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Domo is an easy to use wifi sensor that uses your wifi-enabled devices to open exciting new possibilities in home automation.

Wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about leaving the lights on when you leave the house?  Imagine your garage door telling you that you might have forgotten to close it.  What if your music could follow you from room to room in your house seamlessly without you thinking about it?  All of these possibilities and many more are open to you with Domo.

Domo stands for Domestic Monitor and is a device to help transform home automation from an expensive novelty to an integral part of everyone's daily lives.  Domo works by detecting the presence or proximity of a registered device such as a smart phone or tablet.  As your devices come, go or achieve a specific location, Domo can then trigger events such as turning off the TV when you leave the house or turning on specific lights when you come home in the evening.  The most powerful aspect of the Domo is the ability to integrate with any web-enabled wifi device with an open interface.

Saving Energy

With more and more technology in our lives, the amount of energy each of us consumes is astounding. As much as technological proliferation is a part of the problem, though, we also believe that it can be a powerful part of the solution. In that regard, Domo is here to help. With the ability to shut off lights, stereos, TVs or really anything else you can plug in when you leave your home of business, the amount of energy your Domo can help you conserve is considerable.

Domo Presence

The Domo Presence is the perfect device for you if you want turn your house into a smart home, but do not have the need or know-how for more finely-tuned customization. A single Domo Presence empowers you to set up events to be triggered as people in your home or office come and go.

If you don't already have any compatible home automation technology for Domo to help you coordinate, we have also developed a special, one-socket power outlet called the Domo Power Plug to help get you started (see below). If you want a Domo that can do more, check out the Domo Proximity below which has the ability to sense distance, opening the door for more sophisticated features and dynamic home automation possibilities.

Domo Proximity

Let's say you don't want the lights on the upper level of your home to turn on when you arrive, but you would like them to do so as you go up the stairs. Or perhaps you want your music to follow you from room to room without your needing to touch a power button even once. If this is the sort of finely-tuned home automation that you crave, then the Domo Proximity is just for you. The Domo Proximity is the more advanced of the two Domo models.  With the added ability to sense proximity as well as presence, this device has the capabilities to make your smart home even smarter! Place a Domo Proximity in every room to turn lights or music (the latter with devices such as a SqueezeBox) on or off as you move throughout the house.

Domo Power Plug

Already have compatible home automation equipment and are ready to hit the ground running with your Domo on Day 1?  Great!  In the event that you don't, or maybe have just been looking for a more simple and less expensive means of automating any home electronic device that you plug in, we've got you covered. We developed the Domo Power Plug as a simple, affordable way to interface with the Domo. This device is very cool and is all you need to be able to turn anything you would normally plug into a wall into a sophisticated home automation device. The Domo Power Plug is WPS enabled for quick and easy connection to your home router with just the push of a button. From there, you can use your Domo to control the power to anything you would plug into the wall!  The Power Plug is available for a contribution of $35.

Domo Power Plug
Domo Power Plug

How the Domo Works

The Domo works by interfacing with your mobile phone, tablet or any other wifi device. The configuration is simple using the Domo's integrated web server. This means simply type in the IP address of the Domo into any web browser and you get the configuration screen below. You can add any number of events to trigger (lights on/off, music, etc.) and any number of mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.).  From here, the options are endless!

Domo Configuration
Domo Configuration

Text Message Alerts

Over the course of the Domo's development, we have come to enjoy an enthusiastic creative dialogue over just how many useful applications it has and which of those would be the coolest or most valuable to its users.  In this process, we mostly generated traditional home automation targets - turning things on and off, adjusting settings - but we also came up with a less obvious possibility that has us particularly excited: text message notifications.  Using functions built into the interface, the Domo can prompt the sending of text message notifications as persons of interest come and go, letting you know when your kids get home from school, whether specific employees are in or out of the office, or when loved ones get home safely from a long trip or through inclement weather.  While we initially developed this feature for testing purposes, we quickly grasped how useful this function might be for any Domo user, which is why everybody that helps support us by purchasing a Domo will get 500 free text alerts.

Hack Away

You read it right! We designed the Domo to be accessible to everyone. If turning on a computer is a feat, then you can still program your lights to turn your TV off when you leave the house. If you dream in code, then you can hack your Domo to your hearts content. We have provided an opensource interface in Django and PHP that you can easily deploy on your own web server! This means that not only can you activate hardware around the house, you can trigger events on your computer so you can do things like automatically shutdown your computer when you leave or create a log anytime you leave the house or come back.

We are trying to build a community around this open platform and we want you to be a part!

Typical Personal Uses

  • Turn devices off when you leave the house (lights, iron, curling iron, hair straightener, television, stereo).
  • Power on devices when you get home (lights, stereo, etc.).
  • Music following you around the house.
  • Automatically set thermostat to vacation when away from home for an extended period of time.
  • Activate automatic pet feeder when away from home.
  • Send e-mail or text message when kids get home.

Typical Business Applications

  • Shut off equipment when nobody is around.
  • Activate security when staff leave.
  • Send e-mail or text message notifications when employees arrive or depart the premises.

Sample Compatible Device List

Shipping for the holidays!

As you will notice, the delivery schedule for most of the rewards is for December with the plan of being able to deliver for the holidays. Get your holiday shopping out of the way and get a Domo now!

We are dedicated to innovation. Come check us out and learn more about what we do at


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    A dollar doesn't seem to go very far these days, but 30,000 contributions at the $1 level would be a humbling way to achieve our goal and powerful statement of support. Granted, that is not our primary strategy, but every dollar counts and every voice of support brings us that much closer to making Domo and its vast possibilities a reality. To commemorate your contribution at this level, your name will be listed on our website, acknowledging your support until the end of the internet's lifetime.

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    As they say in Japan, domo arigato! (Trans: thank you very much). As a gesture of our appreciation, you will receive a laser-etched Domo key chain. May this anodized aluminum memento serve you always as a compelling reminder of how you helped give this revolutionary technology wings to fly.

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    Contributors at this level will receive a Domo Power Plug. This handy accessory is a single wifi-enabled power socket that can interface with your Domo. Perfect for those who do not yet own any other home automation devices and are interested in exploring Domo's immense possibilities for controlling any device that has a power cord! (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    Domo Presence: be one of the first and you can have our basic domo for only $95. This device can determine whether a mobile device is present or not but does not have proximity notification capability. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    Domo Presence: This device can determine whether a mobile device is present or not but does not have proximity notification capability. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    Domo Proximity: This version is more advanced and has all the capabilities of the Domo Presence plus proximity. This means you can set distance thresholds and put these in every room in your house. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    Special Developer Kit! This is for the hacker and dedicated beta tester. You will receive samples for the first production run before the device is generally available. You will also have a chance to give us feedback on the software so we can make the domo the best it can possibly be! You will also get a final version of the Domo Proximity when it ships in November! (Since this will be two separate shipments, add $20 to ship to Canada, $30 for international shipping.)

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    Domo Home Pack: This includes 4 Domo Proximity devices for different rooms in your house. This way you can have your music or lights follow you around the house. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    Domo Business Pack: The perfect solution for helping your business save money. This includes 6 Domo units for the various rooms allowing you to automatically turn off power when nobody is around. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    Domo Super Pack! This includes 10 Domo Proximity units for your home, business or gifts for the holidays! Support us at this level and your name will also be given serious consideration for naming our respective children in the future. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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