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After an unknown event destroys most animal life on Earth, those left must work together to survive, and to understand what happened
After an unknown event destroys most animal life on Earth, those left must work together to survive, and to understand what happened
192 backers pledged $6,300 to help bring this project to life.

My Fundkicker started!! My Startfunder Kicked!! My Kickstarter Funded!!

You have to imagine those words all spoken excited and breathlessly because holy crap.

When I began the Kickstarter experiment, it was with the intention of giving me a financial reason to work on one project over another. The base idea was that I had two or three projects going, and the work on two of them was more tedious but much farther along. The fun project was my first fiction and I’ve been noodling on it for a while. So when I decided to do a Kickstarter for it I set the financial goal at whatever it would take for me to get the project to publishable format (editing, cover design, e-pub conversion, etc) What I did not expect was to have it overfund by 530%.

So what happens now? Well thanks to your generosity, I can now afford to essentially work on this full time for the next two weeks. I’ve waffled between whether that means the project gets done earlier, or simply gets a bit bigger. My original word target was around 50,000 words. I’ve decided to expand that somewhat. Not by a lot but what the money allows me to do, over the amount I asked for, is buy food, etc while I turn down other opportunities and just work on this.

That’s an incredible event. I don’t just mean for me, I mean in general. Much like the days before content creation was beholden to monolithic gatekeepers, artists can now find “Patrons” to support their work easily and cheaply. Of course, there’s always the risk that what I turn out might *suck* but I’m going to try and err on the side that it won’t.

The project is on track to complete around the end of May, give or take some time for editing which is actually out of my control. I’ll soon be sending along the “teaser” text of about 3,000 words in email to everyone who donated. As the story progresses, if those who donated would be interested in progress reports or story snippets let me know via the message or comment feature on Kickstarter and I will keep the updates coming.


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    1. devon on April 6, 2012

      I am stoked to read it

    2. Evaristo Ramos on March 27, 2012

      I think there should be a t-shirt :P
      Personally I know I would fund more on each writing project if there were something tangible instead of the book, but I'm weird like that I love ebooks as I can carry more of them around with me to read, stickers and t-shirts are the real bonuses

    3. Stephen Toulouse Creator on March 27, 2012

      I'll have more to say on that point on wed. :D

    4. Adam Keyte on March 27, 2012

      Whilst I'm glad to hear that the overfunding is allowing you to spend more time on this project, I'm sure I'm not the only PAX East attendee who wouldn't object if you decided to take next weekend off and fly over to Boston at short notice :)