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I wrote a YA science fiction book to help kids dream of space exploration again. I need a bit of your help to finish it up. Read more

Boston, MA Fiction
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I wrote a YA science fiction book to help kids dream of space exploration again. I need a bit of your help to finish it up.

Boston, MA Fiction
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I'm Stephanie Void.

I'm a writer of fantasy novels (most notably the Wizards and Faeries series). I love fantasy, but I also love science fiction. Recently, I wrote a science fiction book for young adults, titled The Blue. A link to the first chapter is at the bottom of this section.

The Blue is about 19-year-old Alan Michael Wolf, who leaves military school after an injury only to discover his home planet--along with his family--has been destroyed. All he has left is a spaceship he is given under uncertain circumstances. Through a chance moment on a starbase, he discovers his younger sister may still be alive. In his new, mysterious ship, he speeds off across the galaxy in search of her.

He finds himself being hunted down by the nastiest mind in the galaxy while carrying a secret that could change the future.

 Why science fiction? Why did I choose to make this book science fiction instead of fantasy? Because I think science fiction has an important place in the world, and I want to contribute to it. The beauty of science fiction is that it presents us with what could be. One of the things that could be is space travel, which excites me more than words can tell. 

I find the words of Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the subject inspiring. He talks about how space travel in the 60s excited the entire nation, but nowadays we have lost that excitement and spirit of adventure. We need to get it back, for the future of all humanity. 

Why should I care? By helping me get this book out there, we're getting one step closer to space travel. How? If today's young adults read about adventures in space travel, they will start to think about space and dream about it. I know I did when I was a kid. And when you dream about something when you are young, you are that much more likely to want to do it when you are older. I want to get dreams of space travel back into the heads of kids, so that the next generation can (through the government or even private companies) take us to the stars.

Why do you need this? Though I do have an English degree, I am by no means perfect in my command of the English language. Therefore, I'll need an editor who will be doing both content and line editing for the book. If you're like me, typos and editing issues annoy you when you read. I don't want to annoy you when you read! Hence the need for editing.

What's in it for me? You get the book! Or, if you pledge more, you get all the books I have written.

How do I know you'll follow through? I've written five full-length books so far. I'm not Isaac Asimov with his bazillions of books, but this isn't my first pony ride, either.

How do I know you're any good? There are easy ways to find out! You can 1) go to Amazon and read the samples of each of my books or 2) read my first chapter, which I've posted here:

Risks and challenges

Risk: That I won't finish this.
Reply: Most of the work is done. I've already written the book, gotten the cover done, and done one round of edits, so I'm confident I can handle whatever the professional editor throws at me. Also, as I said before, I have finished novels before so I know how to finish a project.

Risk: You'll hate the book.
Reply: Check out my sample chapter, posted on here: Also, read the sample chapters on Amazon of my other books and the reviews I have for them. That should give you an idea of my writing style and if you like me or not.

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    Pledge 2 dollars and get my undying gratitude. Also, you will get an e-copy of the book when it is finished. Formats available: .mobi, .pdf, or .epub.

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    You get my undying gratitude. Further, you will get an e-copy of the book when it is finished. Also, get one other e-book of mine of your choice for you or a young adult in your life. Pick here from Amazon's Stephanie Void page ( There are 6 to choose from! Formats available: .mobi, .pdf, or .epub.

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    You get my undying gratitude and will be listed by name if you choose in the back of the book as an acknowledgment. In addition, you will get an e-copy of the book when it is finished. Also, you will get all of my other e-books so far, which means hours and hours of fantasy and science fiction entertainment! The books are on my Amazon page here if you want to see: Formats available: .mobi, .pdf, or .epub.

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