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Wolfthorn is producing high quality 32mm fantasy miniatures for painting and gaming.
Wolfthorn is producing high quality 32mm fantasy miniatures for painting and gaming.
Wolfthorn is producing high quality 32mm fantasy miniatures for painting and gaming.
253 backers pledged $9,244 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Myles O'Neill
      on May 30

      What a wonderful model! Seems like a shame to make it a KS exclusive, release her for all the world to have I say!

    2. Missing avatar

      David Nicholson
      on May 26

      Just seen the wolf druid images. very nice

    3. Raymond Mullikin
      on March 6

      Look forward to the release of the miniatures! :)

    4. Skye Williams on March 2

      Eager to see the next update (paladin and the wolf druid)! Must. See. Them.

    5. Missing avatar

      Simon Mark de Wolfe
      on February 6

      I filled in the kickstarter response but will add the centaur and maybe one other when the backer kit is posted - I love the bear lord design...

    6. Aaron Newlands on February 6

      Getting the Archer but going to add the Paladin and Knight I think as well.

    7. Elizb
      on February 6

      Awesome! Congratulations on successfully funding. Can't wait to see what other sculpts you come up with!

    8. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on February 6

      Congratulations! Great to see over 250 backers in the end.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike on February 6

      Congratulations on your dream realized, Wolfthorn Miniatures! These are terrific figures that, from the samples provided, hold up well through the casting process and I look forward to receiving mine. Hopefully many more equally successful KS Campaigns for you in future.

    10. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on February 6

      @Skye, Thank you! You all have made this possible. Your enthusiastic support montivates us to continue pushing towards a successful future and bringing you all quality miniatures. This is your victory as much as it is ours :)

    11. Skye Williams on February 6

      Congratulations Wolfthorn Miniatures!

    12. Skye Williams on February 6

      60 seconds to go!

    13. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on February 5

      Very nice last 24 hours ... we might make 250 backers after all. Welcome new backers.

    14. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on February 5

      @Huy, so far the Spear fighter is the only stretch goal with WIP photos. The Dwarvern Pirate begins next week and the Paladin at the end of the month. The backer kit will not launch until we have all models sculpted so people will be able to decide fully which ones they want.

    15. Huy
      on February 5

      How goes the process for the sculpts of the models? Not sure which characters i want yet.

    16. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on February 5

      @mbglz92, that would be correct. As a solid thank you to all our backers!

      @Christopher, Stefan would be right, $95 gets you all 9 models in this Kickstarter :)

    17. Christopher Delich on February 5

      That's what I pledged. I just wanted to make sure. These things look fantastic.

    18. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on February 5

      $95 I think ...

    19. Christopher Delich on February 5

      Ok, quick question. What should I pledge if I want all the models?

    20. Missing avatar

      on February 5

      Wait what? We get the druid for FREE!!??!!!!!?!!

    21. Aaron Newlands on February 5

      Colour me surprised I didn't think we would hit the Druid.

    22. Skye Williams on February 4

      Thank you Wolfthorn, that is appreciated knowing that I could get more at a later date. U.S - U.K. customs can be tricky though but it's not as bad as other countries so as long as customs are going to be the same price (or lower :D) then I know I won't have to wait that long.

    23. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on February 4

      @Skye, first, thank you for your support. There is no need for an apology, life will always come first, we are happy you found the ability to get a few! As for later down the road, you may always contact us via email, after the campaign about adding a model. If we opt out of a pledge manager, we may be able send out invoices with PayPal so don’t give up faith!

    24. Skye Williams on February 4

      Sorry it took a while for me to pledge, I've been trying to work out my finances and I think I can get at least two models...but I would like more.

    25. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on February 4

      @mbglz92, We are glad for your excitement! We too really wanted the Centaur and thought it would be a better unlock to end the campaign with :)
      As for adding it, just add $15 to your pledge level (at this time we are having doubts about using a pledge manager, with the number of backers, it may not be nessisary.)

    26. Missing avatar

      on February 4

      First, YES!!!!! I really wanted the centaur. Second, how should I add the centaur to my pledge? Add the money now, or will there be a an add on thing later on?

    27. Aaron Newlands on February 3

      Would be nice to hit the Druid but just don't think we are going to.

    28. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on February 1

      @Aaron, this would be a result of 29 concealed pledges.

      @Eamon, we have additional plans for alternate sculpts for several characters, including an unmounted Bear Lord. However it likely won’t make its way into this campaign, perhaps in the next one :)

    29. Aaron Newlands on February 1

      My email said I was backer 229 but it only shows 200 on the page.

