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Power to the iPhone 4 / 4S! Double the up time in a thin case w. rechargeable battery, large solar charger, replaceable color bumpers!

January 12 - In case you are new to Kickstarter, this project will NOT get funded until we reach the $15,000 goal by 1/18.  Please tell your friends and post links to help us reach that goal.  Thank you!

January 8 - The factory liked the design so much that they are going to market it under their own brand in Europe.  PLUS-they got it certified Made For iPhone

As a result, they offered us the option of selling the same case with their logo to Kickstarter members for $60 (retail $120) until 1/18.

Therefore, you have the option of getting the same case with a different logo (to be advised) at the lower price but everything else (specifications, colors, etc.) is staying the same.

Please tell your friends about this unique case AND the unbelievable price before it expires.  Thank you!

Monster Watts Hybrid Solar Battery Thin Case

Don't worry about your iPhone 4 / 4S running out of power in the middle of the day-or out on the street. 

The Monster Watts hybrid solar charger battery cases combine a solar charger with built-in back up battery power in protective and stylish cases for the iPhone 4 / 4S.

Thin Case available in black or white with interchangeable color bumper.

Whether you're outdoors or indoors, away from electrical outlets; you can relax knowing that with the extra battery life and ambient sunlight - your iPhone 4 / 4S will not run out of power any time soon.

It virtually doubles your up time to surf, talk, and play.  Recharges automatically whenever it's under sunlight.  Its hybrid charging system means that it can also be charged with any computer or home/car charger via the built-in micro USB port.

The Monster Watts Thin Case is different than other products currently available. Those are slide-in holster types with bland looking exteriors.  In fact, we've sold many of a Power Sleeve model that was designed in the UK.

Original Power Sleeve shown on left versus new Thin Case on right.

Although it does the job well, we felt it should be thinner and better looking so we came up with a design that incorporates a thinner rechargeable lithium polymer battery, larger solar panel, and a protective case with a wrap around color bumper that can be switched to fit your mood and fashion.

Up front is the new Thin Case.  The lithium polymer rechargeable battery is thinner and still rated at 2400 mAh.

The Thin Case (in the middle) is a wrap around case that protects the iPhone while providing full access to buttons and ports.

Color bumpers can be easily switched.

Choice of black or white Thin Case.

It took a few months, but we finally found a manufacturer that can make this, with the quality that we need; and they have the working prototype already completed.  The $15,000 will be used towards funding the mold and initial production. 

By the way, the retail price is $118, but the Kickstarter prices are discounted and come with additional bumpers (for pledges of $150 and up).

The Monster Watts Thin Case is a complete case with a replaceable color bumper that wraps around the iPhone 4 / 4S. The battery and solar charger are very thin and lightweight. Once enclosed, the iPhone does not have to be removed again. There is a micro USB port that allows external charging and computer access for syncing. The solar charger can keep the battery charged when outdoors under the sun.

  • 2400 mAh lithium polymer battery-back up or charge iPhone
  • Efficient solar charger-automatically charges the battery pack
  • Built-in micro USB port (charge and sync)
  • Access to all buttons and ports
  • Replaceable color bumper available in orange, green, blue, purple, gray, transparent-protects and fits your mood
  • Available in black or white-match your iPhone


  • 5 x 2.5 x .7 inches/131 x 63 x 17.8 mm 
  • Lightweight 2.8 ounces/78.5 grams
Advanced Features:
  • Integrated LED status indicators show how much battery power is left
  • Pass through design and included USB cable allows charge and sync without having to remove the iPhone
  • Advanced technology always use the slim case battery first
  • Built-in overcharge protection

Thank you for looking.  Please email any questions or comments that you have.

The estimated time for delivery is late February 2012.  We have March 2012 as the worst case scenario.


  • There is a built-in micro USB port that allows charging with a computer (PC or Mac) via a standard cable (included), or mobile phone charger.

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  • There's no need to remove the iPhone. If you are charging via the micro USB port, the iPhone's battery gets charged first. The built-in battery pack can also charge the iPhone's battery or be used as the back up.

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  • On January 8th, we reached an agreement with the factory to be able to sell the same case under their brand for a much lower price. Everything else is the same. Please see update #1. Sorry for the confusion but we believe that with a lower price, it will be much easier to get this product into people's hands.

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  • The product that will be delivered will be MFI - regardless of what brand you choose.

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