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Kickstarter Gold Exclusive Edition with two Table Titans Adventure Modules for Dungeons & Dragons, Game Tokens, Maps, & DM Screen!
518 backers pledged $34,016 to help bring this project to life.


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This spring Kickstarter passed a momentous milestone: over $1 billion pledged to repeat creators. To mark the occasion, they’ve invited some of their most beloved creators back to the platform for a celebration of creativity called Kickstarter Gold.

Kickstarter Gold spotlights creators as they run new projects inspired by their favorite rewards and ideas from past campaigns, and Table Titans is honored to have been asked to participate!

We’ve had two successful Kickstarter campaigns for Table Titans that have exceeded all of our expectations. We’ve been able to turn our webcomic into a series of fantastic looking tomes worthy of any arcane bookshelf.

Missed out on previous campaigns but still want some sweet loot? You're in luck! From now until this campaign ends, you can order all any past Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards in the Table Titans BackerKit Shoppe! 

With the help of Kickstarter and our Backers we’ve gone from a single artist webcomic to a full studio of creators working on various comics, games, and gaming accessories for the Table Titans universe.

Through all of our campaigns there has only ever been ONE stretch goal that we did not reach and that was for the Table Titans Game Tokens. Cardboard gaming figures featuring art and characters from our Table Titans comic and Fallen Veil universe.

We had big plans for these little figures but, despite our Backers’ best efforts during and after the Kickstarter, we just didn’t have the funds to get them made...

…and then, Kickstarter Gold came along!

Now’s our chance to not only make the Table Titans Gaming Tokens a reality, but to make them bigger and better than ever!

With the help of our Backers in previous campaigns, we were able to create two Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Modules inspired by the world of Table Titans entitled: The Terror of Haverford and Lake of Shadows. These modules have only ever been available as digital downloads and they've never had any accessories to enhance their gaming experience. We think it's about time for that to change.


The Table Titans: Fallen Veil Adventure Set includes everything your gaming group needs to challenge a battle hardened adventuring party, or to take a set of brand new characters from levels 1 – 5

  • Two 48 page full-color Adventure Modules
  • Over 200 cardboard game tokens representing all the monsters you'll meet during these adventures
  • More than 8 fold-out gaming maps for each town, dungeon, and location from the modules
  • And 1 custom Dungeon Master screen featuring rules reference for each adventure to keep the DM out of the books and into the game!

You might have noticed that there’s only ONE reward tier, but that doesn’t mean there’s only ONE reward!

We've got a TON of add-ons to personalize your gaming experience. Simply pick the reward tier you'd like, then add the amount listed in the chart below for any items you'd like to "add-on" to your pledge. Once the campaign is over, we'll use powerful BackerKit Wyzards and their magical Surveys to ask you which add-on items you wanted, and you'll get exactly the combination of rewards you desire!

PLUS, every time we hit a milestone we’ll add another Kickstarter Gold Exclusive to the Fallen Veil Adventure Set! Each unlocked item will be EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter campaign and will be included with your reward shipment.

Together we can make the biggest and best Table Titans gaming product to date. So get out there, spread the word, and remember:

Titans Never Say Die! 


Risks and challenges

There are always risks when publishing books and manufacturing products. Trust us, after almost nine months of delays in our first Kickstarter we've now gotten to experience with most of them. Everything from paper and fabric shortages to coastal pirates... yes, pirates.

But we've got no fear this time around (except from pirates) because we've already locked down our printer and we've got YOU, the Backers, here to help us out. As we make our way through each step of design and manufacturing we'll be sharing it here with you. It's the first time we've done a Kickstarter like this and we're very excited for the feedback and interaction!

We've also teamed with one of the biggest and best crowdfunding companies in the industry: BackerKit.

Through BackerKit we'll easily be able to manage add-ons, surveys, address changes, and fulfillment.


"Vestra Wants to be a Wizard" Emmett Plant (
"Titans Never Say Die" Emmett Plant (
© Toonhound Studios, LLC

"Hero Down" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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