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Say goodbye to your old brush. SPINX is a fully autonomous toilet cleaning robot.
Say goodbye to your old brush. SPINX is a fully autonomous toilet cleaning robot.
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    1. Sarah O'Born

      any updates???

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      Zeev Galili on

      Could someone update what is the status of the project?
      Why I didn't get any updates from 22.05 till now?

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      Something new??

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    5. SpinX Creator on

      Hi Jacks Von Liria,
      Your product will come with a rechargeable battery only.

      SpinX Team

    6. Jacks Von Liria on

      Thanks for the response . I will take either anyways so if it’s not possible I still will take the battery operated one. But thanks for checking it out.

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      elcle on

      I'm still waiting to be reimbursed...

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      Roel Houwers on

      Hi Spinx, is there an update over the progress? Hope to hear soon from you.

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      Roel Houwers on

      I’m for the battery option. Do you have a quick update about the project progress?

    10. SpinX Creator on

      We've sent a message to each one of you in private.
      Jacks Von Liria- For electricity connection we are checking this option.
      Thanks for the feedback :)

    11. Pattmyn on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    12. Jacks Von Liria on

      I agree , the battery charge is going to be a pain in the ass. Can we have an option to just plug it? I’m sure that installation is doable and less annoying that recharging the batteries every time.

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      elcle on

      Hello, I've been writing to you a couple of times about a reimbursement. It wasn't clear when I contributed that SpinX is definitely not compatible with my toilets. Now I'm sure with your updated FAQ.
      Thanks for you feedback.

    14. SpinX Creator on

      Hi Dirk,

      In the video, it's the soap that comes with the seat. As it's mentioned you can either use the soap that is provided or your own soap. The transparent cylinder is the area where the soap will go. Lastly, yes, SpinX is connected to your existing plumbing/water network. You attach the hose that comes with SpinX to the exsiting plumbing system. You'll have to take out the one you currently have in order to do this. From there SpinX will be able to work on it's own.

      SpinX team!

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      Dirk Voets on

      Dear team,

      The video shows adding your favorite soap to the cleaning process. But what is it that we see there? Is SpinX connected to the water network? What is the transparent cylinder shown in the video?


    16. SpinX Creator on

      Dear Accessorize Yourself,
      Thanks for the question! We have two different covers: elongated and round. The elongated seat has a length of 18"-19. 1/2" and the round seat has a length of 16"-17 1/4". Both of these measurements start from the bolts of the toilet to the end of the seat. As it depends on your specific toilet size it'll depend on which one you would need.

      For more information, you can reach us at

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      Accessorize Yourself

      The toilet cover size, is that a USA standard for all of them?

    18. SpinX Creator on

      Dear Skarsol,
      Since not everyone has a power connection just behind the toilet, we decided to build SpinX to work with a rechargeable battery. SpinX is an economical device and works on a low voltage of 12V. The rechargeable battery will be sufficient for 30-40 sessions and can be easily charged with the charger that comes with the device

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      Why no option to plug in like a bidet attachment? Dealing with charging the battery is going to be annoying.