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This feature doc chronicles the rise and fall of the first ever all-female wrestling show through the stories of those who lived it.



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GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is the often hilarious, surprisingly touching story of the late-80s, cult-classic show, GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.  The film catches up with over twenty-five original "GLOW girls" to uncover the history of this once hugely successful program, and to explore how the show affected the lives of these vibrant, dynamic women.


This is your chance to help tell these amazing ladies' stories. This film captures an epic cultural phenomenon, and now you can have a part in the history. Despite an amazing world premiere at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, and sold out screenings at film festivals across the country, GLOW still needs help with finishing funds for the following:

  • Audio Remastering
  • Poster & Website Design
  • DVD/Blu-ray Replication
  • HDCAM Master
  • E&O Insurance
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Licensing Archival Footage
  • Securing Music Rights (*Note: GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling features the music of early-80s, post-punk, all-girl funk group ESG (Emerald, Sapphire & Gold), and modern electronic artist, M83, and this music is essential to the overall feeling and energy of the film.)


Our goal is to raise $32,787.00 on Kickstarter to help with all these finishing costs and basically get the film ready to play in your living room. Plus, we're offering some really great gifts for your generosity that we feel reflect the energy and focus of the film.


Indiewire - "Project of the Day"

"A moving insight into GLOW's heyday...slickly produced and well told." - Diva Dirt

"The mix of interviews and archival footage really give the viewer a sense of what it was like to be a part of this brief phenomenon." Digital Journal

"How could you not fall in love with something so campy and fun?" -Toronto Film Scene


The year is 1986. Mike Tyson has just won his first title, the Chicago Bears are super bowl champs and unlikely rap-stars, and GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is about to burst onto the scene as the first ever all-female wrestling show on television.  Like its then sole competitor/frequent imitator, the World Wrestling Federation, GLOW was a prime-time wrestling series, complete with elaborate characters, costumes, skits, personalized raps, and, of course, wrestling.  Unlike the WWF, GLOW was a true variety show, more akin to "Hee-Haw" and "You Can't Do That On Television," than to any wrestling show the world had ever seen.  Because of this, many of the women who joined GLOW were actresses who had never set foot in a wrestling ring. That all changed after an initial boot camp session with wrestling legend Mando Guerrero, and for four years, week after week, women like Mountain Fiji, the Samoan giant with a heart of gold, and Matilda the Hun, the evil German with a taste for raw meat, battled it out for the GLOW crown.  By 1989, the GLOW girls were an international phenomenon, attracting over seven million viewers worldwide, touring the nation, and making big bank for the show’s producers. One year later, GLOW was gone.


Our interest in GLOW first came about in the late eighties when, as children, we sat up past bedtime watching the show.  We were never avid wrestling fans, but something about the combination of women’s wrestling and vaudevillian-style comedy captivated our adolescent minds in ways we couldn’t quite understand at the time.  Fast-forward nearly twenty-five years, and we were re-introduced to GLOW through the story of Ursula Hayden, AKA “Babe the Farmer’s Daughter,” a former GLOW girl who, in 2001, obtained the rights to the GLOW name and sought to revive the company on her own terms. Through Ursula, we connected with several other GLOW women, many who hadn’t thought about their time in GLOW for over twenty years. Through stories of jarring injuries, intense pressures, and Hollywood dreams, we quickly discovered a potent and engaging narrative and decided to explore the “rise and fall” of GLOW and the collective journey of the women involved.


The film was produced by Jason Connell, directed by Brett Whitcomb, and written/edited by Bradford Thomason.  An independent project in the truest sense, the film was shot primarily in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas by a three-man crew (including Luke McKibben, sound and production assistant) over the course of a year and a half, and edited by Bradford Thomason and Alex Perrault for an additional year and a half.

Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason are award-winning filmmakers from Houston, TX.  Their credits include, The Rock-afire Explosion, a documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of Showbiz Pizza Place.  The Rock-afire Explosion screened at over twenty film festivals, garnered positive praise from news outlets worldwide, including USA TODAY, Time Out London, and SPIN Magazine, and received a theatrical run in Austin, TX.

Jason Connell is the president and founder of Connell Creations, a Los Angeles based film and television production company which was formed in Connell’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Along with producing The Rock-afire Explosion, Connell produced and directed Strictly Background, a heart-warming documentary about professional background actors trying to make it in Hollywood. He also produced the recently released documentary Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians, an inside look at a team of professional blackjack players made up entirely of churchgoing Christians. Holy Rollers has garnered praise from CNN, The New York Times, andThe Colbert Report. Connell is also the founder of the United Film Festivalas well as a growing distribution division, United Films.


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