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Kickstarter Gold Exclusive Edition with two Table Titans Adventure Modules for Dungeons & Dragons, Game Tokens, Maps, & DM Screen!
Kickstarter Gold Exclusive Edition with two Table Titans Adventure Modules for Dungeons & Dragons, Game Tokens, Maps, & DM Screen!
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    1. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins 5 days ago

      Aw man. Did not realize that. Well guess I won't be watching any of those either... in the interest of semi-friendly comments chat while we wait a few more months for an update, what was everyone's most looked forward to item from this kickstarter? I for one was super excited to see the DM screen and the tokens..

    2. Anthony Lauer 5 days ago

      Also sucks that past streams require a subscription on twitch.

    3. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins 7 days ago

      I can never actually watch them because they always happen when I'm at work. Anyone else know?

    4. Anthony Lauer on

      Are they doing the daily art streams?

    5. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins on

      No backerkit and no update... hm...

    6. Chris LaCour on

      According to the dictionary 'bi-monthly' can mean either twice per month or every two months. At first I thought that this meant updates would be 8 weeks apart. But then I thought that wasn't possible. Because what would that mean? If they were putting serious effort into finishing, we would get one? Maybe two updates total? It made much more sense to have an update every two weeks. But that would have been today.

    7. Anthony Lauer on

      No backer kit for Fallen Veil yet.

    8. Lisa Nightingale on

      Thanks for the massive update! So sorry to hear about Papa! Sending all the positive vibes your way.

      Did the backerkit go live? I haven't seen anything as of yet.

    9. Colecago

      Is Meg helping on Binwin's Kickstarter as well? I late backed it because I love Tavis' work but ended up cancelling because of the months of silence of both. I know the books have been received a while ago but there doesn't appear to be any info on fulfillment and many backer questions unanswered in the comments. I'd love to back it again when the books start shipping!

    10. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      Thank you for the support! We'll take the time needed, but not too long. We want this project finished too ;)

    11. Wtcher on

      Oh man. I admit I'd been wondering where you'd been but figured something big had come up.

      This is a lot bigger than I thought it'd be. Take all the time you need. Take infinite time. Health and family > Kickstarter.

    12. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Lisa Nightingale
      Thanks for keeping on us, Lisa. It's been a rough road but we're through the worst of it now, and we've added two new people that you can help keep honest :P

    13. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Ben & Thea Pratt
      There's plenty to show, Ben & Thea! We just haven't UNTIL NOW! Once BackerKit is live we'll be sending everyone EVERYTHING we've finished and all the works in progress.

    14. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @John Bowlin
      BackerKit is currently waiting for approval! We expect it to be approved in 72 hrs or less :)

    15. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Anthony Lauer
      Yeah, Papa going back into the hospital we get set way back.

    16. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins
      Sorry about that Kaitlyn! Streaming is a new thing for us, but now it's a regular fixture. We cover it in the new update. We'll be streaming every weekday starting at 11am.

    17. Lisa Nightingale on

      Well in a strange turn of events they replied today! Clearly they felt the rage lol but wanted to share with you guys!! Table Titans
      Replying to @uklili13
      Just finished a new update today, Lisa. Waiting for approval from BackerKit so we can post it tomorrow. Sorry again for the delays

    18. Lisa Nightingale on

      I sent them a tweet on the 14th and 18th... both were ignored. That just flat out pisses me off. I have been patient as we all have but when you refuse to give any update and then just ignore people after you say something is coming and it doesnt?! Makes me wonder if this project flopped and they dont plan to finish.

    19. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins on

      It's now been a year now guys. The backer kit was supposed to go out last week, and several times before. No one can get answers, and there's so much of a lack of updating that people wonder if this is going to disappear into the void. Can we please get an update? It doesn't have to be a long one, just something for those of us still here wondering what's going on?

    20. Lisa Nightingale on

      I tweeted them on the 14th asking for an update and have not heard anything back. Trying not to get frustrated and angry.

    21. Ben & Thea Pratt on

      Next week is one year since the Kickstarter opened, and there's nothing to show for it. Whilst in theory the Backer-kit was supposed to go out last weekend, it hasn't yet.

      It's not too much to ask for an update for backers, is it?

    22. Anthony Lauer on

      Nope nothing yet

    23. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins on

      It's not up that I've seen, I'm with you though, this was my most looked forward to as well.

