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Bikelordz: Accra, Ghana BMX bike culture movie's video poster

Bikelordz is a short doc about young BMX riders in Accra, Ghana. We hope to release the DVD worldwide and get some bikes and swag to GH Read more

Accra, Ghana Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on August 29, 2011.

Bikelordz is a short doc about young BMX riders in Accra, Ghana. We hope to release the DVD worldwide and get some bikes and swag to GH

Accra, Ghana Documentary
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About this project

Bikelordz is a short documentary about the self-taught, self-invented bicycle culture which young people in Accra, Ghana have created and passed on to their younger contemporaries over time. It follows crews of these young bicycle gurus as they try and use their skills to make money, gain recognition, and live on their own terms.

All images in Bikelordz were shot in Ghana and all of the music is Ghanaian. It focuses on a young BMX movement which thrives amid adverse circumstances which are particularly urban Ghanaian but undeniably universal.

The Kickstarter

While filming Bikelordz, we realized the huge potential of the BMX community in Ghana. At the same time, we saw how lack of support or access to a wider audience was stunting its growth.

With your help, we will use the Bikelordz documentary as a way to support trick riding in Ghana--by returning to Ghana with DVD copies of the Bikelordz movie, a plan to host an event in Ghana showcasing flatland BMX styles and build a temporary skate park, and garnering sponsor-support from international companies that will allow us to bring gear, bikes, and even endorsed riders to Ghana in exchange for our endorsement via Bikelordz, the Bikelordz 2 event, and our website.

We hope that the Bikelordz Ghana project will be a first step towards doing this kind of project in other locales.

Because we intend to push this concept as far as it can go, our $10,000 Kickstarter goal is just a benchmark and any funds raised beyond that goal will be extremely beneficial. This goal bears specifically on DVD production and a return trip to Ghana with the goals described above.

Actually returning to Ghana is paramount because of the extreme increase in efficiency of doing things in person rather than remotely in Ghana. It also shows our support and love to the Bikelordz themselves.

Kickstarter budget breakdown:


We want to independently produce a DVD of the Bikelordz movie complete with stylish packaging and many extra features. We will use this DVD to garner press and sponsor support, for sale on the website to support riders in Ghana, and in Ghana where a physical DVD has more valuable than a streaming web-video clip.


The event will host a competition among locals, showcase visiting riders, and provide lessons and workshops. This event will provide encounters between bikers from diverse countries and communities, as well as provide a platform to attract sponsorship from BMX, apparel, and various other companies.


In the process of putting on the event, we will build a bike park that can be used afterward. BMXers in Ghana have no access to park equipment and they are eager to try their skills on it (as they make explicit in the Bikelordz film).
Our park could include Quarter/Half Pipe, Fly Off Platform, Angle Box, Launch Ramp, Fly-Off, Spine Ramp and Jump Box. If possible, the park will be constructed modularly so that it can be moved to various locations and reach people all over coastal GH.


We will also provide the vital role of connecting overseas riders with sponsors. Because of expensive and limited communication infrastructure and language barriers, we will be a great resource for Ghanaian riders hoping to take their biking to a professional level. We would also like to be a collection point for bike donations that can be sent to Ghana once we have enough to ship as a group.


Through all of our work, the cameras will be rolling. Documenting and sharing the culture there will make the riders proud, keep competition high, and create interest that will put the riders in touch with the greater BMX community. It is also our hope that we can preserve and encourage the unique development of Ghanaian BMX culture by showing the world the homegrown styles happening there.


In carrying out these steps, we will become the go-to group for anyone interested in helping out. While raising awareness, we hope to raise money and donated gear to further the BMX culture that is so young and so fresh. It is also our responsibility to make sure that the gear goes to the right place, and that donations support the entire community. We will be available to represent the riders when they can’t be present and to organize and collect support. We will also field input and suggestions from the international community and help support similar efforts in other places/cultures. BUDGET:

  • Subsidized flights to Ghana, and a place to stay. The place will be where we can host visitors, riders, and volunteers.
  • Land use, seating, lighting, PA, park (wood concrete dirt), bikes, pads.
  • Promotional materials, banners. Contact sponsors once we have ball rolling.
  • Film equipment rental/borrow. tapes.
  • Pay for the Ghanaian riders
  • Prize money/gear (this should come from sponsors)
  • Build and maintain website through which clips, merch, DVDs etc. will be made available, the proceeds of which go to support BMX culture
  • Ship over bikes, gear, DVDs of event, and other donated materials.
  • Translation, phone calls, etc.
How Kickstarter Works: 
 Your credit card is only charged if (when) we reach our goal of $10,000. Funding on Kickstarter is "all or nothing" and if we do not reach our fundraising goal by September 5th, you don't get charged a dime.At the end of the fundraising campaign, backers will be contacted by the project's producers to obtain any additional information that may be needed (i.e. shipping address, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE the 8 x 10 color photo rewards are production stills, not photos of director Mikey Hart. Sorry to disappoint.

You can find our more about the film / BMX culture in Accra at our website:

And on our Facebook page:

If you have any questions about the film or what we're using the Kickstarter money for feel free to contact us at


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