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A love song to democracy, a hymn to independence, originality and perseverance.
A love song to democracy, a hymn to independence, originality and perseverance.
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Finally in 2016!

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Nice plug from the Huffington Post :)


A FULLER LIFE, Tickets on sale now! Opens this Friday at NoHo Laemmle 7:

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Special guests include: Joe Dante on Friday the 24th at the 7:10 show - Mark Hamill, Bobby Carradine, Kelly Ward and Perry Lang on Sat. the 25th at the 7:10 show - Bill Duke on Sun. the 26th at the 5:00 show - Amos Gitai on Sun. the 26th at the 7:10 show... and more to follow!

Message to all Angelinos:


Hello fellow Angelinos, 

Hope to see you at one of the 28 screenings of A FULLER LIFE soon playing at the North Hollywood Laemmle theater. Part of the cast and crew will be making surprise guest appearances, and I will be present for all 28 shows, so come say hello!

From October 24th to the 30th. Show-times 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 & 7:10

You can enter the sweepstakes to win a visit to the shack, or a copy of A Third Face or Brainquake, Fuller's most recently published novel

Tickets go on sale Oct. 21st, or you can buy them directly at the theatre:

Dear friends,


It's been a while since I've meant to give everyone an update about the film... Sorry it's taken me so long for this, but I've been quite overwhelmed planning and attending film festival screenings around the world. The Premiere took place at the Venice film festival last September, and the travels have been nonstop since then. Here's a list of festivals the film has been to:

Venice, Italy, September 2013-  Sao Paulo, Brazil October 2013 - Hof, Germany, October 2013 - Vienna, Austria, November 2013 - Mar Del Plata, Argentina, November 2013 - Madrid Cinemateca, Spain, May 2014 - JeongJu, South Korea, May 2014 - Midnight Sun, Finland, June 2014 - Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2014 - MOMA, U.S.A., August 2014 

The DVD will finally be ready in 2015, so please be patient if you're expecting it. I'll be sending the other rewards along with the DVD's when the time is right. Everything is taking much more time than I'd expected, and I thank you for bearing with me  :)

For now, I still have a few festivals to attend and I'm in the planning stage of the L.A. opening at the NoHo Laemmle theatre on October 24th. It will play 4x a day until Oct.30th. If you're in town, then come see it on the big screen! 

You're welcome to join our FB page or check on the website for further updates and photos. 

All the best,