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A feature documentary following the creators of a mid-90s Public Access TV show as they reunite to make a new episode 20 years later.
Created by

Jeremy Royce

312 backers pledged $12,349 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Scott Knopf on April 20, 2013

      Hey Jeremy, how's the film coming along? Is there anywhere where we can follow progress? Thanks!

    2. Creator Jeremy Royce on May 12, 2012

      We will be shooting into August. The editing process could take as long as a year. Of course we hope to finish it much earlier than that but it's hard to know for sure until we know what we're working with. At this point, anything could happen.

    3. Creator Scott Knopf on May 12, 2012

      Glad you guys got funding. How long do you think it'll take to finish and release the documentary?

    4. Creator Jeremy Royce on May 4, 2012

      Thank you Cam!! We will be as careful and deliberate with that $43 as the rest of the money we have raised! We did it!!

    5. Creator Cameron Smith on May 4, 2012

      Congrats. And I was thrilled and happy I logged on tonight. My pledge took you over your goal by a whopping 43-dollars.

      Whoa. Don't spend that 43 dollars all in one place at one time.

      Best of luck to you.

      Cam Smith
      LakeHawk Entertainment, LLC

    6. Creator Meera Menon on May 4, 2012

      So excited for this film!!!! It's going to be amazing. Congrats Jeremy and Jerry!!!

    7. Creator Dana Michelle Hill on May 2, 2012

      Have a great shoot!

    8. Creator Alison on May 2, 2012

      Good luck you guys!! I miss those crazy Detroit nights

    9. Creator David Bolen on April 30, 2012

      Looks awesome Jeremy! Can't wait to see it. Congrats on running such an awesome campaign.

    10. Creator Jeremy Royce on April 6, 2012

      Everything and anything is appreciated. Thanks for the support!