I waited how many months through delays and his vacations to receive a defective pen? Where is the quality control? Where is the quality?... In the end though even if I sent the pen back and he somehow repaired it to stop jamming it does NOT change the fact that the pen does not work with the very first refill listed on this campaign without actual modding. There is NO way to get that screw in the back of a Parker Quinkflow that I bought off of Amazon without removing plastic material to make room for the screw to thread. Oh and don't lose the screw or you will have to find another one before you can use ANY of the ink refills listed. Oh and be sure to carry about your allen wrench with you if you plan on swapping out ink types or colors. Again this is not an "elegant" solution.
      Jack has tried blaming me of breaking his mechanism even though all I have done is click the pen right out of the package. As a customer I emailed him upset (ok, very upset after months of delays, faulty pen, and ink not at all easily replaceable) and instead of providing proper customer service and actually listening to my issues he dismissed me right off of the bat, tried belittling me every chance he got, and even when I stuck to just the facts AND I PROVED TO HIM OTHERS HAVE THE SAME EXACT ISSUE with the Mini Click Gen2 they are receiving he still made fun of my typos trying to say English isn't my first language, and bought up how he is on vacation (again) pretty much saying he doesn't care.

      So again, are any of you having issues with your mechanism jamming/failing every so often or more frequently? Anyone else buy a Parker QuinkFlow and are able to screw in the bolt just using the screw provided and the allen wrench provided? Oh, and any chance any of you are also having issues with poor customer service? I know at least one other person who is. Chime in.

    20. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Actually, I offered to warranty Sevag's pen if he had any issues, all he had to do it send it in (most people who've bought our stuff know we do our best to warranty and make right all of our pens). He was having a hard time getting the 2/56 bolt into the Parker refill and claimed that he spent an hour drilling holes and having to use an Xacto knife (not clear how that was going to help) and still not being able to make it work.

      I simply told him to send me everything and I'd just take care of it (this apparently was not the answer he was looking for).

      I actually stand behind the mechanism, it's a solid design and when properly adjusted (it's a cam mechanism so it has to be able to cycle through the full stroke) I feel it's currently the best machined metal pen advancing mechanism on the market.

      The 2/56 bolt as an adjustable spacer is a simple and elegant solution. It works in all of the refills we have listed (I know because we've actually tested them). It allows us to avoid additional spacers and components.

      Considering that I spent months (and a lot of my own dollars) designing, testing and prototyping these puppies I'm actually very proud of them. The pens have my blood, sweat and hard work behind them and as anybody who's dealt with me knows, we also stand behind them.

    21. Missing avatar

      sevag dekermenjian on

      Well everyone I received my pen over a week ago and I am not happy. Beautiful pen, but 1) the click mechanism is flawed for me and at least several others I have spoken to, it jams and fails to engage or disengaged far too often. I also ordered a Parker QuinkFlow refill that is listed on this campaign and the refill does not work and before Jack chimes in on this YES I know how to screw a damn screw lol but the hole is way too tiny for this screw which is not self-tapping. It took me an hour of tinkering, a 5/16 drill bit, and an Xacto blade used as a drill to get the screw to thread into the back of the refill. This is false advertising. Jack doesn't seem to want to listen to my issues and is blaming me for the mechanism not working even though that is how the pen arrived for me and for 2 others, and is claiming I can't screw in a screw for why the refill won't work. On top of that who else is annoyed by the screw/bolt in the first place? Definitely not an elegant solution. SO yeah, anyone else not happy with their pen?

    22. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Matthew, you had me at, "hello".

      Seriously though, glad you like it as we put a lot of heart and soul into this project (a little blood and sweat as well).

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Webb

      Jack and the whole Tuff Writer crew -

      The pen arrived in today's mail. Well worth the wait!! The flamed copper looks spectacular!

      Thank you for bringing this to Kickstarter and I hope this isn't the last project from y'all that I have an opportunity to back.


    24. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Oooh, the ZT 0460 looks neat. No dice on the custom flaming of knives though. No guarantee the first one would come out the way you hoped.

      Get some MAP gas, clean the p!$$ out of it and give it a shot yourself though. It's home-brew but it will work well if you're careful.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rum Runner on

      Update #17, YEAH! Christmas is coming in...July, maybe...close enough...fingers crossed. BTW, since you have had practice on all mine to flamed Ti's, Could I con you into doing the ZT 0460 I just ordered? LOL. Figured you might get bored after all of these are complete. Can't wait to see them.

    26. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Last titanium pens should be done machining today. This means we just have finishing and assembly left and they will ship. We're actually going to be shipping a big chunk of orders tomorrow as we're burning the midnight oil to get the machined pens put together.

    27. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      We do use thread-lock but only a tiny bit. There's a fine line between it coming loose and never being able to get it out without a plasma torch.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dazdigo on

      Are you putting any sort of locktite to keep the clickers from unscrewing from the barrel? I had one unscrew from my pen and I didn't notice any thread locker on it. Not worth sending back for but was just wonder and seeing your recommendations for it. I know that sometimes it doesn't like to work with particular metals and since they are different types of metals, that might also cause some issues.

