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A groundbreaking visualization of who gives money to federal politicians.
A groundbreaking visualization of who gives money to federal politicians.
678 backers pledged $18,988 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      Any update? I haven't heard anything in months.

    2. Griffen Fargo on

      Soloman, my comment is factual, I have reached out at two different times, first offering my FrontEnd UIX experience and secondly offering my time in general. I do understand that 'speculating on design' can exacerbate the production timeline exponentially, I'm just bummed that you weren't open to having even a short conversation about how additional individuals could assist in getting this project completed.

      I apologize if you feel my comments might be unfair, but my intention was always to assist in the completion of this project. Best of luck completing the project.

    3. amiked on

      Two months ago we were ~6 weeks away. Is there an update/target for a launch?

    4. Scott Parker on

      Solomon, can you provide a target date for completion?

    5. Solomon Kahn Creator on

      Hey All! I definitely understand the frustration of the project not being launched yet, and apologize for the delays. I also want this launched as soon as possible. The data update is 80% done, and the site will be launching soon.

      Rushing to launch the tool before super Tuesday, unfortunately, just wasn't possible.

      @griffen, people might read your message and come to the wrong conclusion. You contacted me one time on twitter, and I replied immediately. As a fellow software person, I hope you can understand that offering to "revamp the UX and design" of a 99% complete software project, with no design changes planned before launch, could add months (or years) to the launch. Like I replied to you before, I'm excited for you to contribute to the project after it launches, and since the code will be open on Github, you will be welcome to contribute.

    6. Griffen Fargo on

      I've tried reaching out multiple times to this developer and he refuses additional help. I'm left feeling like this was just a personal experiment that he funded via Kickstarter. This comes as a major disappointment as many of the other tools out there suffer largely from poor UIX... Its disappointing that this doesn't seem to be a priority.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dave Disser on

      So the site won't be available until after the party nominations are all but decided.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Disser on

      Now is definitely the time this is needed... Is there any update?

    9. Trish Akana on

      When will there be a roll out of the entire visualization and supporting data? This is sorely needed before the primary!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gene Mason on

      Anxiously awaiting the roll out. Thx!

    11. Scott Parker on

      Is there a target date for "Go Live"? (out of beta)

    12. Solomon Kahn Creator on

      Hi Carol,

      Click on the politician's name, not the year baloon :)


    13. Carol Anne Ogdin on

      The site is, as of 1313 PST today, still static. There IS no "Debug" button, and clicking on a year balloon for a particular elected politician has no effect. Without the "Debug" or "Contact Us" button, there is no way to notify you of problems without doing so publicly on Kickstarter. Checked with Firefox and IE, latest versions.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesse Littlewood on

      Solomon - excited to see the progress here. How can non-profit advocacy groups that are working to fix the problems of money in politics (like Common Cause, where I work) help promote this tool?

    15. Solomon Kahn Creator on

      Hi Dwayne and David,

      Official update will be going out next week, but as just a quick update here, things are going well!

      The hardest part of the development was bringing in the small money donations, which I have figured out, and have a script that's currently about 50% finished, and will pulling in all the data over the next few days.

      Next week, I'll send out en email to all the backers inviting them to a beta version, and I'll also send out surveys to choose a politician to sponsor.

      If you have any further or specific questions, feel free to comment and I'll answer, or you can get in touch with me anytime on twitter @SolomonKahn


    16. Missing avatar

      David Jacobs on

      I second Dwayne's comment. An update is overdue.

    17. Dwayne Charrington on

      I would love to see an update where this project is at. I think this is definitely needed, especially ahead of the next US election.

    18. Missing avatar

      Laura Parenteau on

      Yahoo. Congratulations. Can't wait until it rolls out. Proud to have had a tiny part in helping.

    19. Missing avatar

      john h davis on

      a lot of embarrassing info on all crooked pooliticians is about to air I think...

    20. Frank Lithiumz on

      Thanks to everyone (including me) who helped to chip in! I hope there will be a Canada section in the future!

    21. Missing avatar

      John Rivas on

      Congratulations on getting a kick start!! And thank you for what you are doing it will mean the world to so many of us, a tool to fight back and allow us to take the power of our vote back!!

    22. Matthew Miano on

      Congrats on your funding. I think it would be nice too make this easy to share with social media. Possibly a facebook app that uses the person's published zip code to show them who's paying their local politicians.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kathylou on

      Can't wait to start accessing this new tool. A wonderful idea that will display candidate finance info in terms everyone can understand. Way to go!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Alberto Guardado on

      This would be a great Tool for Comedy Centrals The Daily Show to use. Be pretty cool if they reached out.

    25. Missing avatar

      Corey on

      I would just like to say that this is a fantastic cause. Making the information more accessible and easy to search can be a real game changer and I'm happy to be a small part of it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Just make sure it shows both parties/every one so the page can't come across bias

    27. Missing avatar

      William Fay on

      Great start! The big money comes from Super PACs, 501(c)(3) organizations and other nonprofits These vehicles are "outside money" that donors give to without limits on dollars. They can spend money on election activities like ads/rallies and often do not need to disclose their donors. Tracking these "outside" organizations would be highly valuable as their dollars make up the majority of money spent on campaigning (OpenSecrets has data on this phenomenon). This will be harder, since the money never reaches a politician's campaign coffer, but maybe tracking which SuperPACs are funding which ads is a start. Congrats!

    28. Tom Rho on

      Well done, sir!

      After this, let's do a comparative one for other countries (ha! j/k , I'm not ever sure where one gets data like those w/out getting shot in some countries.)

    29. Haraldur Forsberg on

      You are writing history my friend!

    30. Augusto Lara on

      We need to give this project more visibility.
      Every major newspaper should be talking about this.

      Thanks for all the hard work Solomon. It's people like you that make this a better world.

    31. Ty Cooley on

      Glad to help you out with this project, Mr. Kahn. Good luck with the execution... This should get interesting...

    32. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      Hell yes. This is exactly the sort of project society needs more of. Happy to help fund it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter J. Taylor on

      Brilliant concept and a chance for the citizenry of the United States to at long last expose the fraud perpetuated and foisted on the political system hijacked by money for the money at the expense of true government for the people by the people. I live in New Zealand and am not an American . However I do admire the American democratic system for what it is meant to represent. Witnessing such a system hijacked by vested interests creating a politics of class is certainly not what the originating group the founding fathers envisaged . Time to expose , name and shame and to take back and reclaim what is rightfully the political system of governance for ALL America and not as has been the position since it was corrupted and hijacked a system for the wealthy , well connected and Political Elite.

    34. Andrews M on

      worth a fiver, hardly more

    35. Kimberly Kelly on

      Love it. Keep up the good work. :)