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Esmeralda moves to LA to start a new life, little does she know that the new life will be more than she bargained for.

Esmeralda moves to LA to start a new life, little does she know that the new life will be more than she bargained for. Read More
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SEASON ONE:          Esme’s story is one of small triumphs in the midst of a new journey. She loses her mother, her only family other than an estranged brother, Clay. She decided to take this opportunity to move to a new place, far from her quiet life in the small city she grew up in, Nixa. In Nixa, she was a big fish in a small pond. She packs up all her belongings and moves to Los Angeles.

When she arrives, she discovers through a sequence of events that she is a witch and supposed to become a powerful one; her new life begins with much more than just a change of location. This news is so far out of her normal realm of thinking that it takes her a long time to not only believe in herself and her powers but also believe in the power of the Craft. Not only is this a sense of self that she is looking for but a sense of what is real and what isn’t. She discovers that she has some telekinetic abilities and she also has powerful visions from time to time.

As she begins to learn her craft, and grow in her dedication; she also begins to acquire a new family. A neurotic neighbor, Manda, who has the messiest love life, something that Esme is always trying to fix but inevitably backfires each time. A shaman, Dagara, whom will become her teacher, as the phrase lends that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. The frightening presence of the shaman will take Esme time to get used to however he will act as a compass for Esme during her journey. True to witch lore, Esme’s familiar will find her in the form of a dog named Djali. A wise sage will also guide her in the form of Launa, the metaphysical bookstore owner. In the midst of our tale, Esme learns she has a niece named Sophie -a very gifted niece- when her brother arrives on her doorstep and abandons the child with her.  The last member to join her group is a fellow witch, Charna, who turns out to be a sworn enemy of her family legacy. Disguised as a friend, this nemesis will cause many problems for Esme.

In this season, Esme will also meet her love interest, Larkin; however, because of her lack of experience deciphering her visions, she will continue to keep her distance. A mysterious stranger Ciprian is of gypsy origin and will constantly tempt her and yet offer her perspective as well. The cliff hanger will revolve around a dark energy that she senses hovering around her.

SEASON TWO:         The first season closes with Esme learning the ins and outs of her craft. This time, she is expanding her base because she feels that something is after her. She has become more confident in her Craft but feels she needs to expand her knowledge outside of just the European pagan traditions, and decides to seek out other methods.


  • It is, but not like you think. It showcases the more human side of the power that is within us all and the energy around us. It won't show just one path but the many spiritual paths that are out there for us to discover.

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  • The money will be used for production costs only. For full transparency, most of the crew and cast are working for free or what is called deferred pay. The costs are to maintain a high production value, which means that we have to hire a sound technician to record sound, record the voice overs, and we have to hire a lighting equipment truck and grip so that we can achieve the best filming quality. We also have to pay for the camera rental. So the answer is that the money is used only to cover these production costs! Not to pay people but to help bring the best quality level of production we can so that our actors and story is showcased in the best way possible. Thank you.

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  • We will be airing the first three episodes online for free. After that, we will be using pay per view services to help us cover further production costs and also to pay the actors.

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  • When we have finished filming the first season we will be producing a DVD that will be available for purchase!

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