    29. Missing avatar

      Byrd on


      Thank you...

    30. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Yup, I'll post a full update soon.

      Short version: been busting @$$ in the shop. We should have the final titanium pens machined by the end of this week (fingers crossed) and then it's just finishing and assembly. We've been putting pens and orders together and sending them out as we have them complete but once the pens are machined and ready for assembly it should go pretty quickly. I'd say another 2-3 weeks and the remaining pens will all be done and in the mail. We'll send them out as we have everything ready for an order to ship.

      Right now it's a bit of a mess here as we have a whole bunch of partial orders which are just waiting on their titanium pens to be complete before they can ship.

    31. Missing avatar

      Byrd on

      Any updates on the remaining pens? Brushed, etc.

      Thank you...

    32. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Actually, the heating on the titanium clip was necessary to properly stamp. Odds are yours wasn't heated enough during stamping. We'll get you a replacement.

    33. Missing avatar

      Hironori Ruppitz on

      Hi; my clip snapped ,broke off while attaching to my work binder. I have the titanium that's been flame treated. Could a heat treatment tempering the clip have made a little more brittle.

    34. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Sevag, I've been updating and keeping everyone in the loop on the delays. We've also been working hard to get these made and sending packages out almost daily as the pens have been machined and assembled.

      You do realize that this is a Kickstarter project and not Amazon Prime right? You're funding the development of a semi-custom product, something new that had to be prototyped and then actually brought to production. Not only that, but I take pride in not cutting corners or trying to rush things out but rather making the finest semi-bespoke and hand finished pens I can possibly make.

    35. Missing avatar

      sevag dekermenjian on

      Now it is taking a bit too long... Listed as may then we were told probably sooner than expected now it is way later than expected and I am going on vacation with no time frame for me to even tell a neighbor to look out for the package. I am seriously considering canceling.

    36. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Toby, yeah it's in the updates and comments but it's worth answering again.

      You will get a message with your tracking number when your pen(s) ship.

    37. Toby Mal on

      Will tracking go out when these are sent to us? Sorry if this has been answered.

    38. Missing avatar

      Fred Nemiroff on

      Great explanation. I wasn't aware of how much work goes into finishing your pens. Great pens and worth every dollar you charge! Can't wait to receive mine.

    39. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Fred, yeah it's done by hand and it's a pain in the #$%^ but it looks awesome. Short version, Itzel or I polish the pen (single stage polish) then use a steel brush to apply cross brushes to the pen body and tip. Takes about 10 minutes per pen to brush them on top of the polishing but it gives the pen a wonderful look. Also holds up nicely as any wear marks tend to blend into the brushing. I'd say the tumbled and brushed finishes are the most wear resistant although all of the titanium pens hold up really well (come on, it's Grade 5 titanium.. doesn't get much better really).

      I have tried automating the brushing more than once because it's such a pain but the hand brushed pens just look better, hands down.

      Actually, all of our finishing is done by hand. Joe and Itzel do most of the initial polishing (Itzel and I do the final stage polishing), Itzel does all of the blasting and I personally do all of the flaming (although I am teaching Itzel). Even with the CNCs, you'd be amazed at how much of the pen making process is still done by hand.

    40. Missing avatar

      Fred Nemiroff on

      Hi Jack,
      I'm patiently waiting for my brushed titanium mini click pen. Can you explain a little about the brushed finish process? Is it done by hand or by machine? Also, is it one of the tougher finishes to apply? Thanks

    41. Missing avatar

      Eric CharlesChiu on

      Got mine in Toronto a couple weeks ago. Been using it since! Great feel in the hand!

    42. Missing avatar

      John on

      LOVE my pen, thanks guys!!

    43. Cenydd Blackwell on

      Received my titanium pen a few days ago and this has instantly become my favourite pen! Super smooth action, very high quality of machining and the surface finish on the tumbled titanium looks simply amazing. Love it!

    44. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Jonas, there's a small bit of thread-lock in there to prevent it from coming loose. You would need to heat the barrel of the pen where it threads in (lighter or small torch) and then unscrew it. Try not to crush the mechanism bushing while doing so and you'll be fine.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonas on

      Picked up my tumbled titanium pen yesterday from german customs.
      The finish is amazing as I don't like "glossy" things where you can see every single scratch and fingerprint. And finally a pocket clip that won't break!
      How would I remove the click mechanism if I ever had to? I couldn't find out...

    46. Jack Roman 4-time creator on


    47. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Neh, shoot me an email and I'll email you a few o-rings.

    48. Missing avatar

      Lanny Benishek on

      Hey Jack
      I received the two pens a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome. One of the rubber rings on the pen my wife uses broke. Is this something that can be replaced locally (I've seen something similar at the hardware store) or is this something I need to get from you? Thanks for your response.

    49. Jack Roman 4-time creator on

      Right on, thanks for the kind words guys. Makes the hard work worth it!

    50. Rob Muirhead on

      Got my pen today! Awesome :) love my original mini click and always wanted a titanium version. It'll be my work pen from now on!

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