    30. Robbin Desmecht
      on February 1

      Cool 200 bakers!!! ;-)

    31. Missing avatar

      on January 31

      I am a bit late to the party but I was wondering if a dismounted version of the bear lord would be a possibility at some point.

    32. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on January 28

      @Peter, yessir, Lone Warrior (early bird) covers any of the models, including the Bear Lord :)

    33. Peter Kuebeck on January 28

      JUST snagged an Earlybird $12 pledge. Does that mean I'll be able to get the Bear Rider for that price?

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Leaf on January 28

      thank you that helps clear things up for me. now just need to see if the seeds I planted at various places sprout into renewed interest for these. I am hoping so.

    35. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on January 28

      @Tom, if you would like all the current available models in the campaign, you would pledge to the Adventure Party pledge level and add $30 for the stretch goal bundle. $70 will get you all 6 models from the campaign.

      @Nicholas, we are sorry to hear about your dissapiontment with the Spear Fighter sculpt. The artworks original intention was to provide the sculpted with a clear front to back of all the details. We had no idea the poses in the art would become popular. We will however take all feedback into consideration for the future.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Halberg on January 27

      Looking forward to seeing more of the sculpts but have to admit I was a little disappointed the Spear Fighter sculpt did not stick with the pose in the artwork.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tom Leaf on January 27

      thank you for some clarity. an additional question, I am interested in obtaining one of all of the models that become available. since I am new to kickstarter, how is it possible to achieve this so that you know my wishes?

    38. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on January 27

      @mbglz92, we are about 82 Facebook shares away and 58 backers away from the community goal.
      As for the Centaur, If the pace remains the same, I can’t say with honesty that it wewill reach the unlock. But anything could happen in 9 days so all we can do is remain hopeful :)

    39. Missing avatar

      on January 27

      How far are we from the Druid? Also, do you think we will reach the Centaur before the KS is over?

    40. Robbin Desmecht
      on January 25

      Sorry for the question in french! But you has gived me the answer, thanks! ;-)

    41. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on January 25

      @Tom, first off. Thank you for the kind words! We are please you like our model. Detail is essential to our line and we always love to hear that we are achieving that in the eyes of the fan base.
      As for your question. For the rewards,yes. You would have to pledge to either the Lone Warrior or Advernture Party pledge first in order to get rewards. This is so when serveys go out,you will receive one. Otherwise the process will more more difficult to fix later down the road.
      It is also important to note that any of the unlocked stretch goals are available as choices in the Adventure Party pledge.

      If instead of the core models you want
      1x Bear Lord
      1x Spear fighter
      1x Pirate Dwarf
      Thank you would just pledge the core $40 and the model selection will be taken care of in the pledge managers.
      Hope that helps :)

      @Mathias, yes, you just add the difference to your core pledge,
      So a $40 pledge with two stretch goal add ons, you would add $24, bring your total to $64.

      @Robbin, I’m not fully sure of your question, but once 100 shares of the Facebook post is reached, along with 250 backers, the community stretch goal will be unlocked.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom Leaf on January 25

      I should have stated in my first comment but, I wanted to also say I absolutely love how detailed these are. They look fantastic and I can't wait to add them to my collection. I hope you continue and create the others shown in the stretch goals and offer them at some point even if we don't make the goal at this time. I am sure I am not the only one that would buy them when they become available. Although I am still hopeful enough people pledge to reach those goals anyway.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tom Leaf on January 25

      since I pledged late I pledged enough to cover the pledge I wanted plus the current addons. is that the way to do it or should I have pledged the level I wanted and then added on as a second ammount?

    44. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on January 24

      I'd say it's always possible to add the difference now to the pledge. Often Kickstarters allow to add more money for add-ons later, but sometimes they don't ... so if you can do it, I'd add the money now (helps us with stretch goals, too).

    45. Missing avatar

      Mathias gregersen on January 24

      Quick question:
      If I wish to buy add-ons should I add the difference to my pledge or is add-ons something that will be handled afterwards?

    46. Robbin Desmecht
      on January 24

      J'avais une question concernant le SG social... Il faut 100 shares ET 250 Bakers ou bien l'un ou l'autre? On en est à combien pour Facebook?

    47. Missing avatar

      Adam on January 23

      Just backed :) it would be great to see size comparisons of the miniatures if at all possible, or nominal sizing :) looks amazing! Really excited for this bear mounted warrior! :P last of the early bird backers too!

    48. Wolfthorn Miniatures Creator on January 23

      @Charis, the Kickstarter bonus does not track the people who share, but the number. As long as the community as a whole gets a total of 100, the stretch becomes unlocked for everyone. :)

    49. Charis on January 23

      For the Kickstarter social bonus how is this tracked for who’s shared it and who has not?

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