    24. John Bowlin

      Is backerkit up yet? This was one of my most looked-forward-to KS

    25. Anthony Lauer on

      Me too. Also sad it's not available for those who missed it or couldn't watch.

    26. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins on

      So very disappointed that the token drawing stream wasn't an announcement. Then those of us who only check here in the comments every once in a while would have gotten an email and could've seen some progress at least...

    27. Joe Kushner on

      Twitter is a great place to interact with fans and in many ways, it demands a response of some sort. While I appreciate Toonhound Studios pipping in here and doing some streaming, I'd like an official update in the actual Update bucket where it should be.

    28. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      We are! We're streaming Scott drawing the tokens now if you'd like to join us. BacerKit goes live this weekend and Cory will be updating here as well. Almost back on track :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian Perkins on

      They are currently doing a live twitch stream, not sure if this KS has been mentioned yet.

    30. Colecago

      You can try contacting them on Twitter, they respond on there. On May 22nd they responded to me saying they are going to open the backerkit in the next week or so and they would be giving us digital versions at that time so that's promising, maybe they made up the art they lost already.

    31. Joe Kushner on

      And for those who haven't, use the old Report Project. May not get the results (i.e. a timely update) we're looking for, but it's one of the few options we have as backers at this point.

    32. Joe Kushner on

      One of the benefits of using a kickstarter is it allows you to engage with your fan base directly.

      One of the quickest ways to ground that ship on the rocks is to stop engaging with your fans.

    33. Lucee Bundock on

      Come on guys you can comment and update on Binwin's minions KS occasionally, but nothing here for literally months at a time.

      I'm sure we can all appreciate things might be tough, but really, you can't even manage to even let us know you haven't just ditched us?

      30 seconds, to periodically shout "Still here, still working" is too much?

    34. Kaitlyn Bolton-Blevins on

      We're approaching the 1 year anniversary of the campaign launch...

    35. Anthony Lauer on

      They posted an update on the Binwins Minions KS. Hopefully that means one coming soon for this one.

    36. Colecago

      From Twitter today - @tabletitans
      "We know we haven't updated the kickstarters recently (real life happens) but know that we're still getting work done! More updates soon :)"

      "Slowly but surely. We've got updates coming to TTv2, Fallen Veil, and Binwins V1 this week. It's been a rough ride for months now but we're getting back on track :)"

    37. Chris LaCour on

      I am starting to wonder if Toonhound is going under and this has become vapor. I have gotten a couple of responses to tweets or emails over the past 18 months, mostly apologies, but 3-8 months between updates and information is not something I would accept.

    38. Ben & Thea Pratt on

      Hi all,

      I understand that there's stuff going on for the team at Toonhound, but it's been more than 3 months since the last update, and in that update we were advised that things should have been finished and shipped by now, given you gave the date as March or April. We're in May.

      In the last update, you did advise that you'd send out the backerkit stuff in a week or two. That never happened.

      Considering that we're partnering with you to bring this product about (that's what Kickstarter is, after all), could you please provide an update?

    39. Anthony Lauer on

      On twitter I contact @corycasoni he's the business guy of toonhound.

    40. Colecago

      Anthony, did you contact them through Toonhound or Scott on Twitter? I tried Scott and heard nothing and the Toonhound account looks vacant. I cancelled my backerkit order for Binwin's Minions (late backed), I'll just buy from the store when that's released, I was hoping to combine shipping but don't think this one is as far along as Binwin's.

    41. Anthony Lauer on

      It's my cat Chimi. He was looking distinguished with his tie.

    42. Colecago

      Anthony your profile picture on a phone looks like King from the Tekken series :-)

    43. Anthony Lauer on

      Nothing has changed, just they are way behind. They had an office move and a family emergency. Along with the normal day to day stuff, they just couldn't keep up. It's disappointing with the lack communication going on.

    44. Chris LaCour on

      I am reading this wrong, right? Is this whole thing going to be a big print to play PDF now? Or is something going to be shipped?

    45. Anthony Lauer on

      Ugh.... they say it's on their list to do, but nothing is done

    46. Anthony Lauer on

      I agree, after everytime I tweet at them they

    47. Lisa Nightingale on

      Definitely severely delayed. I just wish they would be transparent about how long it will take versus just cricket chirps.

    48. Anthony Lauer on

      Doubt its vapor, just delayed. They said they lost a lot of art and having to redo it.

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