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Madcat GamesBy Madcat Games
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Madcat GamesBy Madcat Games
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, April 5 2017 2:55 AM UTC +00:00

News :D

Posted by Madcat Games (Creator)

A long time has passed since the ending of the kick starter. During this time, there have been many events.

During this time, we have found different methods for the development of Dragon Lore. Also, we were lucky enough to meet a game publisher deeply interested in Dragon Lore and signed a contract.

It is a place named ‘H2 Interactive’ and they are publishing the steam combat game ‘BLAZBLUE’ and supplying many games from around the world to Korea. They are providing much support for the stunning completion of Dragon Lore.


Dragon Lore has been developed up until the build that allows combat experience. Last September, at a city in Korea name Busan, this game was submitted to an indie game festival ‘BIC’ and throughout two days, countless audience visited and suggested various opinions. We have received those opinions well and we are making an effort to make a stunning finished game.


We are at the stage where the main system of the game is complete and various interesting contents are in the process of being made. Also, we are improving the graphics for airship and combat stages. The game has become very different compared to the beginning of the kick starter. The specifics are the following.

1) The changing in the airship design

The airship was originally a design similar to stacked blocks. However, this design was too simple compared to the combat field and seemed a lesser quality. After long though, we decided to change the airship to a Low Polygon art style.



2) The addition of the interior part of the airship

Originally, NPCs were located on the deck of the airship and all of the functions were to be assigned to the NPCs. However, it was changed as it was judged that making a room for each function and placing an NPC in each room increased the game volume and was more efficient when planning events.




3) The change in character illustration

In order to show the interesting story of Dragon Lore in an even more stunning way, we changed the illustrations of the characters.


4) The Inclusion of a height concept

The original combat field was designed to be on a flat area. However, in order to include strategic movement using the landscape, a concept of height was included. The average human type characters can move at a maximum of 2 units up and down, and more than that can only be achieved by characters with special abilities.




Like how it has been introduced in the beginning, we have met a good publishing partner and in development with the goal of launching late next year. Also, we are optimistically taking in account your opinions about funding retries. We believe that crowd funding including the kick starter is a good communication method to be in touch with many game manias and necessary for an even better finished result. Now Dragon Lore is not an unstable program that can be published if luck follows. We have prepared a route to finish the game. With everyone, we will make a fantastic game that will leave its mark in the history of JRPG.


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    1. Madcat Games Creator on

      Cryum - We will keep in mind your various suggestions to improve the game. We really appreciate your opinions.

    2. Madcat Games Creator on

      Vince Vazquez - We really appreciate your sincere advices. We will finish the game development next fall. However, prior to that, as soon as we are done with game demo with all the contents, we will discuss with the publisher to participated in various indie game events. It will be really cool to win some awards related with games.

    3. Madcat Games Creator on

      Singleton - Even though we have failed kickstarter, we will never forget that we have 324 funding sponsors.

    4. Madcat Games Creator on

      Chris Skuller - We hope to get a chance to retry for kickstarter again.

    5. Madcat Games Creator on

      Matin - The date of kickstarter re-challenge is not determined yet. Also, we will discuss with the publisher to reveal the demonstration version of the game or not.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cryum on

      I agree, crowdfunding together with having a publisher seems more like getting the flaws of both for not much more capital.

      As for the changes to the game design concept:
      1+2) I can see why you changed the setup to be like that. Having everything on the deck of the ship made it too busy. This way you can more properly convey the feel of each of their jobs.

      But if I were to suggest an alternative? Keep the blocky look, but give a room for every ship function. Instead, render the entire ship as one instance, seemlessly moving from room to room(just dimming rooms you aren't currently in) without loading times. This would make the ship feel more like a single, living organization, assuming the blocky style is lighter on processor requirements.

      3) My concerns with this are the same as before: that the art style doesn't really match the blocky characters. More than that, though, will you be able to properly convey emotion? Having more complicated portraits will only make it harder to have different images for expressions.

      It also doesn't hurt to try ways the 3d models can show emotions and expressions.

      4) No complaints here. If you wanted to stand out more, though, I suggest including tree traversal, climbing and attacking from atop trees, or using them to jump onto roofs.

    7. Vince Vazquez

      Guys let me say, I am super happy to hear this news \(^-^)/

      Absolutely happy to hear you found a publisher and got some feedback and that development can continue on track for you all! I'm also such a HUGE fan of the new lower poly artstyle for the environments than the blocky, craft-game look. The illustrations were already wonderful though; the new stuff looks just as fantastic as before (^-^)

      "Also, we are optimistically taking in account your opinions about funding retries." - I personally would probably advise against another shot at crowdfunding. A lot of games seem to struggle nowadays unless they've made a splash with websites and magazines and become known quantities that people are looking forward to; in order to do that, you gotta go to, like, western equivalents of that Busan Indie Connect convention. A PAX (Penny Arcade eXpo), EGX (EuroGamer eXpo) or Gamescom-type of place and get some attention at an Indie MegaBooth or something. The holy grail being if you can land a spot in a big demo reel at a big event, like Cuphead being shown off at a Microsoft E3 press conference. That'll put any indie game on the map, so to speak.

      If you go take Dragon Lore to some places like that, and increase its awareness with gamers in the West, than I could see crowdfunding doing a lot better with a second attempt. But not just out-of-the-blue, trying again. It really sucks to say, but even indie games need some marketing nowadays - if an indie game is headed to kickstarter, they really gotta bump up awareness first :/

      Well, that's my two cents. Though I'd say it would probably be best to try and get in contact with other indie teams or indie marketers who've been in similar positions - I can think of some titles like Legrand Legacy that failed their first Kickstarter, but came back for a successful second one AND have been going around to shows all over the World spreading the word about their fantastic looking game. Plus there's people like Dan Adelman (@Dan_Adelman) who try to help out indies with business stuff. Couldn't hurt to solicit advice from people who've been there, y'know?

      Whatever you choose to do next, I'm there! I'm very happy to see Dragon Lore continue either way, and I'm thankful for H2 Interactive for picking it up! Hang in there guys, and please, keep us informed of Dragon Lore's continued development. Great to see you're still alive \(^-^)/

    8. Singleton on

      Thanks a lot for posting this. Very happy for you guys. Would love to try the game some day.

    9. Chris Skuller

      So glad to see this game's development is still up and running. I was deeply saddened by the failure of the Kickstarter.

    10. Missing avatar


      When is your next campaign? Will this be in steam for an early access?