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Olly and Molly: the web connected smelly robots. project video thumbnail
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Olly and Molly are web connected Robots. Olly turns your notifications into smells. Molly turns retweets into sweets. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on February 10, 2012.

Olly and Molly are web connected Robots. Olly turns your notifications into smells. Molly turns retweets into sweets.

About this project


Thanks for checking out our project. With your help, we hope to get Olly and Molly out in the world!

Who is Molly?

Molly is the latest addition to the Ollyfactory family.
She is a module that turns your tweets into sweets by counting how many times you get retweeted, then  releasing a tasty candy when a number you've set is reached.
You can stack Molly and Olly together to release sweets and smells.
You can set Molly to count a number of re-tweets with our simple app.

Who is Olly?

Olly is a web-connected smelly robot that turns your online notifications into smells.

You can fill Olly with any smell you like, such as your partner’s perfume or an essential oil.

He's also stackable, meaning you can have different smells for different notifications.

What is the app?

We’re also making an app for your computer, so it’s really easy to connect Olly and Molly to your Twitter account.

You can set Olly to notify you of an @mention, if you get re-tweeted or for a search you've set.

Molly can also count your re-tweets and release a candy when that number is reached.


This project is the offspring of a research team called Foundry, based at Mint Digital in London, looking to  “Make something connected to the Internet that doesn’t live on a screen”

We became interested in smells because they’re crucial to generating memories and emotions. They’re also good at notifying you of important things, like whether you might like the taste of something or if you left the gas on.

We wanted to see how this could affect our online experiences, especially on social platforms such as Twitter. That was the spark that led to the creation of Olly.

Olly is a modular platform, so he can be added to very easily with new modules. The first of these new Modules is Molly. We would like to be able to build many new modules for the Olly platform in the future. We're keen to explore human factors such as smell

Where does your pledge go?

We need a few things to get Olly and Molly out into the world:

1: Tooling the molds to make Olly’s outer case.

2: Further developing our app to include platforms like Facebook, Instagram and email.

3: Creating additional modules for Olly (like Molly).


We think it’s awesome that small companies like us can have a go at making physical things that big companies might be a bit scared to do.

We'd really like to turn into a platform for creating and distributing web connected objects. It’s you guys that can make this possible, and contribute to what you think we should make next.

We're also excited about exploring the potential of locally producing all of the products we make. There are some really interesting things happening with small scale manufacture at the moment and we want to explore this avenue.

We can't wait to get Olly and Molly out there and will keep you updated every step of the way.

Thanks very much for checking out our project and have an awesome day.

Note: The code and digital files for Olly are all licensed under a Creative Commons license so if anyone wants to mess about with an Olly for themselves, or develop some new apps, they will be able to do so. We are excited about creating an Olly API in the future.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    $10 reward

    9 backers

    Thank you! Get a personalised postcard with an illustration based on a five minute conversation we can have at a time that suits you! Ask me stuff I might not know or just wallow in my loving appreciation. You will also join in with the process of bringing Olly into the world.

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    $50 reward

    53 backers

    Get an Olly! You will get a complete injection moulded Olly unit ready to go. We will also include a USB cable and a bottle of spearmint oil, along with the Olly app you can download.

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    $55 reward

    18 backers

    Get a complete Molly! You will get a complete injection moulded Molly unit ready to go with candy refill, USB cable and download of our app.

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    $75 reward

    28 backers

    Get an Olly stack! You will get Olly plus an additional smell module for multiple notifications.

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    $80 reward

    21 backers

    Olly-Molly stack!
    Get a full Olly unit with an additional Molly module to complete the Olly-Molly stack. With spearmint oil, sweet refill, USB cable and download of the app.

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    $100 reward

    2 backers

    *NEW REWARD* This reward is for people who would like to pledge for multiple Olly's and Molly's, just add the total amount of the rewards you want. For example if you wanted 2 Olly's + 1 Olly stack + 1 Molly that would be $50 + $50 + $75 + $55 = $230.
    Enter this number into the pledge amount and we'll email you when the funding is complete to confirm your order.

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    $105 reward

    18 backers

    His and Hers - One full Molly and one full Olly so they can keep each other company when you're not at your desk. Complete with spearmint essential oil, sweet refill, two USB cables and a download of the app.

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    $150 reward

    8 backers Limited (12 left of 20)

    Make a custom Olly! You will get to personalise Olly's face and you can even add your own name or logo to make him your very own mascot. The custom Olly will be 3D printed in white laser sintered plastic.

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    $2,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Olly Workshop: A workshop for up to 20 people on Olly, the process that went into making him, open source principles, hacking, making and collaboration. The workshops can be held in London or New York, or wherever you are with a few expenses covered. You will also get four Olly's. Woop woop!

    Estimated delivery:

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