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Collecting the comic adventures of Binwin Bronzebottom and his hopelessly-hapless band of Minions into their very first book!
Collecting the comic adventures of Binwin Bronzebottom and his hopelessly-hapless band of Minions into their very first book!
Collecting the comic adventures of Binwin Bronzebottom and his hopelessly-hapless band of Minions into their very first book!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Louie Luiz 1 day ago

      I haven't received anything from my backerkit yet. Has there been any further updating other than they are starting to ship ?

    2. Linda Weaver 4 days ago

      So if the books arrived last May and we were promised they were shipping soon, why have they not? Better yet, why have we not at least had an update. Kind of feeling this is never going to happen.

    3. Anthony Lauer on

      This is one of those Kickstarters I know I will get the things, it's just a matter of how late.

    4. Linda Weaver on

      It's been over 4 weeks since the books were to ship. Does anyone know what is going on? An update would be nice. Thanks.

    5. Anthony Lauer on

      I would pm them and send Cory Casoni a tweet letting him know you sent a pm.

    6. Elizabeth Starling on


      I just saw the update that said we had a week (back in May) to finalize the surveys. I never got a survey...and when I tried to enter my email address, it said it didn't have a survey sent to that address. I've had problems with Backerkit before, sending to my original email address (which shouldn't be associated with this account anymore).. can someone help me? I've moved since I first pledged to this campaign and I don't want to miss out on my signed hardcover... :(

    7. Linda Weaver on

      Hate to be a bother, but it seems to be around a month now since the books were supposed to ship. I for one am getting concerned now since there haven't been any updates. And I will be going on vacation soon and assumed the book would be here by then. I would have changed my mailing address had I known this was going to happen.

    8. Linda Weaver on

      Just wondering if we will get tracking information when the books ship. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      James Dunn on

      Update please. Thank you.

    10. Anthony Lauer on

      Backerkit just charged me for the additional cost for the extra addons.

    11. Regazo The Red

      Oh, i hope they haven’t run into any more mishaps. I guess we just wait patiently. :/

    12. Anthony Lauer on

      They said 3 weeks two weeks

    13. Regazo The Red

      Sorry, so when will shipping begin?

    14. Ryan Booker on

      Good to hear that things are back on track, both on the Kickstarter and in Life, I hope. Just because you seem to be talking to people here, I would like to ask about the Tabletops Titans Kickstarter. I personal am still waiting on the dice towers and the dice. There are some people talking about also not getting any of there rewards at all. I personally have got everything but those two items and love them. I just hope that we can get an update on that Kickstarter as well. Thank you guys and hope live start treating you better in the future. Best wish to Popa as well.

    15. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Jim Burmingham
      No worries, Jim! Head to your BackerKit account and you can access all your digital files there :)

    16. Jim Burmingham on

      Not sure how else to reach you. Been away from my email for a couple of days, had about 100 items in spam, simply deleted them. Then read the update indicating the digital links were sent out. I am sure I deleted it with all my spam. Is there anyway to get it re-sent to me? Many thanks in advance.

    17. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Anthony Lauer
      Perfect! Thanks for the info, Anthony.

    18. Anthony Lauer on

      Just got one with a link to Backerkit with a download link

    19. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Regazo The Red
      To be fair, we were on the verge of deserving the pitchfork and with how the last ten-ish months have been going, it would have been just our luck :P

    20. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Anthony Lauer
      Thanks for the info, Anthony! Did it come through as a single email or did you get two? The system was being a little weird when we were trying to get it sent up. Want to make sure we figure it out for future releases.

    21. Regazo The Red

      I Knew you guys would come through eventually! Glad Dad’s doing better. Oh, and sorry about pitchfork comment :| just getting nervous.... (fyi: its not really a pitchfork, its more of a Plastic rake i picked up at Walmart, but a lot of the pointy things at the end have broken off due to it being left out in the sun). Any way, thats my poor attempt at backpedaling.... Glad things are finally moving along.

    22. Anthony Lauer on

      Got my PDF. Looks good!

    23. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      Apologies to all for the delay and silence. Thanks for sticking with us. Shipments should be headed out the week after next so please check your address in BackerKit!

      We've got a humungous update for you. Please note, there's lots of person info in here that we're only sharing with Backers right now.

    24. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Anthony Lauer
      Sorry to disappoint you, Anthony. Believe us when we say that it's not from a lack of interest in updating this stuff. We'd much rather be here working on this Kickstarter. Got some new help in so our communication should improve dramatically ;)

    25. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Nicki Dominique Hallett
      You didn't miss anything, Nicki, but we sure did. Tons of info in our latest Update but know that your stuff is shipping shortly and your PDF should be in your inbox already :)

    26. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Regazo The Red
      Stow the pitchfork! We're here, we're here ;)

    27. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Kevin Daignault
      You hit the nail on the head, Kevin. We lost our warehouse so the books got stuck in transit. We've borrowed some warehouse space from friends and we've now received everything. Shipping should start week after next.

      PDF copies should have gone out but didn't, we think we fixed that tonight, so please check your inbox and let us know if you've got a link.

      We've posted all the gory details in our latest update. Sorry this last hurdle is taking so long for us to get over!

    28. Toonhound Studios 4-time creator on

      @Anthony Lauer @Jack Barker
      Thanks for helping out, Anthony!

    29. Anthony Lauer on

      Nope. Still waiting.

    30. Nicki Dominique Hallett on

      so I haven't missed it... it's actually not out yet. /sigh.

    31. Regazo The Red

      I’ve got a pitchfork somewhere in storage, but i’ll keep faith that they’ll respond before considering a riot.... :)

    32. Anthony Lauer on

      I agree. As a fan these guys it's disappointing at the lack of any interest in updating this or the other Kickstarter.

    33. Kevin Daignault

      @Regazo The Red - Even if that was the case, a password reset isn't impossible to complete.

      @Anthony Lauer - If the books have arrived, then they should have posted an update to us all to let us know they arrived, and provide us with an ETA on how soon shipping will start or if it has already started.

    34. Regazo The Red

      Maybe they forgot the password to their Kickstarter acct and can’t log in.... :(

    35. Anthony Lauer on

      They responded to me on twitter, books arrived a couple weeks ago.

    36. Kevin Daignault

      @Toonhound Studios - Last update we received stated that the books were on a boat being shipped to the Shipping Fullfillment Center back in January. Because you have decided to hold off on shipping PDF copies of the book until physical copies can be shipped at the same time, we have received no items in regards to the KS at this time.

      Please provide us with the current status of KS Backer Fulfillment at your earliest opportunity as we are anxious to receive our digital and/or physical rewards for backing your project.

    37. Regazo The Red


    38. Regazo The Red

      : /

    39. Missing avatar


      I messaged them directly on Kickstarter last month with no response. I'm...really surprised by this.

    40. Kevin Daignault

      @Toonhound Studios - Can we get an update on the delivery of the PDF to backers at this time?

    41. Jack Barker on

      Thanks! According to that, I've got the book ordered after all.

    42. Jack Barker on

      I've been utterly unable to find the "backerkit." Help?

    43. Anthony Lauer on

      Dunno what's up. They are updating the comic. So they are still alive.

    44. Regazo The Red

      Was the update going to be on twitter or here?

    45. Anthony Lauer on

      Have filled out the backerkit? It's still unlocked so you can still change things.

    46. Jack Barker on

      Hey, I backed at the $30 level to get the Hardcover and I logged on to check and it says "no reward." How do i fix this glitch and get my book?

    47. Anthony Lauer on

      They responded on Twitter, update soon. Also said books arrived while they were away PAX.

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